"What we see is a complete team, except for a natural druid, all of them are fighting thieves and assassin thieves, but I listen to what they mean. There are other forces on this map," themis analyzed
"oh? Specifically? " Cheyenne suddenly became interested. If there were other forces, he could call on everyone to stand up and expel the Blood Night Association.
Themis recalled, "At that time, the little witch and I met three people from the blood night Guild. After a while, seven more people emerged from the western Woods. One of them seemed to be a leader with a blood-red dagger. He said that we should automatically quit the map and not be as ungrateful as those people just now."
When Cheyenne listened to the blood-red dagger, his heart suddenly broke. This is not the color of the dagger body, but because of the special ornament "Devil Curse" that can make people lose experience. Cheyenne estimated that the blood night Guild has no large-scale equipment yet. The Devil Curse may be that one or two people in each team have this ornament. When killing people, it will be able to achieve the experience effect.
Cheyenne Sirius badge demon curse has the same effect, but Sirius badge can directly absorb the other party’s attribute value, which is called harming others and benefiting themselves, while the devil curse is harming others and not benefiting themselves.
Demon curse is not as good as Sirius badge, but Cheyenne is also coveted.
If you can get such a good thing, you will have a good means to retaliate against the enemy. Unfortunately, the origin of the demon curse is not secret, and even Cheyenne, a reborn person, doesn’t know. Well, it’s worthwhile to come if you can explode one from blood night’s hand.
Just as Cheyenne was planning to sneak attack on blood night guild members, Brother Hulu sent a message on the team channel saying, "The monster in the temple is too powerful. I was almost killed by the monster as soon as I went in. I can’t understand it deeply."
After a while, the other three Huluwa students also sent the same news.
"So it seems that we have to change our plan and form a team to break into the big devil. What do you think?" Chen Young muses.
Cheyenne spoke highly of Yan Chen’s empty heart for advice. "I’m flattered that you can ask me for advice so much. It seems that your progress has not been wasted."
Yan Chenren tried to spray the big devil with a face of impulsive teeth. "Since you have no objection, we will go to the nearest temple gate."
After announcing the plan in the team, Yan Chen took the hammer and stick one step ahead, unwilling to go hand in hand with the big devil. Obviously, Chen Young has put up with Cheyenne’s malice, and themis and the little witch are also fond of the big devil and lack of appearance, walking in front of Cheyenne.
Cheyenne fell behind the team and walked slowly. At the same time, she looked at the back of the little witch and themis with appreciation, but she was also at ease.
It’s a pity that Cheyenne was destined to be idle for too long. They had just moved forward and a complete team appeared head-on in Cheyenne’s sight.
"There is a war alliance in front!" Chen Young said in the team.
Battle-Sky Alliance Tomahawk!
If Xia Anxin is happy against the blood night Guild, it will be a strong backbone!
Chen Young wasn’t as happy as Cheyenne when he found out about the Zhantian Alliance. If other influential people get involved, the greater the chance that their plans for the big devil will go wrong. This is definitely not what he and another conspirator expected to see.
"I found that the leader of the imperial secretary of the Moon Cold is the Moon Cold," said Brother Hulu.
"the drunken song of the red face building"
"Eternal imperial men and immortal medical men also appeared."
The bad news continued, and Chen Young’s face was completely gloomy. He felt that the situation was out of their control.
These big guilds belong to different main cities. What Ministry is here? Yan Chen can’t think straight.
Cheyenne was shocked by the discovery of the four gourd dolls in the team. What day is it today? It’s no coincidence that so many great experts gathered here at the same time!
"It seems that the first person to trigger this is you!" Tomahawk said after seeing the oncoming line to Chen Young and others.
"Tomahawk, how did you show up?" Chen Young asked.
"Don’t you know? After the number of people on this map reached five, the guild was released. Let us help you expel the temple invaders. It is estimated that all the established guilds will send teams. "
Tomahawk explained that Cheyenne and other talents were originally released to various guilds shortly after they entered here. This support system restricted each guild from sending a team to enter. Finally, according to the contribution of the team, they were rewarded, which was conducive to the promotion of the guild level. No one wanted to miss the dispatch. It was definitely an elite.
Cheyenne was also worried about the people of the blood night Guild. Now he is completely relieved. If the elite of the major guilds enter this map, the blood night Guild will not dare to provoke public anger even if it is daring. The blood night Guild knows when to act with great fanfare and when to be a man quietly, with its tail between its legs.
"I think we should go with each other. Anyway, we have no conflict of interest," Cheyenne said.
"The big devil? Why are you here? " Tomahawk is as surprised as discovering a new continent.
One stand hand of Cheyenne said, "Life forced me to work, of course."
Damn it, where are you from? Yan Chen’s dark hate tomahawk in his heart is also a strange face.
"Since the Great Devil kindly invited us, it’s better to take care of us." Tomahawk replied.
Chen Young deliberately refused to think, "How can I get rid of the Great Devil if I take you in the way?"
Before Chen Young brewed the wording to reject themis, he was a little surprised and said, "To the sky?"
Tomahawk one leng looked at themis nods "I am to the sky and you are …"
Themis unhappy cold hum a don’t ignore a confused tomahawk.
"So you two are acquaintances?" Cheyenne looked surprised at the tomahawk with a wave of his hand. "What else does that say? Let’s go together! I have to be countered by the younger generation. "
Yan Chen’s heart was filled with anxiety and thought, "Did the Great Devil find any clues?"
Tomahawk is still looking at themis. Hearing Cheyenne’s words, he can’t help asking, "Does it seem that it’s not peaceful here?"
"We just met a group of blood night guild members who are very arrogant and want us to leave automatically or they will forcibly expel us!" The little witch said angrily, then looked at themis and asked Tomahawk, "Do you know Sister Mu?"
"Your name is Mu?" Tomahawk looked at themis in surprise and said, "Mu … Are you Mu Nanxin from Shicheng?" to be continued
Chapter 13 Red Flame Magic Frog
Cheyenne remembers themis’s real name. Her real name is Mu Nanxin.
From this point of view, Tomahawk may indeed know Munanxin in reality.
Cheyenne knew Munan in his previous life, but he didn’t have any facts with Tomahawk. If it weren’t for red high heels, Cheyenne wouldn’t have come into contact with the Zhantian Alliance for the time being.
"I am Mu Nanxin!" Themis looks pale.
"Sister mu, have you been enemies with him? Why are you so angry? " The little witch’s divination fire suddenly broke out
Tomahawk said calmly, "I really didn’t expect to meet you in the game."
"If I met you in reality, I would have been beaten to the ground!" Munan heart homicidal way
"It seems that you are still upset about that, but I feel guilty!" Tomahawk said with a sigh
Cheyenne listened to Tomahawk and themis’s charade-like dialogue, and his heart suddenly remembered that themis had told him one thing in his previous life, and he was almost sure that Tomahawk was the man!
Themis was once selected into a special army, but her proud personality seemed out of place. Once she heard a male soldier say something unpleasant behind his back, she beat the man seriously, and themis was forced to leave the army because of this. Tomahawk was the officer in charge of handling this matter at that time. themis hated Tomahawk very much.
Although the number of the accompanying team has soared, the atmosphere is weird and depressing. Chen Young’s own intimacy and good family are secretly negotiating, such as setting up the big devil themis to glare at Tomahawk, and the little witch’s eyes are flashing with flaming sticks. Obviously, Tomahawk is very interested in themis and Tomahawk. The elites are all from the army. It is always forbidden to go out casually.
At that time, people talked.