Wu begging to buy smell speech is not eyebrows a wrinkly slightly surprised way "what? Do you think what trouble you have encountered in sticky hannan? "
Don’t look at Wu Begging for Buy, regardless of whether you ask or not, but Wu Begging for Buy is very clear about the strength of the two armies, such as
It is precisely because I know how strong the two armies are that Wu begging for money will be so at ease.
As a result, Yan Hong Zongwang now tells him that it seems that there will be no problem at all, but Yan Hong Zonghan is out of order all the way.
WanYanZongWang nodded. "According to the fast Malay newspaper, ZongHan’s elder brother met Chu Yi, a great Song minister, in Taiyuan City. As a result, the first world war was defeated. Only LouShi played it by ear and led some troops to escape from the rest. Everyone fell into the hands of the Song Dynasty."
Burst, a beggar, Wu, suddenly got up in front of him after listening to WanYanZongWang’s words, and the console table was knocked down.
Wu Begging for Buy’s face is full of shock, just like hearing something incredible. It’s no wonder that Wu Begging for Buy has to know that there are four or five strong men of heaven and man all the way. Even if this strength is destroyed, there is nothing wrong in the battle of Da Liao.
But at the moment, the land of Dasong has been planted. Is it true that the weak appearance of Dasong has been false for so many years? Otherwise, it is another result that Da Liao can bully Dasong and change their Daikin?
Ignoring the throne that had been turned over all over the floor, Wu Qimai looked at Yan Hong Zongwang and said, "Give me a detailed account of what is going on."
WanYanZongWang will WanYanLouShi sent a message that I believe it was told to Wu Beggar, and now Wu Beggar has gradually calmed down.
They have never encountered any difficulties such as the rise of Daikin. Although Yan Hong Zonghan’s defeat this time is very shocking, Wu Qimai is still not panicked.
It is obvious that those who can become kings are not ordinary people, and even worse, in the big environment of Daikin, it is impossible for Wu Qimai to succeed as the second emperor of Daikin after Akuta.
Wu Qimai took a deep breath and looked at Yan Hong Zongwang and said, "Send an envoy to Dasong immediately. I want to know what Dasong Day really means. If necessary, do everything possible to exchange Yan Hong Zonghan and them for me."
But soon Wu Begged to buy and added, "In addition, an envoy was sent to see Chu Yi, the king of the Song Dynasty. In my opinion, it is not Zhao Gou who really grasps the reality in the Song Dynasty, but the king of the Song Dynasty who sticks to Han and even grasps Chu Yi’s hand in life and death. No matter Chu Yi and Zhao Gou, they always send messengers to my Daikin, not afraid to pay the price, but to bring them back safely to me."
I don’t feel strange about Wu Qimai’s decision, but it would be strange if Wu Qimai didn’t make such a decision.
Yan Hong Zongwang saluted Wu Begging for Buy and said, "I’ll arrange it."
It didn’t take long for the two teams of emissaries to leave from the capital of Jin Guo.
However, three days later, a team of fast horses rushed into the main hall of the capital Zhongzheng, and called the ministers to discuss politics. Wu Begged to buy and saw a waiter rush to whisper a few words in his ear.
Wu’s begging face was somewhat startled. Obviously, the news reached by the waiter was very surprising.
A group of civil and military officials in the temple naturally noticed the change of Wu Qimai’s look. At this moment, Yan Zongwang and others looked at each other and saw Yan Zongwang’s previous step. "I don’t know what happened?"
Wu Begging for Buy didn’t hide the people’s meaning. A slight smile said, "It’s just a thyme urgent military report. The king of Song was so arrogant that he wanted to accept Yanyun with a great army."
The smell speech of all the people in the field was full of surprise. Yanyun had been in the hands of Liao people for a hundred years. Later, when Liao people were destroyed, Yanyun naturally fell into the hands of their gold people.
For Yanyun Jin people, they also attach great importance to the military and political affairs of Guan Yanyun, a famous imperial clan.
In order to prevent Yanyun from losing gold, Yanyun has stationed fifty thousand elite troops, among which there are ten thousand elite foot soldiers. It can be said that there are so many troops, even if Dasong sends hundreds of troops, it may not be able to take Yanyun.
But for Chu Yi’s name, if Xu Jin Guo’s top leaders were not too relieved to be a minister, then with the precedent that Yan Hong Zonghan and others were defeated by Chu Yi, everyone dared not have the slightest carelessness.
Yan Hong Zongwang’s face is somewhat worried, saying, "If we say that Chu Yi is really a northern Yanyun, we should be cautious. Otherwise, Yanyun will really be retaken by that Chu Yi."
At the moment, an imperial clan said, "The pursuit of Zongwang is too alarmist. Then Chu Yi has the ability to recapture Yanyun. Don’t forget to have Yan Hong Xi and sit in Yanyun, and add me to the elite division of Daikin. Even the poets can’t even get into Yanyun."
Ignoring this clan, Yan Hong Zongwang looked at Wu Begging to buy Wu Begging to buy a face with a somewhat dignified color and waved the hand to signal the imperial clan to shut up, and then said, "Immediately send someone to send a message to Loushi to lead an army to Yanyun to defend Yanyun together with Xi and Bing."
