However, from Xingqi’s scruples, he realized the artistic conception with blood Yang. Moreover, before Xingqi was hidden, he gave six Dan to the blood Yang with no intention. Xingqi’s attitude was friendly and casual, and the blood Yang was put on guard against Xingqi. And Xingqi’s strength increased greatly from the bully boxing, and he really raised his head before the blood Yang, and he was able to meet each other on an equal footing. Of course, it was more joyful to talk with each other.
Wine is warm, people’s minds are more intimate, and wine is the tacit understanding of brothers. It’s a man’s discourse. It’s not connected with Xingqi and Xueyang, the strong man, and it’s not fortunate that they are drinking together, but they are more cordial. Brother and brother are also screaming smoothly. Listening to the ear, there is no such unfamiliar feeling. Xueyang also showed his true nature in front of Xingqi for the first time, which made Xingqi understand the true face of The Hunger Venerable.
"Brother Xingqi, thank you again for this cup. I can explain everything to you. You need to know about mainland history. Brothers will send you some ancient books another day. Go and see them yourself. It’s really refreshing to talk with you for three days. I haven’t been so relaxed for many years, but I am really anxious to go back to Tianyinshan to preside over the overall situation." Blood Yang raised his glass and made a toast to Xingqi again.
"Ha ha, I know that Brother Xueyang is eager to go back to the gate and practice quietly, but Brother Xueyang is now Conan Tian, and maybe he is still practicing artistic conception during this period. Your grievances will come to see if the practice is successful. The first one will even kill you. Isn’t it dangerous for you to close the mountain again? Let’s close the mountains here. I will keep it for you for a few months, but there is no problem."
Worried about Xingqi’s blood, Yang smiled and shook his head. "Ha ha, Xingqi bro, don’t worry. If it were a month ago, I would be worried that Conan Tian’s children would kill the door because I couldn’t escape, but I would also escape it. But I am still afraid of him, Conan Tian’s children."
The Hunger, a The Hunger, will not be afraid of fighting the emperor’s master’s blood yang words, but it will shock Xingqi to rely on the bully boxing and add Xuan Shu Xuan clothes. It is also confident to fight the emperor’s first world war, but it is so confident that Xueyang words will not brag. Xingqi still believes this.
It seems that this The Hunger is a powerful trick. Xingqi smiled and filled each other with wine. He guessed that blood Yang said that The Hunger was also a point. He didn’t say that Xingqi didn’t ask about other people’s tricks or let people avoid it. However, when Xingqi poured wine, he noticed that Ningchangzhiyuan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard The Hunger’s body. He became excited. Ningchangzhiyuan’s performance made Xingqi interested in blood Yang, the The Hunger’s body.
"Ha ha, brother, I really want to go back to the mountain to practice, mainly because I am worried about my brother’s smoke flying to Yang Fei. Yang has a younger brother’s purple crystal and several five-Dan three-spirit wines, as well as a younger brother. You later sent that six-Dan breakthrough. It’s an iron horse thing, but the flying field has been closed for nearly two years, but it hasn’t come out yet, but it worries me. I’m going to interrupt it when I’m ready to go out. I’m also going to break in and have a look." Blood Yang put a glass
"Well, the flying Yang brothers haven’t gone out yet, but you’re not too worried about the impact of flying Yang brothers’ talents on bucket statue. That’s not to say," Xing Qi knows that the blood Yang has been decided and he will no longer say more, so he will raise his glass and propose a toast to the two of them for three cups again.
Looking at the blood Yang and Ningchang Zhiyuan, Xingqi took a long breath and took back his profound eyes and walked to the side room. But Xingqi was anxious to see the recovery of Ziyi, such as practicing his own boxing. In those twenty days, Ziyi’s injury was half better, but Ziyi still didn’t wake up for three days. He asked for a drink with Blood Yang but didn’t visit Ziyi’s injury again.
Entering the room, Ziyi was still lying peacefully on the bed, wrapped in a faint aura. Xingqi came to the bed, holding up Ziyi’s arm and reading his mind. After this sweep, Xingqi’s face lit up, and Ziyi’s meridians and bones were actually connected. Half of them were just three days ago, so much better. This means that Ziyi’s injury has improved faster.
With the careful observation of Xingqi, I soon found the reason why Ziyi’s injury improved and accelerated. Originally, I didn’t have that pure aura to repair Ziyi’s injury. Ziyi had already connected the meridians, and there was a hint of purple quarrelling slowly flowing. This silk of purple quarrelling was growing and it also moisturized and repaired the meridians.
I feel that Ziyi’s body is growing rapidly, and my face is growing stronger. Looking at this situation, I am afraid that all meridians and bones of Ziyi will be well within a week, which means that Ziyi will wake up in a week. This is really good news, and his three brothers will really get together.
Xingqi gently let go of the purple clothes and gently left the house, excited to find Tubel to tell the news to Da. He searched all the houses, but Xingqi didn’t find Tubel and the surrounding trees disappeared, which made Xingqi wonder that Tubel didn’t hide and sleep nearby.
