He suddenly noticed that there were new entrants besides those groups of living dead.
It was a three-meter-tall, big guy, and his muscles kept crawling and he was almost motionless when he was hit by a bullet.
-evolution body
"Rockets!" Lao Li shouted
The blond man lifted a set of shoulder-mounted rocket launchers from the ground and aimed at the monster to launch directly.
The rocket flew out with a long tail of smoke and hit the monster at great speed.
Flesh and blood!
However, he continued to move in the direction of the villa.
Gu Qingshan noticed that more and more figures appeared further away.
"Too many"
Black fidgety growled
He didn’t speak a few people.
The corpses are coming towards the villa in dense numbers, which can hardly be killed.
Then Gu Qingshan put his equipment away and patted Lao Li on the shoulder.
"What are you doing?" Lao Li could not help but ask
"There are fewer monsters on your side. I’ll look at the situation from your side." Gu Qingshan Avenue
"Look at everything. It’s a monster. You’ll die if you go out!" Lao Li roared
The machine gun shook so hard that they had to talk loudly.
Lao Li picked up his gun and shot another monster.
"I am a scientist to study their body structure" Gu Qingshan said.
"Don’t you study mechanics?"
"Mecha, to be exact-there is a human bionics in Mecha. We are generally used to getting to know the enemy in this way."
Old Li Bai came over. He meant it.
"What do you know? They are monsters!" He doesn’t understand
"You have to believe in science" Gu Qingshan patted the gun in Lao Li’s hand.
Lao Li thought that if there were no guns, these people would have been finished.
Besides, this scientist is still very good, and he has repaired almost everything that is related to machinery.
"… I may not be able to protect you," Lao Li said.
"I won’t go far without it, and I can protect myself."
Gu Qingshan patted his hand longbow.
Then he left the attic and quickly came out of the villa and appeared outside the house.
The three of him soon noticed his appearance.
"How did that scientist go?"
The blond man picked up a Grenade from the ground and threw it far away.
Lao Li waited for the violent explosion to pass before saying, "He said he would study a monster."
"scientific madness" female road
A few people looked.
See Gu Qingshan has squatted before a corpse.
The body was shot several times, but it was not dead yet. It was aware of the arrival of the living and struggled to raise its head to bite him.
"don’t move"
Gu Qingshan holds the army thorn and inserts it into each other’s eyes to completely fix the corpse head.
The body struggled for a while and really didn’t move.
Gu Qingshan this just tied his shoulder hand barrel and pulled out a dagger to dissect the body.
He moves quickly and effectively, crisp and neat without hesitation.
"Look at the dirt first"
"No heartbeat"
"The blood turns black, which seems to be caused by infection."
"The viscera has shrunk in a large area, but the stomach has become bigger."
"Where did your strength come from without normal human signs?"
"… well, there’s something in my stomach that seems to be human body tissue."
"Action energy by eating people"
"Eyes have mutated, no pupils, but they can see me accurately."
"The teeth are sharper like beasts."
"The nose is completely necrotic and the ear has a morphological variation similar to evolution."
Gu Qingshan made a little effort to dig the ear of the corpse.
He looked at it carefully-just like looking at an art.
"Yes, it is a slight evolution. It is a miracle of life."
Then he got up and walked to a body not far away.
"Wait!" Lao Li shouted from the floor
"What’s the matter?"