At the moment as Gu Qingshan selected ares interface line after line firefly fine print quickly appeared.
"God’s doom strikes, you must overcome it to get the reward of heaven, and then explore your own way."
Thunder exploded in the clouds.
This is Tianwei’s shocking everything.
The power of God’s Armageddon is more than twice that of Yuan Ying’s Armageddon.
Gu Qingshan has no feeling at all.
Ever since he saw the double robbery of Baihua Fairy Crossing, he thinks his fate is too simple.
I also spent my life robbing him.
The biggest difficulty of this robbery lies in its time.
It will last for a day and a night, which will test the spirit and physical strength of monks.
It’s even more painful to keep facing the bombardment of lightning for a long time.
Gu Qingshan pulled out a small bag and took out a pair of line headphones from the inside.
He put on his headphones.
"Some rock and roll?" Asked the goddess of justice
"It’s okay not to relieve a little female solo or piano music," Gu Qingshan said.
The music sounded.
A fresh girl sings softly like nature.
"Xie Shuangyan?"
"It’s her latest album"
The first thunder fell.
Gu Qingshan threw his sword at the thunder.
Flow like stars scattered everywhere.
"This song is good," Gu Qingshan said.
"This is the title song," the goddess of justice woke up.
"So that’s it."
Chapter two hundred and ninety Wounds of sword fairy
The thunder in the sky is getting denser and denser, and one after another.
Gu Qingshan will turn up the volume of headphones, wield a bright sword and fly half the lightning.
This world war I is half a day.
The thunder is still there.
The rain suddenly stopped.
Gu Qingshan face a change.
It happened that it stopped raining when he was in Du Jie.
Once the rain stops, the world will have unknown changes.
New monsters and new disasters will appear and devour everything in human culture.
But now it is the most secret time to rob thunder, and Gu Qingshan can also take care of him.
Gu Qingshan bullet waved a secret sword.
Painting shadow
Exhausted black sword shadow, blooming like a flower, will hit the thunder department and scatter it.
Gu Qingshan didn’t have a chance to take out his personal is.
"goddess of justice"
"My Pavilion"
"Is it raining all over the world?"
"It’s all stopped"
"Adjust the ball satellite immediately and show me the abnormal situation."
"Everything in the pavilion is normal and there is no abnormality."
Gu Qingshan alpha males
How is that possible?
In previous lives, when the rain stopped, the catastrophe horse would come.
"Not yet?"