Tendril is otherwise said, "The so-called ah, anyway, it won’t take long to play a few hands. Anyway, it’s good to try your hands before you leave. Some tricks are inconvenient for outsiders, even if you want to vent your own bottom against other disciples, so it’s called that everyone is involved in each other."
Although tendril is a young woman, after all, it is a name to inherit the theme of every family in the future. When everyone says that everyone is quiet, Laisong is a little scared. Is tendril so confident in Nie Xin? Don’t NieXin with lingyan gun swept all the way but have other expertise?
Although Xu Xingguo is a little suspicious, his sword tactic immersion day is much longer than Nie Xin’s, and his mood is very high. Since he said that, he immediately took over and said, "So good, then we are ready to be like Nie Shifi."
Nie Xin said easily, "Well, he took a sip of wine and put the cup firmly on the table. This just dried up the Kun bag and dug out the light Hou Jian’s rest and didn’t panic at all, which made Xu Xingguo feel angry."
To defeat Master Nie Xinjia, Uncle Shi and others, you can replace Nie Xin to try the demon tower. For practitioners who are in the spiritual period, trying the demon tower is too great for cultivation, mood and so on, and it is a rare opportunity that he can’t help but value.
Nie Xin is holding the light Hou Jian and gently stroking the blade, feeling the strong fighting spirit of the light Hou Jian. After getting familiar with it, Nie Xin has a deeper understanding of this sword. This is indeed a flying sword with strong emotions of the caster, but sometimes it is too strong. The light Hou Jian is very crazy. The bigger the scene, the better the performance of the enemy flying sword. When it comes to practicing peace, it is a pair of bad spirits. That kind of strong emotional fluctuation can affect Nie Xin’s not meeting enough interesting enemies. Nie Xin is not light Hou Jian, but the goods produced by Mohism.
But light Hou Jian’s feelings about the enemy’s strength have always been very accurate. Nie Xin felt the excitement of light Hou Jian and confirmed that Xu Xingguo is definitely a strong enemy!
【 Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Clever break 】
There is a wonderful rhythm in the double-faith and light-thunder. When the mountain scabbard is used, it gives people the feeling that man and sword are one. Nie Xin and light Hou Jian seem to be a pair of tacit friends. Finally, because of the appreciate each other tacit understanding that they are worthy of joining hands with the enemy, Xu Xingguo is very sensitive to the sword tactic.
Nie Xin is by no means a fish breast, but an enemy. No one can reach this level. The accomplishment of sword tactic is disappointing. It is sometimes more difficult to get recognition from a good flying sword than from friends and teachers.
Xu Xingguo hands column is bad "and Nie Xin played etiquette with each other. Xu Xingguo’s expression was unusually serious. He climbed up and raised his hand with a strong sword light. At this time, it was just an attempt to Nie Xin’s reaction.
Nie Xin reacted faster than he expected. He was driving a flash of light, and three flashes of light came over Xu Xingguo’s head.
Too soon! This is Xu Xingguo’s most direct reaction. He couldn’t help secretly losing his mind. He can practice the enemy’s tricks, but his speed, strength and sword tactic can be in tune, but he is solid. Nie Xin can instantly burst into such a fast speed, and his strength is more than he imagined
Xu Xingguo also prefers to thunder, a sword tactic, a recruit to roll thunder, and immediately release the body and spirit power, and instantly explode a huge spiritual force group to raise its momentum to the extreme, while Nie Xin’s three sword lights were blown by the explosive spiritual force group to the unknown place.
Both of them showed off their skills and looked at their brothers on the drunken platform. These two people are too fierce. These performances are typical but they pursue fast, powerful and explosive standard roads. But their ability to show is really impressive. Many people in Xu Xingguo Level Field know how it is possible to have fewer times of fighting practice for many years.
But Nie Xin’s level is much higher than most of them want.
