Such as suppressing the abyss of cold source!
This is a huge problem before Sun Hao.
Sun Haofei, an avatar with indomitable spirit, looked at himself quickly and found a way to find it. After half a ring, his body shook slightly and muttered, "It seems that this is the only way."
The right hand stretches forward, and the Sumeru Tower appears in the palm, and the Sumeru Tower appears in the palm of the hand.
In my mouth, I murmured that the Sumeru Tower grew up rapidly, and in a short time, it has become a towering giant pagoda, which was supported by the magical powers.
A huge word "town" emerged from Sun Hao’s stupa.
"Xiao Hao" sounded from Sun Hao’s heart. "Are you sure you want to do this? Dead town, a magic abyss, your true body will be extracted like a mortal sumeru, and the tower will be restricted. If you lose less power in a fairy mountain, you will be imprisoned here for more than a thousand years … "
Sun Hao said softly in his heart, "But Master Xiaohao can’t find his practical strategy except this way."
The young old man whispered, "If Xiaohao doesn’t display the dead town, he may be able to change the gods in one thousand years, and then he may be able to find a way."
Sun Hao’s face is a bit wry. "If you miss today’s little Hao, even if you want to town without heaven and earth’s blessing, you can’t cast out the dead town tactic. Once Xiao Hao fails to turn into a god in one thousand, once the Antarctic pillar supports less than one thousand years, that little Hao is bound to become a sinner through the ages …"
Qing Lao Youyou said, "As soon as the dead town comes out, you will no longer be able to accept the tower slave; Once the dead town is out of the abyss, you will be able to control yourself. The pagoda is like a mortal, and you can’t push it. I said how to choose your own decision. "
Corleone body a slight shock.
Perhaps Sun Hao will really fall to death in the town, or Sun Hao will watch his relatives and friends fall in front of him one by one, but he is capable.
But the reality is not that Sun Hao escapes.
The body bowed slightly to Sumeru Tower, and Sun Hao said in his heart, "Master, I have made up my mind."
Green old a slight sigh "that’s a good little hao you cast, I cooperate"
Sun Hao once again said "Thank you, Master"
With that, his arms vibrated and floated, and Sun Hao’s mouth lang said, "I’m physically dead, and the town is no longer dead. Give me the formula for shaping the town, and give it to my town, town, town …"
The avatar hand threw a huge sumeru tower and flew high. When it crashed, it fell dark and returned to a field.
Go to a field with a violent shock.
Method: stretch out the four-handed sumeru condensation tower and press it
Sun Hao shouted "Go for me"
The body stepped on the tip of Sumeru condensation tower with a heavy step.
Go back to the field in the roar.
The ice slag splashed all over the sky was directly pressed by the pressure of Sumeru Condenser Tower, and the square of the magic abyss was stuck in the solid ice like an inlay.
And with the return of a field to a fairy mountain, the cold current is spreading everywhere, freezing everywhere, and the cold current comes to an abrupt end
Sumeru condensate tower dead town to return to a field to suppress the cold source spillover
Deep in the abyss, Lord Lan Lan looked at it with a dull face and said to himself, "How is it possible?" How is that possible? He really did it. He really did it … "
As the Sumeru tower slowly falls, Sun Hao’s body flashes slightly, and the five attributes of the body are absorbed by the Sumeru tower like the tide.
In less than an hour, your body will consume one yuan.
Look at it, it still stands in the sky, covering the sun, and it’s mighty and majestic. Sun Hao can’t help but move slightly in his heart.
The force of heaven and earth is ok now.
It’s a pity that the power of the avatar has dissipated. In this case, before being sealed, it can make some final contributions to the mainland.
God knows how to move in the sky, and a huge head looks down and Lang says in his mouth, "South China returns to dust. The first baby monk in South China doesn’t think about mainland China’s grace, and he doesn’t feel that mainland Germany’s involvement in the underworld has brought disaster to the mainland. Today, I, Sun Haosun Chenxiang, am doing good for heaven …"
Huge law covers heaven and earth
Hongda sound cuts across the southern mainland
Huge head looked at his eyes, such as looking at the desert.
