"There is then!"
This sentence has just been exported to the water over there, and Ling Bo has already made moves. Naturally, there is no room for it.
Ziyang is really cold!
Ziyang really gave off a little gorgeous brilliance in the ice, and it was ready to fly toward the surface. On the one hand, Yantian threw a long-cherished powerful charm into the ice, and on the other hand, he shouted, "The predecessors misunderstood! Misunderstanding! I am also a blue cloud Sect, and I am also a blue cloud Sect! "
In the later period of the building foundation, he was very single. He directly yelled at a flying sword in his hand and threw it at the self-destruct device. "Fight!"
It’s Ziyang’s true ice and rain. Except Bai Yujin, more than a dozen monks were killed by the wave, and half of them were directly killed by Ziyang’s true ice. The rest were all hung up and shouted, "What a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding! We have no malice! "
Yan Tian now finally knows what kind of team he robbed himself: a Godsworn then, two preconditions, a three-pole spirit pet and an attack power comparable to that of the gas refining Godsworn in the middle of the preconditions. "I’m really misunderstood by Biyunzong!"
"I misunderstood!" Bai Yujin is now a dragon swimming in the sea to slay these wounded monks. It is simply a sword and a "Sorry to borrow a head!"
The regret medicine in this world is the most difficult to buy. Yantian saw this group of women ignoring their rhetoric, regretting and anxiously looking at the original nearly 30 monks. Now they are cut down by Bai Yujin and Ling Bo, and three or four people immediately shouted, "You can’t kill me …"
After saying his word, Liuqingyun has gone out to kill him directly with a water Huajing technique boom.
"I really don’t know how you idiots think that a group of monks want to rob Godsworn Zhu Er in the period of building a foundation and refining gas …" Liu Qingyun saw that the war had ended easily. "It’s a group of idiots to help me find out if there are any good things!"
The battle by the lake was almost the same. These monks didn’t come out with strong means, but they were killed by the water Ling Bo Bai Yujin. Who told them that they didn’t have long eyes and even Liu Qingyun dared to move against the team of three monks then?
This can be called the birthday boy hanging-dying!
Although the battle was solved easily, Liu Qingyun really gained a lot. These pillaged robbers are all very rich. A few of them are still clansmen, but they are too slow to get Lingshi from the clan and come out to earn some extra money.
Seventeen bags, thirty-three spiritual instruments, about a hundred pieces. Liu Qingyun couldn’t come, just threw it into the golden bell of the morning light and the moon. "Let’s go back!"
Well, the harvest will not be much less than that in the underground river. Some stolen goods may be pricked, but if they can’t sell at a good price, Bai Yujin said, "There are a lot of things for disciples, but be careful when you sell them except Lingshiling Mine!"
She has always been partial to Liu Qingyun’s collection of the War Department in the golden bell of the morning light and the moon, and she has not stopped it. "By the way, what is the spirit mine in it? We have to make a good spirit soldier for Ling Bo when the time comes!"
"I know, master!"
After defeating this group of long-eyed monks, they walked back for a hundred miles, all of which were episodes. Liu Qingyun still did dirty work and heavy work in cleaning the battlefield, and Liu Qingyun would outsource it to Zhu Er.
"oh, my god!" Mountain hare Jr. lay on Liu Qingyun’s shoulder and said, "Blue Moon Valley’s flying spirit beast is here at most!"
After that, she jumped directly into the beast bag. "It’s windy. I’m going to sleep. Wake me up!"
Water Ling Bo smiled and took Melanie’s hand and said, "Sister Mei, let’s go together!"
Liu Qingyun jumped into Zhu’s body and said to Bai Yujin, "Master, let’s go all the way!"
In front of the water, Ling Bo Meilansi joined hands to make a flying sword fly. This flying sword is not high in rank and requires two people to fly very slowly. Zhu Er can pull a lot of distance with a flap of his wing.
Liuqingyun keep a close eye on this flying sword. Two women are afraid that something will go wrong. Even Bai Yujin’s pretty figure can’t appreciate it.
Bai Yujin over there saw Liu Qingyun so absorbed that she immediately learned, "What are you doing with such a man’s heart?"
"I’m afraid one of them will fight!" Liu Qingyun took a long breath. "It’s really hard!"
There Bai Yujin to LiuQingYun threw a bag "for you! Keep your wife! "
Liu Qingyun quickly grasped "Master, what is this?"
"Give your wife’s master, Hanyan Yangquan, the harvest of high-grade spiritual ore just to please these two wives!"
"Master, are you hiding something?" Liu Qingyun sounds a little louder, but he is not afraid of being listened to by Ling Bo Meilansi.
"Your Ling Bo and Lance don’t play this game as usual. Do you want the master to copy your family?"
Liu Qingyun really didn’t realize that a woman who looks like Bai Yujin can play this skill. She immediately laughed, "Thank you, Master!"
"What is there to thank you for being my apprentice? I should take care of you more!" Bai Yujin’s back is very charming. "By the way, your sisters will be back soon. Take care of them for me then!"
"The teacher elder sister not mountain experience? Come back so soon! " Liu Qingyun really wants to dominate Bai Yujin by herself. "When will you come back?"
Bai Yujin replied, "It should be soon before the letter is timed!"
Just then, Zhu Er has slowed down, and the two women flying with the royal sword are chasing after Qi Qi to speed up.
Biyunzong has arrived
It’s a sigh of relief whether it’s water, Ling Bo or Bai Yujin, and everyone has a sleep in Bai Yujin’s abode of fairies and immortals regardless of it.
Liu Qingyun slept soundly, but this time it was not his turn to sleep late. When the sun rose, Bai Yujin came out with his ear. "You have to build a spiritual soldier for Ling Bo today, you coolie!"
When I arrived at Yuying Pavilion, Ling Bo Meilansi was there. When I saw Liu Qingyun coming, my face was even colder.
Bai Yujin said angrily, "Don’t be angry yet. Today, we will build a spiritual soldier for Ling Bo. Everyone will live up to it!"
Mei Lansi bowed his head over there. "That’s natural. Let’s take a look at what materials there are first! I won’t quarrel with this kind of thing. It’s from Blue Moon Valley to collect Xinghe sand and Ling Bo to refine Lingbing. No matter how much it drops, remember my head. "
She knows that Ling Bo, the light and important spirit soldier, can end this relationship only after she has finished refining the water. Otherwise, Ling Bo, the water, will continue to keep her eyes wide open, and it will not end this relationship in another ten years.
Liu Qingyun also took out two bags. "This is the ice high-order spiritual ore found from Blue Moon Valley …"
Ice spirit minerals Jade Pavilion crystal walkway piled up like a hill Liu Qingyun continued, "There are many spirit minerals in the captured battle …"