The shadow stared at the tidal sound sword and shook his head regretfully.
Suddenly the shadow disappeared with all the infernal firelight departments.
There is a deep pit left in the original place.
"Run too fast and don’t give me a second chance to attack" sword murmured.
It flew back to Gu Qingshan.
"Ghosts and gods?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Is about purgatory in ancient times by luck to live a wannabe" to kendo.
"Why do I feel that your state is not quite right?" Gu Qingshan asked
Just now the sword Gu Qingshan although fuelling the sword tactic but feel a little sluggish sword attack.
Jian Xiu Jian Ling has a kind of invisible induction with each other. Gu Qingshan has this question.
"There is no soul force to nourish body and mind recently, and some old problems have been committed." Kendo.
Gu Qingshan heart sank.
The ground sword is the longest sword he has carried with him, and it is also a master’s sword, but now there seems to be something wrong.
"I’ll give you some soul power."
Gu Qingshan mobilized the God of War to unify the sword and inject soul force.
Nearly a million soul force Gu Qingshan directly transferred hundreds of soul force into the sword body.
"Well, thank you" to kendo.
Gu Qingshan carries the sword tactic.
The ground sword moves instantly and flies deftly, playing a set of wind-cutting sword tactics.
Feel the sword state recovery Gu Qingshan this just rest assured briefly.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-four Set out
The purgatory fire dissipated.
All ghosts, corpses and monsters in purgatory disappear with them.
The whole city has become a dead city.
Gu Qingshan sighed and thought quietly in situ.
Purgatory boasts that the mediator has actually fallen to the devil’s order
The 900 million-story world does not know how many strange worlds are choosing their own direction at the crossroads.
Just then, the man said that he didn’t mean that the order was over and there was no need to confront the demon king’s order.
Is there any secret behind purgatory?
"I have a leg injury and I have been squatting for so long!"