Nie Xin firmly occupied a high advantage and persistently launched an attack. He almost practiced the moves of the sword tactic department again and again, and bombarded Xu Xingguo in the past. Even those tricks that he was better at defending showed a cool and dignified side in his hand. When Nie Xin tried to show the sword tactic, it seemed that a huge hot cloud rose and moved with Nie Xin’s figure. This move was really full of firm but gentle fighting spirit, which forced Xu Xingguo to show the sword tactic and Nie Xin equally. The mutual consumption of two people depends on who is more solid. As far as the drunken platform is concerned, they are not in phase, but both of them feel that the other party has caused great pressure on themselves.
Xu Xingguo’s practice years are much longer than Nie Xin’s. Nie Xin’s sword tactic seems to be arrogant. It seems to be a bit extravagant to burn spiritual energy to inspire heroic momentum, but the actual contact is like a spark of penetrating tentacles. If you have a little gap in defense, there are several strands of spiritual energy that can directly jump in. Xu Xingguo’s sword tactic likes to leave it for himself when it is smooth, so it is convenient to continue to enter the hand. In case of defeat, it is also lighter to evacuate. However, he met Nie Xin’s same trick. He almost took out the closet kung fu and tried his best to get his teeth. It’s also a trick to block Nie Xin’s pervasive strange attack. The red cloud looks awesome, but it’s only when I actually touch it that I find that the same trick of "red cloud" actually makes Nie Xin evolve into this, which makes Xu Xingguo astonish.
Family practice has been in contact with sword tactics almost from the first month of entry, from the most basic practice to breaking through the barrier in the foundation period even after the resting period. Although the family has no name of sword school, it is very strong in this respect. My brother is not talented enough to learn from the huge cultivation experience accumulated by his predecessors, and he can also gain good benefits from some of them. Those talented people can have their own explanations of many sword tactics, and find their own future development path from the simple four sets of basic sword tactics.
Although Nie Xin’s cultivation level is not high, his practice vision far exceeds Xu Xingguo’s great power. His hands have been perfectly played, but the fine control is still better than Xu Xingguo and other people who strictly abide by the unified route of the sword. Lao Yang was praised as the first person in the practice field in the past, and he has friends who can keep studying and have a deep understanding of the sword. If Lao Yang can keep cultivating the whole life in his heyday, he will not be his opponent. What he taught Nie Xin is that he is between the unified route of the sword and the sword. The actual combat school constantly seeks for changes and unexpected routes. Nie Xin’s spiritual practice and psionic control characteristics are coordinated. This kind of sword tactic tailored to Nie Xin’s spiritual nature is especially comparable to Xu Xingguo’s practice of mass production.
Nie Xin’s practice can also come to hard work. Although his seniority is not as deep as Xu Xingguo’s, he can be gifted and hard-working. After Yunmengze’s incident, he never dared to relax. He always maintained a very high level of cultivation. Nie Xin knew that he would always be in a state of fighting and killing. If he was stronger, he would have a better chance of winning. Nie Xin had almost all experienced battles before and after, and compared himself with bamboo cultivation. "The yogi never flinched. Did he sharpen his fighting experience, confidence and fighting spirit at any time by relying on the high-level yogi?" Nie Xinling’s ability to practice is much more efficient than that of Xu Xingguo, but it seems to be the same.
Nie Xinjian’s tactic is to save some tricks for others, but Xu Xingguo’s pressure on him is really great. It’s really a question whether you can resist it at the end of the day by relying on the red clouds. It’s not your strength to rely on spiritual power to consume it, but he must win this time on the spot. He must win beautifully!
The sudden change of the wind and cloud makes people feel annoyed. The spiritual force suddenly condenses from a little bit of spiritual force line. The rapid change of powerful sword light makes Xu Xingguo’s heart feel a mess. The firm but gentle face is a little loose immediately. Nie Xin took advantage of it and almost instantly broke through the red cloud. Although it is a strong defense, it is a spiritual force to carry out dynamic defense. Although the flexibility is very high, it is appropriate to deal with various situations. If there is a change, it depends on whether it is fast enough.
