He came and rounded his hand. It turned out to be a dagger, and he was going to pull it towards Liu Sunseeker’s face at night.
Liu Sunseeker suddenly moved a dagger and took the man away. White also moved quickly to divide the man by three and five.
Liu Xixi was as happy as if she had picked up a baby.
"Ha ha, I didn’t guess the wrong thing. I am your ya! !” With that, she slapped the man unceremoniously, and the corolla was knocked off and rolled to the foot of the mountain.
That man groaned in pain but didn’t beg for mercy. It’s quite backbone.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 4 Juvenile nevus lacrimalis
Liu Xixi snorted and pulled his veil one by one. "You are a dead pig. You are still wearing a veil. I still can’t think of you until you see this veil-ah-"
Liu Xixi was gentle at night, but the boy let out a scream of terror and turned to the ground, but he didn’t care about anything and kept rolling into the grass, as if he were willing to roll the mountain.
Willow sunseeker night break his face to himself "are you a harelip? Was it not normal earlier? "
"Please please don’t look! !” The teenager cried very sadly, where is the arrogance just now?
Liu Xixi won’t be passionate about jade. She will break the maid-in-waiting face again and examine it carefully. Isn’t it a harelip that hates this taboo? It’s not incurable. Don’t be like a dead mother, okay?
The young man didn’t struggle this time. Just now, he may have screamed like a madman because he was too stimulated, and he will beg for mercy. Now he is slightly red, his eyes are glaring at Liu Xixi, and Liu Xixi doesn’t care.
She turned to ask Bai, "Did you catch him this time?"
Bai looked at it carefully and said, "It’s him. I remember that tear mole in the corner of his eye is quite attractive."
Liu Xi was surprised at night. "Is that completely different from the previous sample?"
Bai also felt strange that he seemed to have been dizzy by two people when he came to look at the teenagers carefully, but he was angry for a while and looked at them curiously.
When others saw him like this, they either fled in disgust or tried to beat him and laugh at him, but the two men looked normal and didn’t have any irony. They didn’t scold him, which made him feel strange, because strangely, he didn’t make any more troubles, but he still shook his head and tried to get rid of Liu Xi’s late hand.
Liu Sunseeker didn’t have that much strength in the evening. He struggled twice and let go.
Finally, Bai got up and said, "No wonder he stuck his lips before, but he couldn’t ask before, because he couldn’t talk if he wanted to keep his lips from cracking so easily."
Liu Xi’s starry eyes at night "Don’t you punish?"
White frown "because he hypnotized everyone and didn’t punish him. It’s a pity that I wasn’t there, otherwise I wouldn’t die so perfunctory."
Liu Sunseeker looked at the young lip at night. He had already picked up gauze from the ground and covered his face again. He looked around and wanted to escape.
Liu Sunseeker suddenly wanted to laugh. In fact, judging from the performance of the young man just now, he was also quite naive, but he killed so many guards. This naivety was terrible, and there was probably nothing wrong in his heart.
He sighed and told Bai, "He can’t stick to his lips anymore, because his lips have rotted from the inside out because they have been stuck for too long. If it is before, it seems that his whole face will rot in the end."
"It’s good to rot if it rots." Suddenly, the indistinguishable sound of male and female came from the teenager’s mouth again. His eyes were faint and desperate, and he seemed to be pitiful
White grabbed him sneer at a way "hum want to die? You haven’t paid for my brothers yet! !”
However, at this time, a little maid-in-waiting hurried to find the boy and exclaimed, "Master, why are you here? Master has been looking for you everywhere! !”
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 41 Juvenile identity
The teenager struggled to see Liu Sunseeker at night. "You said I killed your guards. Can your guards imprison me? I’m Prime Minister Mo’s office chief. Hum, do you know about your lynching? "
Willow sunseeker night smile happily tunnel "that your father know not to know you do these good things? Hypnosis almost killed me and let a dozen guards kill each other. The blood spread out one inch thick. "
The teenager really looked ashamed. "They bullied me first-they took off my clothes! ! Still-still touch me! !”
Liu Xi night "…"
At this time, the little maid-in-waiting has come to them. "Young master, you are furious because you can’t find you. Why don’t you come back with me?"
I heard that my father came, and the teenager was finally a little scared, and his shoulders shook a little depressed.
Bai low way "just let him go?"
Liu Sunseeker grabbed the young man’s hand cold and said, "If you don’t want your father to know about you, you must come to Liufu to find me in three days, and we will talk about it, or I will tell Prime Minister Mo what you are doing now."
"Hum you, my father will believe you?" Juvenile sneer
Liu Xixi died last night, saying, "Then I will tell your mother."
In fact, she said casually that the child is generally not big, but she is afraid of her parents.
But when she said that her mother suddenly turned pale and scared, her face changed color. The whole person stayed there and didn’t know how to react.
Liu Xi learned that his mother must be a terrible woman.
"Yes, just tell your mother that you remember it three days later," said Liu Xixi.
The young man took a look at Liu Sunseeker and left with his face covered.
White angry tunnel "I told those people not to put the army that you humiliated recruits in the palace."
Liu Xixi knew in the evening that the army likes to humiliate the recruits by insulting them, that is, to bully the recruits to be afraid of them and obey them.
However, these people have gone too far, and the boy is a psycho who doesn’t think killing people is anything! !