"It’s Li Xiaoyu of Luoxia Sect." Qin Xiaolou was excited. "I can’t believe that she has already impacted Yuan Ying in Du Jie."
There are three realms in the foundation period, namely, four realms’s then-elixir period, and then you can prepare to attack Yuan Ying in the later period.
"If her impact is successful, then sinking fish and falling wild goose are two Yuan baby girls-that’s Yuan baby period. Their names are really worthy of the name" Qin Xiaolou praised.
Gu Qingshan looked at it and found that the monks of Luoxia Sect kept order.
Even the patriarch of Luoxia Zongdu looked around from time to time for fear that someone might make trouble.
When the monk crossed the sky, he was so absorbed in dealing with the robbery that he was easily attacked by others and died unexpectedly.
In addition, if someone deliberately helps, the power of Armageddon will expand immediately, almost exponentially.
In that case, it will be difficult for the monks to succeed in Du Jie.
After watching for a while, they saw that the thunder dispersed all over the sky and Li Xiaoyu closed his eyes.
Great power rose from her body.
"She succeeded" Qin Xiaolou envied.
Brother then is the backbone of the spiritual world, while Brother Yuan Ying can be regarded as a monk in the middle and higher level.
This is a significant watershed.
Yuan Ying, Hua Shen and Feng Sheng are not comparable to the three realms of Tsukiji and then.
Flying boat falls
Qin Xiaolou was lost in thought.
"People are drowning in fish and falling wild geese," he said to himself. "What is the title of our Baihuazhong brothers?"
"Take your time. I’ll take a medicated bath." Gu Qingshan said and left.
Wait until noon when Gu Qingshan came out from the chancellorsville again and saw that there were two refined flying boats at the door.
Gu Qingshan cast a glance flying boat was stuck.
The two flying boats are painted in dark green with dragon and phoenix flying in Chinese characters.
One is "green"
One is "building"
Gu Qingshan Qing Qin Xiao Lou Lou
Qin xiaolou is excited to look at his jie.
Gu Qingshan sighed and walked silently and said seriously, "Brother, you will be unhappy like this."
Chapter two hundred and forty-five Three Holy Orders
Gu Qingshan said that Qin Xiaolou was reluctant to give up this name.
Gu Qingshan long one breath.
When he gets here, he will recuperate and occasionally go out and wander around.
When the monks of various clans saw him, they all sincerely respected him and came to talk and make friends, which also made Gu Qingshan make many new friends.
In the past two days, whether it’s the Four Swords in Xishan Mountain or the two girls in Luoxia Sect, they are the best among his younger generations, and they all know each other well.
At noon on the third day, Gu Qingshan got up from the medicated bath again and released his mind to carefully check his body.
He smiled for a long time.
The body finally recovered.
Almost at this point, a fire flew into the chancellorsville from the outside and fell in front of him.
Gu Qingshan answered the message that Baihua Xianyin came out from the inside.
"Go to Zhongjunzhang to arrange the attack."
Gu Qingshan dressed out of the chancellorsville.
Baihuaxian, Xuanyuan Tianzun, and Master Sad Yang sat first.
Fang, a general dressed in armor, just got up and saluted after receiving military orders and backed out.