When Xu Xingguo saw something wrong, he left immediately. Actually, it was a spiritual shift operator’s family’s evasion of Nie Xin’s gadgets. It’s very common to take care of it when facing Nie Xin. When Xu Xingguo flashed, he saved this point. His face turned red and immediately turned around, and he rushed to castrate the position of Nie Xin. There was no hand left to attack six swords and shoot Nie Xin’s face. This is also very obvious that Xiushui must rush to thunder. This trick can only condense sword light. Nie Xin can now. There is a significant gap between sending four channels and Xu Xingguo, while the whole people can shoot more than twelve channels at the same time. Almost at the same time, they can block all the evasion angles of their opponents, forcing them to fight hard.
Xu Xingguo can’t do this, which also gives Nie Xin the opportunity to use the same trick to rush the thunder and offer four sword lights to intercept Xu Xingguo’s sword light. The fragments of firm but gentle collision are splashed all over the place. Fortunately, the drunken platform is also a spiritual brother. It’s not a big problem that the remaining two firm but gentle Nie Xin actually ignored them and let everyone be surprised that firm but gentle hit Nie Xinling’s light shield and then disappeared. "
What’s going on here? Xu Xingguo moments some trance NieXin defense achievement method incredibly strong to this point? There is no protective tactic at home, but it doesn’t prohibit our brothers from finding and exploring their own suitable techniques to compete with our brothers. No one can say anything about other sects or the protective techniques scattered outside the door.
Of course, the yogi’s reaction is extremely fast, but there is also a limit. Nie Xin knows that this must be beyond Xu Xingguo’s expectation, and he is surprised at that moment. At that moment, he shot away with another stroke of lightning, but it was around Xu Xingguo’s arc shooting four swords from four directions. The target was not a point, but scattered to make Xu Xingguo evade, which added a little difficulty. Then the red clouds appeared again around Nie Xin.
Xu Xingguo was a little confused at the moment. At this moment, what else was there in the red cloud? But for a moment, he was white. Less than a foot behind him, Nie Xin’s figure suddenly emerged. Immediately after he showed the red cloud, he made the spirit shift operator instantly and made Dan’s spirit shift operator three times in a row. Did he just flicker to avoid the flaw of that catty? Rushed in "at that time Xu Xingguo Bai Niexin this rush ray four sword light placement accuracy to such an extent that he is good! Well, if you don’t want to fight hard, it’s the most reasonable to avoid it, so there will inevitably be that flaw. "
Xu Xingguo dispersed the protective light with a sigh. "Don’t say that there is no difference between strength and Nie Xin to a certain extent. I’m afraid this trick alone can make him cling to all his brothers and watch those people’s hearts cool and cool." How should we hide this trick? Nie Xin revealed the change of Ben Lei’s trick, and there must be other tricks hidden.
Nie Xin smiled and put away the achievement method and said simply, "Brother accepted."
Xu Xingguo shook his head and said awkwardly, "If you lose, you lose." You deserve this test.
Nie confidence head cold hum this test is to read the life he won’t want to discuss with others who is more suitable for it. He simply said, "It’s just two people’s fur trail against the enemy. It’s not a practical trick. Xu Xingguo nodded. Nie Xin is right. This trick is that when two people fight against competitive cattle, there is still a little change of occasion, or he knows that this move will naturally not be a threat, but Nie Xin is famous for fighting." That’s not true. In actual combat, he will still stick to the sword tactic. Xu Xingguo can hear Nie Xin’s simple sentence, but it is really new.
"You’d better treat me like a classmate, or you’ll get more than one bargained for if you cross that line."
【 Chapter one hundred and fifty home 】
It’s not too smart to beat Xu Xingguo Cang Niu with Nie Xin’s pure sword tactic. Without such strength, what are you going to do to refine the demon tower?
Although this kind of trial must take into account everyone’s level, since it is to let young brothers in the rest period enter the middle school, it is definitely not to let them die, but it is definitely not the place to fight small monsters and upgrade.
Generally speaking, it is more and more dangerous to enter the demon refining tower now. Although every time the demon refining tower is released, a large number of spirit beasts will be removed and added. Those who have grown up for 60 years will not be particularly severe. But what about those spirit beasts and monsters that have been in the demon refining tower since they were created? Those resourceful and cunning monsters hide in it to recuperate and constantly improve their strength. Sixty people enter the demon refining tower at a time, and 37 people finally come out, which is the lowest record in history. Although all factions say whether to send a group of absolute experts into the demon refining tower to clean it up, it will occupy the places of young brothers, that is, they can enter so many places every time, and it will die if they discuss it.
