Rain-drenched ice hockey is hitting the poisonous spider king. At that time, the poisonous spider king didn’t guard against the fact that he had been hit by six or seven pieces of ice hockey. Liu Qingyun turned to look at Mountain hare, who was panting and shaking his ears. "Good! Look at me! "
It’s four ofuda thrown out again. This poisonous spider king really faced the water badly. Ling Bo Liuqingyun teamed up with Daoism to attack. These Daoism were blocked by his successive display of Daoism, and the fourth spell of Liuqingyun was barely hit.
It was during this period that Mei Lansi first cast an ice-clear water for Zhu Bird and then threw out an ofuda to bless Bai Yujin with a silver light.
After the silver light, Bai Yujin was tired and took a picture of Zhu Bird and made a jump towards the poisonous spider king.
Wang Gang, a poisonous spider, was bombarded with a flame array by Liu Qingyun’s spell. He saw Bai Yujin stabbing tapiscia sinensis’s sword into his abdomen and just wanted to avoid Bai Yujin’s tapiscia sinensis sword.
This sword really twisted the abdomen of the poisonous spider king, and the green liquid just came out of it and sprayed Bai Yujin’s whole body. At this time, Zhu Bird also fell from the sky and a light of fire sprayed at the left eye of the poisonous spider king.
This flame is more deadly than Bai Yujin’s tapiscia sinensis sword. The poisonous spider king turned over the whole body in pain. The water Lingbo just blew out a Ziyang ice. Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help crying, "It’s a spirit fire!"
It’s not just a spirit fire, but a rather high-order spirit fire water. I can’t believe that this Zhu bird Liu Qingyun has been promoted to so many levels in just a few months, and now even the body spirit fire is condensed out.
Is spit out the aura after Zhu bird also withered to strong since fly to LiuQingYun side lying and LiuQingYun shoulder small Mountain hare gasped for air together.
It’s such a good opportunity. Why can’t Bai Yujin catch him? It’s the sword again. The king of poisonous spiders has an operation on his abdomen. He twisted it upside down and dug three big holes.
And Liu Qingyun works harder than Bai Yujin. After he ate two magic pills, he immediately blew out a comet to attack the moon and attacked the place where Bai Yujin had already bombed.
Since the seventh floor of Jin-Ji gas refining, the magical effect has not been as good as the previous one, which can restore 50% to 60% of the spiritual power. Therefore, Liu Qingyun swallowed two pills in one breath to restore the spiritual power to its full state.
This half-moon chop just hit the big wound with green liquid sprayed on the front, and connected to the comet with a long tail, which simply went into the wound, which made the painful poisonous spider king turn over again.
"Ice needle rain!"
After the comet attack, Liu Qingyun just sprinkled salt on the wound of the poisonous spider king. He actually exceeded his limit. Ten ice needles were used in succession, and 30 ice needles were used to spray green liquid on the wound of the poisonous frog king. In the end, 19 of them hit the wound and caused continuous bursts.
And Mei Lansi also saw that it was cheap to take advantage of a bunch of auxiliary Daoism and threw away the poisonous spider king, which made the pain of the poisonous frog king deepen. The pain was almost rolling around and almost crushed Bai Yujin. It was Bai Yujin who took this opportunity to stab him in the abdomen again.
Now it’s time to make the final decision. Water Ling Bo’s shot!
Tai Hong Jing Tu!
Chapter 1 Eating Fruit Fruit
Bai Yujin’s too rainbow scene directly covered the poisonous spider king in the rainbow of seven colors, and the poisonous spider king’s body was constantly washed away repeatedly, and the body of the poisonous spider king burst one after another, and the green liquid flowed out from several wounds and was finally killed.
See poisonous spider king was finally killed Bai Yujin not from a Softbank sparrow sword to the ground with both hands holding tapiscia sinensis sword column there panting.
Yu Shui Ling Bo Mei Lansi is also not much better. From yesterday to the present war, I have not had a good rest continuously. Now this spider killing war is trying my best again.
Liuqingyun is also directly sitting to recuperate the feeling that she has just eaten too much elixir, and now it’s a little empty and not replenished.
Zhu bird is also overdrawn too much by his body, and that one mouthful spirit fire makes her lose her flapping strength now. A group of people are gasping for air and waiting for a wave of fighting to come.
Just now, in the battle, Bai Yujin and Mei Lan Si smashed the symbol that had been treasured for many years, but Shui Lingbo didn’t cast the symbol, which was the result of the destruction of all the symbols in the Armageddon.
This victory was very dangerous. Although Wang Ran, the first poisonous spider, was passively beaten in the end, we should give him a chance. Liu Qingyun’s team should be destroyed by half at least.
Liu Qingyun bit his lip and found that little Mountain hare was standing up with one forefoot pointing. Although he was depressed, the soles of his feet kept pointing. "Is there really something good?"
Over there, most of Bai Yujin’s body is still the green liquid sprayed by the poisonous spider king and shouted at Mei Lansi with strength, "Give me a wash!"
Pure and clear spirit water came down from the sky to wash away the sticky venom for Bai Yujin, and then Bai Yujin held a sword and saw that his body suddenly caught fire, and then the fireworks suddenly went out, but his clothes were dry.
Yes, that’s it. Liu Qingyun has secretly glanced at two eyes. "Master is in good shape!"
Bai Yujin’s figure is really right. Not only is it tall, but the curve is exquisite, which makes Liu Qingyun secretly drool. Fortunately, Mountain hare next to him is pointing at something with his forefoot.
Mei Lansi imposed a way for Bai Yujin. After the operation, his hands and feet were weak and he could rely on water. Ling Bo supported each other to move forward step by step. Bai Yujin already took one bad look at Mountain hare. "It’s too hard! Everyone can’t find anything good to add to your dishes that night! "
Little Mountain hare quickly hid in Liuqingyun’s shoulder, patted Zhu Bird’s head and threw out a few flint stones, Zhu Bird barely swallowed them, and finally got some strength.
A group of people walked slowly to the poisonous spider mountain, and now they have to rush out. An adult poisonous spider will be hit hard by this small team with serious overdraft.
The residual limbs of poisonous spiders are everywhere, and the whole hill is full of venom. If it is normal, it is best to burn it with a spirit fire. It is a group of people who support each other before they can move forward, and they can’t find a place to stay and step on the body like a hill.
Mountain hare Liu Qingyun’s two shoulders jumped up and down, and the soles of his feet pointed in the direction. The more excited he became, the more people were interested in the treasures of the poisonous spider mountain.
If there is no harvest, this hard battle will be wasted, and now the whole team has become a tired soldier, so we must seize the opportunity to have a good rest
What’s more, even if they killed the poisonous spider king, they didn’t get anything. The poisonous spider king was blown to powder by them, and it was impossible to extract any complete materials. Even if it wasn’t bombed, a poisonous spider Wang Neng brought nothing but dozens of lingshi.
Little Mountain hare is familiar with the terrain of the poisonous spider king. If it hadn’t pointed out Liu Qingyun, they wouldn’t have found the entrance to the poisonous spider nest in a short time.
At present, the nest of poisonous spiders is already swinging, leaving nothing but a few cobwebs and broken spider silk. All poisonous spiders have run away completely.