"Crow, find a place to hide and wait for me," he whispered.
"I can’t believe that you can change the dragon. It’s really a cool devil." Crow was excited and disappeared in an instant.
The black dragon disappeared from the battlefield surrounded by a white mist.
Blue sea and white fog filled the air.
Soon a black dragon appeared in the fog.
The black dragon roared in pain and turned into an orange cat on the spot.
-incarnation of orange emperor!
Before absorbing magic dragon’s different "Orange Mountain", this magical power has also mutated with Gu Qingshan becoming the Lord of Sumi Mountain.
In addition to the ghost at night, Gu Qingshan, the Queen of Orange, has mastered another ability.
"drawing strength"
"You will no longer absorb soul source power from emptiness, but you will gain double soul source power by eating and devouring."
The orange cat waved its claws and the sea condensed a piece of ice and then lay down.
Just a little induction body reaction orange cat gradually relieved.
Sure enough, the Queen of Orange is good at the disappearance of the feeling of pieces before devouring power.
that’s right
The orange cat is lying on the ice, basking in the sun and squinting.
Suddenly, a line of firefly fine print appeared in vain.
"You will double the soul absorption of the orange queen."
"In addition, you are benefiting from the power of magic dragon blood to devour the mythical creature magic scale dragon."
"The Orange Emperor has super devouring power, and your process of absorbing the magic scale dragon is accelerating."
Gu Qingshan must be in his heart
My body doesn’t hurt anymore, my soul power has doubled, and my strength has been drawn faster.
The orange emperor is really quite capable!
In the virtual space, the small words of fireflies continue to appear.
"In addition to transforming the soul, the special awakening magic scale dragon now has several special abilities."
"You have two choices."
"You can choose one of these special abilities to turn yourself into a magical power."
"Second, you can use magic dragon’s power to swallow them up and replace your magic dragon blood lineage."
Magic dragon is an extremely ancient Terran super horcrux. If you choose to devour it, you will lose your magic dragon bloodline and replace it with an unknown new ability.
"Please select"
Gu Qingshan chose the first item without thinking.
Magic dragon’s bloodline can resist and kill the enemy suddenly, but it can also devour power. This ability is almost horrible
Gu Qingshan won’t give up this ability.
"You chose to acquire an avatar."