Since Shushan is the leader of Chinese spiritual practice, I don’t want other brothers. The number of accidents in Shushan boundary is small. Fortunately, once the number is large, it is really necessary for others to keep a knot in their hearts. This time, the quota is allocated to those who are strong enough. After the big sects are divided up, there are still six places to maneuver Nie Xinzhan. I am afraid there are still a lot of troubles when I get to the land of Shushan. It is very good to play a few games in Nie Xin spiritual practice, whether it is Sanqing Sword Sect, Shushan or Huainan Zhangjia, Jiuyintang, Mohist castle will help him, but after all, it’s better not to fake hands. Nie Xin has sufficient strength, especially the sword tactic attainments are profound. It’s better to suppress opponents without relying on the phlogistic gun. It’s better to think about Nie Xin’s problem. The whole people called the vine and still have to entrust it before leaving
Seeing the whole life with a worried face and laughing, he said with relief, "Father, what are you worried about?" Not a lot of good news recently. "
The whole people slightly Zhan Yan said, "Nie Xin’s level is better than I thought. Many people in the home are finished."
Tendril eyebrows lifted up and said, "How can you have nothing to say? They always have a reason. If Nie Xin loses, he is naturally less skilled than others. Now he has won, and some people say that he has a short training period. He might as well wait for another session. Hum, Xu Xingguo didn’t say anything himself.
"Although Xu Xingguo is arrogant, this guy is also a simple person, and he doesn’t bend around much." The whole life pinched a wisp of Hu and mused, "Is that idiot saying that if you wait for another session?"
"My cousin Zhu Di" is the same. "If the door crane said such a thing directly, it would have been killed by Master for sixty years, even if a yogi could have several sixty years."
Tendril sneered and said, "Father, you are too vertical to them."
The whole people said from the ground, "It’s almost over. I can’t drag my home like this. It’s too much loss. I was afraid that after some tossing, my vitality would be too great, but now I’m afraid I can’t take care of it. They are all ready to give me a hand, hum."
Tendril frightened hurriedly asked "what? Not? "
The whole people waved and said, "How many can I kill?"? Don’t worry about this, but it’s also because Nie Xin has made great progress with us because he is now nine-due-to-church, Sanqing Sword School, etc. In addition, even without several mineral revenues, I asked Nie Xin to lean on him for a tight day, which would be even more serious for those industries in the secular world. Let’s sort it out slowly later. "
Man’s heart moved and said, "Why don’t you give me those secular industries to play with?"
After thinking for a while, the whole people frowned and said, "It’s ok, but there will be a long time when they can’t make money. It’s all because my brother has placed his brother. And in recent years, this part has not lost money, but the bottom has been almost paid out. God knows where so much money has been spent by them."
Man wanted to say, "It’s not surprising that it’s always expensive to make friends with people from all walks of life."
What tendril thinks is that Nie Xin’s industry has been built by him with one hand and one foot. The family is not big, or it is still with zhang yi guns. What Mo Xiang and his father think is that if we can help Nie Xin to help the family support the past, otherwise there will be a big gap in the daily consumption to support the operation of a large family, but this mouth can not only be for Nie Xin, but also for all my brothers. It can threaten personal development and sacrifice the family. The Six Classics of the Fierce State are out of fashion, but Man also knows that Nie Xin will definitely promise to Nie Xin without hesitation, and there are more and more Lingshi and other resources in his hand. He pursues the other side.
"Father Nie Xin has a lot of friends in the secular world who manage it very well. I think if we want to be able to fully receive those secular industries, we might as well move from the secular world to trusted strangers. It is not easy to attract attention, even if it is a loss … Hehe, it is just a procedure." Man said his thoughts. "I will go and tell Nie Xin to let him lend a batch of Lingshi in his hand to his father. He has nine orders in hand, and all kinds of orders for spell printers have a total income of nearly 20 million Lingshi. It shouldn’t be a problem to lend you one million to ten million except for the daily needs. I think it’s enough to maintain the daily operation of the family, and those secular industries are handed over to me. Nie Xin has been operating for 30 years to offset the loan of three million Lingshi, and we will discuss the rest. "
When tendril said this, it was white. He smiled and said, "I’ll leave it to you to handle this properly. I didn’t expect Nie Xin to have so much money, which solved the big problem."