It seems that for Yan Hong Loushi, Yan Hong Xi does not lose two troops sitting in Yanyun, but it is still not at ease for Wu to beg to buy eyes. In the end, his eyes fell on Yan Hong Zongwang and said, "I hope that you will guard Yanyun for me when you go to Yanyun for fifty thousand troops."
Yanyun land is not of extraordinary significance to DaSong, but also of great significance to Daikin. You know, Daikin later moved its capital to Peiping, and Peiping was located in Yanyun land, which means that Daikin’s future capital, as Yanyun said, it is impossible for Jin people to abandon Yanyun land casually.
Although it is said that Jin people have not yet given birth to the idea of moving the capital, anyone with foresight can see the value of Yan Yun, but if it is possible, Jin people certainly don’t want Yan Yun to return to the embrace of Dasong.
WanYanZongWang asked color su way "I take orders"
Many people’s faces are dignified. If Yan Hong Zong hopes to transfer 50,000 chosen men this time, then Daikin will fall into a tense situation of troops.
Calculate the words. This time, the two armies in the south added up to a total of 100,000 people, plus Yanyun stationed 50,000 troops scattered around the country to suppress local rebellion. This is more than 200,000 troops.
In the capital, there are less than 100,000 military forces left. If WanYanZongwang takes away the perfect person, then there will be less than 50,000 military forces left in the capital. Even if there are more than 20,000 pure gold people, it will also make many top gold people feel uneasy.
Now it has been more than ten years since Daikin founded the country, and many high-level officials have already lost it. In those days, blood was eroded by wealth.
In those days, when they followed Mao Yan Hong Aku to fight, there were only hundreds of troops, but now tens of thousands of military forces will still feel uneasy.
A face with a worried way "pursuit ….."
Wu Qimai caught a glimpse of the cold color in the man’s eyes, and as soon as he shut up, he heard Wu Qimai sink, "I’ve made up my mind. Do you have any different opinions?"
Stupid people can recognize Wu’s begging and buying anger. Anyone who tries to persuade him again at this moment will not be able to get good, so they will shut up and lower their heads one by one.
Wu Begging for Buy ignored these people, but looked at Yan Hong Zongwang. "Zongwang wants to go here and be your coach. I hope you can stay with Xi Bu and Lou Shi, and I will defend Yanyun Land with Daikin."
Yan Hong Zongwang said, "Don’t worry, unless the minister is dead, I will be sure to protect Yan Yun in one day."
I don’t know what Wu Begging to buy after watching WanYanZongWang leave, but I feel uneasy.
Hundreds of miles north of Taiyuan is sixteen prefectures, and the junction of Dasong and sixteen prefectures is the place where Dasong and Daliao have always fought. Dasong built a place called Yanmen.
Outside the Wild Goose Gate is sixteen prefectures, and outside the Wild Goose Gate is Dasong. I don’t know how many soldiers of Liao and Dasong died in battle.
On this day, Wu Yi, the garrison commander of Wild Goose Gate, saw the smoke rolling in from far away and had already received the news. The defenders of Wild Goose Gate all showed excitement when they saw the smoke rolling in their faces.
These garrison commanders and foot soldiers stationed in Wild Goose Gate are not as decadent as the imperial guards and soldiers stationed in Dasong territory. These generals and foot soldiers stationed in border towns are the last elite of Dasong.
These foot soldiers have been stationed in Yanmen all the year round. Although there have been few wars in recent years, small-scale conflicts still occur from time to time. It is said that these foot soldiers stationed in Yanmen have all experienced the killing of hundreds of soldiers.
Moreover, these foot soldiers have the highest enthusiasm for the recovery of sixteen prefectures outside the Wild Goose Gate. They have no chance to step into Yanyun in this life, but I didn’t expect that they received the news that Song Wang Chuyi would lead the army to the Northern Expedition to recover Yanyun.
You know, when they just received the military news, the first reaction was that someone had faked the military order. Dasong had not sent troops to Yanyun for many years, and even these military forces guarding Yanmen were strictly forbidden to set foot in sixteen prefectures, causing conflicts between the two countries.
A QinBing looked at the flag faintly visible in the rolling smoke with some excitement and said to Wu Yi, "The general is an imperial army. I never wanted to collect Yanyun, but it will be realized in our generation."
Wu Yi repressed heart surprise, took a deep breath and said to the side lieutenant, "You can leave the city wall to preside over the overall situation, and I will lead the troops to meet the main manager."
Soon, a large group of people came out of the city at the gate of the Wild Goose Gate, and at the same time, Chu Yi and his pioneers had arrived outside the Wild Goose Gate.
Pioneer Lu Da and Xu Ning met with Wu Yi. Wu Yi learned that Chu Yi’s frame was then expected.
Almost half an hour or so, I saw an eye-catching carriage surrounded by an army appear in Wu Yi’s sight
The carriage stopped in front of the city gate. A figure walked out of the carriage to see Wu Yi. One leng, Wu Yi had never seen Chu Yi. When he saw Chu Yi, the first thought came out. How could this man be the main manager of the military forces?