Chu Yi came quietly and left quietly without disturbing anyone.
It can be said that no one in Su Hu House knows that Chu Yi has been to the house except himself, and even Su Daji has joined the sect.
On this day, Chu Yi was teaching Di Xin and Yang Jian brothers and sisters to practice in the song city, but his heart moved slightly when he saw the jade operator.
It turned out that Zhao Gongxun called him to return to Jin Ao Island.
Chu Yi has not returned from Jin Ao Island for several years, and now he has received Zhao Gong’s news. Chu Yi naturally gives birth to some thoughts.
Knowing that Chu Yi is going to return to Jin Ao Island, whether it is Di Xin or Yang Jian, the brothers and sisters are all looking forward to watching Chu Yi.
They naturally know that Chu Yi is the younger brother of Jiejiao. From Chu Yi’s point of view, they can also be regarded as Jiejiao disciples, but they have never been to Jin Ao Island, which is a pity for Di Xin and Yang Jian brothers and sisters.
Jin Ao Island Interception Holy Land Interceptor If you have never been to Jin Ao Island, then what face do you have to call yourself an Interceptor?
Yang Jian looked at Chu Yi and said, "Why don’t you take us when the teacher returns to Jin Ao this time?"
Although Di Xin said that he had no mouth, he looked forward to watching Chu Yi. The meaning was obvious.
Chuyi hesitated slightly, but nodded at several people.
Seeing that Chu Yi promised to come to Di Xin, he couldn’t help but show some joy when his eyes lit up. He wanted to go back to him, but he told Chu Yi more than once that he wanted to go to Jin Ao Island, which means that Chu Yi has always been the subject of bifurcation.
Now Chu Yi is willing to take him to Di Xin naturally with joy.
Now Di Xin seems to be a teenager. Because of the practice of nine turns of Xuangong, the whole person is strong and full of spirit, and he is born with extraordinary background, which is quite a bit of a young man.
Jin Ao i.
Although it is said that quite a few brothers from Jin Ao Island will stay in Jin Ao Island to practice, it is naturally impossible for everyone to stay in Jin Ao Island honestly unless they are taught by the Tongtian leader.
However, those who practice successfully rarely stay in Jin Ao Island, just like Zhao Gong, Yunxiao, Sanxian and others all have their own practice places overseas.
Most of the younger brothers who really stayed in Jin Ao Island are those who have a foothold outside Jin Ao Island, but Jin Ao Island is also quite lively.
When Chu Yi appeared in Jin Ao Island with Yang Jian and Di Xin, Yang Jian and Di Xin were immediately attracted by the scene of Jin Ao Island.
Jin Ao Island is a place of sage’s way, although it is said to be peripheral, but the scenery is not comparable to ordinary fairy mountains and blessed places.
Yang Jian, Di Xin, they look amazing again and again, but they don’t know that their actions have attracted many interception brothers to raise eyebrows.
These cut-and-teach brothers curiously looked at Chu Yi and his party. After all, it was the first time that Yang Jian and Di Xin came to Jin Ao Island, which made some cut-and-teach brothers secretly guess the identity of Chu Yi and his party.
However, some intercept brothers have never seen Chu Yi, but there are also some intercept brothers who are impressed by Chu Yi.
Even if Chu Yi appeared when the leader of Tongtian preached, he was impressed by Chu Yi even if he met him once.
It is said that when these cut-off brothers saw Chu Yi walking with Yang Jian and Di Xin, their eyes showed consternation.
Recognized Chu Yi’s identity plus Yang Jian and Di Xin didn’t hide that they were called Chu Yi’s master from time to time with Chu Yi’s disciples. In this case, Chu Yi’s identity soon became known.
Even those younger brothers who don’t know Chu Yi’s identity have learned from his population that Chu Yi is very mysterious among such an interception.
After all, it is quite rare for a disciple like Chu Yi to be so low-key. Many people are very curious about Chu Yi, but it is extremely difficult to even meet Chu Yi.
The influence among these cut-off brothers of Zhao Gong received the news not long after Chu Yi returned to Jin Ao Island.
Far Chu Yi sensed Zhao Gong’s breath and saw Zhao Gong striding towards himself with a smile on his face.
Chu Yi shouted at Zhao Gong and said, "I’ve seen senior brother."
Then Chu Yi shouted at Yang Jian and Di Xin beside him, "Come and meet Zhao Gong and Zhao Shibo soon!"
Yang Jian, Di Xin and Yang Chan hurriedly rushed to Zhao Gongyi.
At Yang Jian, Di Xin and Yang Chan, Zhao Gong waved his hand, and his eyes flashed with admiration. He took out a rather precious treasure from the cuff and gave it to three people as a gift, and said, "Teacher younger brother is a good eye. This choice of younger brother’s eyes is really envious of others."
Zhao Gongxiu’s experience, if you can’t see that Yang Jian, Di Xin and Yang Chan are not ordinary people, it is a blessing for a yogi to accept a younger brother. I never thought that Chu Yi would take all three people into the family.
Of course, for Di Xin, Yang Chan, and Yang Jian, the Duke of Zhao still heard about their identity. Somehow, Chu Yi’s friendship is profound, and others don’t pay attention to Chu Yi’s affairs. However, the Duke of Zhao has always paid great attention to Chu Yi’s acceptance of Yang Chan, Yang Jian, and Di Xin, and he still knows quite clearly.
I know that I know that I have never seen three people, but I don’t know that the three people’s spiritual qualifications would be so strong. What is more, 99% of the three people in the interception are so inferior to even three people.
Zhao Gong led Chu Yi with Yang Jian and Di Xin to the depths of Jin Ao Island.
At the same time, Chu Yi looked at Zhao Gongzheng curiously. "Is it something that Brother Gong called me back?"
Generally speaking, if there is nothing urgent, Zhao Gong will not disturb his practice and even specially call him back.