"Right there!" Jade pointed to a small yard not far away.
Xiao asked directly rushed over, only to fall into the courtyard when he heard the crying of a little boy and the cursing of an adult in the room.
"Excuse me, I’m going to take your child to find Qiaoer, and I’m sure it won’t hurt him." Xiao asked in a hurry as he walked in.
"Are you …"
"Little fellow, go find Qiaoer with your uncle, or you will never play with her again." Xiao asked to squat down in front of the little fat man in the house and try to be kind and tunnel.
"hmm." The little fat man was so sensible that he stopped crying and wiped away the tears on his face.
"Good job!" Xiao asked praised the little fat man, directly reached out his right hand and picked him up. As he walked out, he hurriedly said to the little fat man’s family, "Don’t worry, I will send him back whether I can find Qiaoer or not."
Xiao asked also some nasty, didn’t consider so much when talking, so he said that the jade was even more afraid, and tears immediately flowed out again.
Out of the house, Xiao asked directly to Cuiyu, "Hold on tight, we have to hurry!" "
Jade word on xiao asked and offering hongyun, directly reached out and firmly grasped the xiao asked the right arm holding the baby.
Xiao Wenwei’s attention was lost, and the red light came back at his feet. The three of them rushed out of the yard from low altitude!
If the Five Ghosts guide him, he hardly needs to take this little fat man with him, but he doesn’t know how this thing works, so he brought a witness. According to Jade, this little fat man seems to have seen what the person who took Qiaoer looks like.
When flying in a straight line, the five ghosts did not respond at all, so Xiao Wen had to circle around the alley first.
The principle of tracing people by Five Ghosts is similar to that of Fu Dao, not only to find the same smell, but also to find anger. Only the place where Qiaoer really passes will cause the reaction of Five Ghosts, and the closer the time is, the more obvious it will be.
After going around for more than half a circle, the five ghosts suddenly heard a shock. When you look down, you can see that the kids in a certain direction above are obviously lit up!
That’s the direction!
Xiao asked J: ng, and directly chased him in that direction, and the speed soon reached the acme.
Now that he is a true fairy realm, it doesn’t have much influence on speed to bring a person with a fairy device. Once he flies with all his strength, the wind will fill the ears of three people, and the little fat man will even be a little out of breath.
But the little guy was obviously very helpful. He only wanted to save Qiaoer, so he resisted all the discomfort. He covered his eyes with a small hand and blocked the wind with his fingers, only looking out through his fingers.
In a moment, Xiao Wen had chased out of the edge of the town and went out into the wilderness, but he looked around, with trees, crops, roads and rivers, but where was anyone?
At this time, it was already in the evening, and it was obviously a little dark. The farm workers had already returned home, and there were no pedestrians on the road.
Xiao asked hastily to fly to the sky, and his vision was broadened a lot, but there was still no figure, so he had to go down again and continue to fly forward with the instructions of the five ghosts.
"Do you know what place is over there?" During the flight, Xiao asked Jade.
"There is a town forty miles away."
Xiao asked by zheng, and then didn’t answer, just hard to fly forward.
Seeing that it was getting darker and darker, both Xiao Wen and Jade became more and more anxious. Just as it was completely dark, they finally saw the town that Jade said vaguely.
However, there was an accident at this moment. Xiao asked the little fat man in his arms and suddenly said, "Uncle, it’s not bright!" "
When Xiao asked to look at the five ghosts, he saw that none of the kids on it were bright.
He just flew so hard that he didn’t even know when the kid on it went dark.
"How long has it been out?" Xiao asked.
"Just now."
Xiao asked a little relieved, and immediately flew back just visible, flying about hundreds of feet. The kid led by the Five Ghosts finally lit up again, but it had changed in a different direction.
That direction obviously deviated from the town, but they all followed it here, and we can only believe it further.
"What is that place over there?"
At this time, Jade couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. She judged by her usual impression: "It should be Linyuecheng, but it should be more than a hundred miles away."
Xiao Wen was relieved and said to Cuiyu, "If the other party really went to Linyue City, Qiaoer would at least not be in danger."
"Thank you."
Having said that, who can tell the truth?
In fact, Xiao Wen and Cui Yu are still quite anxious, and they would like to teleport and appear in the Linyue City like lightning.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight Two knives
After chasing for so long, Xiao Wen has been able to estimate that the state of the person who abducted Qiaoer is only higher than him. His escape fairy is loaded with fire, and it is even faster than the ordinary high-order true fairy when it is fully displayed!
However, in his heart, there is no fear. Instead, he expects the other party to enter Linyue City, because the more he is in a big city, the better he can use his status as a disciple of Ming Jianzong. He believes that this identity is still very popular.
While chasing, he also comforted the jade and the little fat man, saying that he was not too sure about himself.
During the flight, the night turned out to be a lot brighter, but the moon rose gradually, shedding qinghui between heaven and earth.
The field of vision is also slightly broadened, and Xiao asked as far as he could see, and there was always no one there.
This area should be in the south-central part of the celestial realm, which is not too biased, but it is also far from the core circle. In such a place, there are few high-level cultivators, just like the original Changqing City. A true fairy is a high-level person in the normal state. Xiao asked after flying in the wild for so long, he only saw a few scattered dodges, all of which were far away from him, and the direction was not consistent with him. Even if he wanted to find someone to help, it was impossible.
"Sister Jade, is our current direction still near Yuecheng?"
"It should be."
"It doesn’t matter if it’s not, we have been following the five ghosts to chase it down. As long as the other party is not a fairy, I am sure to get Qiaoer back. " Xiao asked comfort jade way.
"Thank you, Xianchang."
Xiao asked the five ghosts in his hand to suddenly shake and look down. But that shiny kid is brighter again!
Xiao asked very clearly, which shows that the breath of Qiaoer captured by the Five Ghosts is strong again! Maybe, is the other party has just passed through here?