The edge of the desert is fighting fiercely with Sun Hao, the incarnation of a dragon, to return to the dust. Suddenly, the spirit is strong and the floating dust flies away to the sand dunes.
Just got into the sand dune, a huge friend’s palm has swept away, and together with the sand dune, he grasped the force and pinched it at one stroke.
Returning to the dust has been held by a huge palm like a small ant for half of it.
The huge head came to Sun Haowei’s stern voice, "The first sinner in the mainland goes to the dust man and dies."
Give it a big squeeze.
Brother Yuanying once ranked first in the South China, and he didn’t even come to hum. He has been squeezed like a bedbug.
Fireworks bloom, Yuan Ying’s big brother’s body is pinched into a light spot and disappears.
All that live monks in the southern continent, include those who are engaged in fierce fighting, can’t help but look up at Gao, a majestic statue of Sun Haosun with three heads and six arms and Chen Xiang.
Squeeze and explode, return to dust, huge metamorphosis, Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang did not stop there.
The tall giant’s head opens his mouth again, and the majestic sound cuts across the mainland. "The southern mainland has won the day after the war inferno, but the day has a good life. Today, I am Sun Haosun Chenxiang lenient. You consciously enter my palm and I am imprisoned. You don’t kill it, if not, you will kill it …"
After that, a huge palm of the desert fell from the sky and paved the desert flatly.
At the same time, the area of his five inferno fighters in the southern mainland also fell from the sky, and a huge palm was spread flat.
What kind of avatar is this?
The inferno soldiers are frightened but hesitant.
Should I go? Will you be crushed directly like a dustman after you go?
But what will happen if you don’t go?
The whole southern continent suddenly calmed down at this time.
Almost all monks and mortals look up to the sky and look up to the giant Sun Haosun agarwood with three heads and six arms.
Chapter DiYiSanLiu Avatar II
Surprise and worship in the hearts of mortals
Fairy family means that fairy family can save the world, right?
Is Sun Haosun Chenxiang going to wipe out the magic disaster now?
Is he the real immortal?
The worship in the monk’s heart is also full of incredible feelings.
Friar Shen has never seen a horse running or eating grass. Naturally, he knows that even a truly powerful and true gentleman can’t do Sun Haosun’s agarwood to this extent!
What kind of avatar is this?
Earth-shattering has been difficult to shape him.
It seems that the five little monks have never been so powerful!
Has Sun Haosun Chenxiang grown to such a height?
Friar inferno hesitated slightly in a head and said, "The hard way? Then you can go to hell! "
When talking, one of the six palms suddenly turned over, reached out and fished out a huge palm, instantly scooped up a big wave of imperial sword and fled in a panic. However, on how these magic repairs can fly, they can’t fly out of the huge palm. The giant’s mouth gently snorted the huge palm and held thousands of fleeing magic repairs, and the light was directly crushed.
It’s not lucky that several people who have learned advanced knowledge can move in a flash.
Sun Haowei Yan Yin came again. "The last chance is not enough …"
The magic repair was frightened. Near a huge palm, the magic repair was less, and the royal sword rushed into the palm of Fa’s hand quickly and dare not neglect it.
With a grip, the method did not crush them, but with a turn, it moved their department to Sumeru Condensation Tower to return to a field.
He saw that Sun Hao had kept his promise and didn’t strike into the palm of his hand. He couldn’t help but rush into the palm of Sun Hao’s hand with his royal sword.
Sun Hao waved his palm continuously and transferred all these flying magic repairs to a field.
The monks in the southern continent are not only stunned by the fact that they are fighting against Magic Xiu.
Everyone has been killed for more than ten years, and everyone has to wipe out the magic disaster for a hundred years.
Now it doesn’t take a moment for the magic pups to lose their prisoners when the giant hand of Lord Aquilaria reaches out.
Brother Mighty’s realm really can’t be speculated by common sense.
Brother Mighty’s terror really can’t be understood normally.