Man smiled and said, "Our family is not poor, but it’s just that your father is not good at business."
The whole people sighed and said, "Yes, it’s good to have you after these things."
"It’s father." Man promised to come.
The problem with the family was originally caused by business affairs. Although the whole family is the master, the number of people in his family is small, and they are all well-known for their high talent in practicing and entering the country quickly. They can be connected with himself and his core brother, and so on. There are no more than ten brothers, Keansheng and Xusheng, who are so numerous that they are self-contained. Because the whole family is obsessed with practicing and not good at business, they are given full hands and feet.
It was more than ten years ago that I found out that the situation was wrong. I suddenly found that my brother’s home industry was not good enough for others to know him. I didn’t feel at ease that my brother would have his own ideas when he ran the secular industry. But later I found out that things made him stunned. As Ci Sheng Xusheng said, due to the unsatisfactory changes in the secular world, some of them were quietly accumulated by them, and a large part of them were secretly given to themselves to practice, while others quietly flowed into a place called Cangli Villa.
What is the origin of Cangli Mountain Villa? It is an indisputable fact that the family is constantly losing blood. When the people tried to reverse this situation, they tried to rectify the industry through various means, but gradually this rectification could not be carried out. As soon as it became a direct struggle between the two factions of the family, both of them were not good at dealing with this situation. Only then did they miss their lives and stay away from home, but it took them an unknown amount of effort to sort out their family situation before they were ready to start work. However, in the past ten years, the people have been keeping a low profile and maintained the unity of the family.
People never thought that the other party had actually noticed something and used such extreme means to needle themselves. Why are they all their brothers? But they actually want to set up a trap to kill themselves!
"It’s better if you go to the devil’s refining tower and come out, as if things have come to an end after all." The people said simply, "Is everything okay in your place?"
Tendril dare not tell my father what they have to go to the top floor of the devil tower, and smiled and said, "It’s okay. I’ve been preparing for it all the time. It’s just that there are too many things to lead this time. It’s a little cumbersome, but there’s no way to be on the safe side. Besides, there are people with zhang yi Gun, Mo Xiang and Shang Xuefan. I don’t know if I’ll go this time. Otherwise, it should be very safe with him."
Someone in this demon tower has to dare to provoke us. "
Tendril spoke confidently, but she was careful not to show her real worry, and that whole life also consider other things and didn’t notice that strange look in her daughter’s expression.
【 Chapter one hundred and fifty-one The Secret of the Demon Tower 】
"The whole life is good, Nie Xin Xiaoyou, can you not believe it in Qingjiang River? Er Gang’s voice overflowed the whole Zha Xiao Jia Villa so that everyone could hear it clearly.
The whole people and Nie Xin immediately set up flying swords and greeted them in the middle.
"Haha, don’t bother?" Jiang don’t believe and the whole yi after greeting affectionately patted NieXin shoulder.
"How good is it that the seniors can come here? How can it be disturbed?" Nie Xin said with a smile
Jiang unbelievers said, "I promised to send you to Shushan this time to fulfill the contract." Jiang unbelievers are like this. The situation is very different from that at that time.
Nie Xin is now a hot topic in the whole Chinese practice circle. The new yogi has practice, friends, backers and potential, and he has to add money. "This new person is completely different from the little fellow who followed Niansheng in practice when he was down and out. Don’t say that at that time, everyone should give him a place to enter the devil tower. Even if he didn’t want this mouth with his influence at that time, several families might work together to help him fight for one temporarily.
Jiang doesn’t believe in fulfilling the contract because of his personality. He doesn’t even believe that there will be any changes in it. So what if others don’t like it? Don’t say that Nie Xin has a good fighting power. Even if he can’t fight, isn’t it enough to stand up by himself?