I can’t find the earth bell, but I found the shadow fox. After receiving the information, I have been guarding the small garden of Ziyi Institute, leaving the courtyard. I don’t know if the shadow fox is facing the earth bell, but I don’t know that the friend has not got the information of the earth bell.
I didn’t find Tubel, and the excitement suddenly disappeared, and I was a little lost.
I want to go back to He Shu to have a drink and chat with Xingqi, but I have been told by the shadow fox that the marquis Rand has been to Qier Mountain twice, but I haven’t seen Xingqi. Xingqi is either practicing or accompanying guests, and the three major guilds of the royal family Sangmantian and Moxuliang Jiangjun still stay in Heyangcheng.
The marquis of Rand is the elder of Mount Tai, the elder of Ge Laiyue, and also an elder of Xing Qi, but Xing Qi can’t put it aside, and Sang Mantian, Mo Xu and others are almost dry. Xing Qi wanted to think about the table, which was too interesting, and he should also meet them. So Xing Qi gave up looking for Tu Bei and returned to Heyang City.
Rand is looking for a strange star, which means that the city of Heyang has been handed over to Rand, but there is no master of fighting the emperor stationed in Lanten Town. Sangmantian and Moxu are here to plead guilty to the three major guilds, of course, to please the statue of Xingqi.
For Rand, narrow-minded Xingqi didn’t say much, but he also took care of Heyang City, but he also rebuilt his home with one hand, but he also hoped that Heyang City would be stable and prosperous. When Xingqi came forward, Rand was worried. However, Xiexingqi might not have much time to deal with Heyang City after he was a don, so he thought about finishing the Heyang City Affairs Department at one time.
Mulberry family and Mo family don’t have to rely on this big tree to tie themselves to Heyangcheng. There are also three guilds, namely, the Pharmacists’ Guild, the Sword Masters’ Guild and the Mercenaries’ Guild of Liangjiang County. These profitable forces can’t just let the public security of Heyangcheng be governed by these five forces, so that they can hang themselves up without worrying about Heyangcheng.
After half a day, Xingqi quickly took care of the city of Heyang and threw Rand some Dan medicine. After that, Xingqi returned to the Kiel Mountains again, but he didn’t find Tubel, and he didn’t know where Tubel went. Just as Xingqi was preparing to read his mind and sweep the Kiel Mountains to find Tubel, the dead bear, he only looked at Tubel from a distance when he appeared on a hillside miles away.
Tubel came back, but he didn’t come back alone. He actually brought back a BaoXiong brigade. There were more than 20 BaoXiong with three kings in it. Looking at this circle, Xiong Xingqi’s face smiled. As far as Xingqi knew, the ghost beast in the Chier Mountains seemed to have been taken over by the white, but Tubel grabbed the white younger brother.
"Ha-ha, boss, how do you look at this group? They are all my younger brothers. Boss, you don’t know that two days ago, I found them dirtier than I used to be. Look at this for only two days. This sanitary posture is still well taught by my boss." Before Star Qi, Tubel proudly looked at this group of younger brothers who are tall and bear belly.
"Well, it’s good, but if I remember correctly, the spirit beast in the Kiel Mountains seems to have been taken over by Bai Yu. It’s a little unreasonable for you to take advantage of Bai Yu’s failure to dig a corner. Aren’t you afraid that Bai Yu will get even with you when the autumn comes? What should I do when Bai Yu gets even with me?" Starkey smiled at this rather spirited Tu Bei.
"Ah, this white and I are brothers and younger brothers, that is, my younger brother. What’s the matter? He’s not right now. I’m not just helping to manage the situation. Hey, hey, I’ll accept these three little boys as my younger brother. I’m just * * them." Being asked by Xing Qi, Tubel’s face became better, and Tubel’s brain turned very fast.
The three small things mentioned by Tubel turned out to be three small ones. The Cangbei Xiongqier Mountain is not a small size integer. All the soul beasts are integrated by Bai Qi. I also know that there are a number of violent bears in this mountain, but I don’t know that there are still Cangbei bears watching Tubel. Xingqi estimates that Tubel is even homesick. When Ziyi is ready, I will follow Tubel back to my hometown to see Cangbei bears.
When time flies, it’s three days. Ziyi is still recovering. However, she occasionally drinks, chats, and then throws herself into the study of the body-building techniques. Xing Qi is so diligent in studying the body-building techniques, mainly because Tubel Xingqi has given Tubel a physical test, but she is surprised to find that Tubel’s physical strength has reached the level of Samsung.
Tubel is busy recording it. Every day, he is so busy practicing his younger brother Tubel’s moves. These little bears are in poor health. Tubel still has some human feelings. Of course, Xingqi also has another task, which is to watch Tubel practice the violent bears.
Today is another sunny day, and a red sun has already risen. The research on the achievement method of Xingqi has stopped. Tubel has also stopped practicing Baoxiong. Both of them are excited to keep the purple clothes outside the hut, which is attached to the original waiting room. He Shu also keeps a side. The shadow fox takes everyone to guard the periphery of the station. It turned out that Purple clothes were injured and recovered last night.
After Kang Zi Yi didn’t wake up, he was still dizzy, but his body was running faster and faster. Zi Yi’s body slowly released a trace of momentum. Today, this silk pressure has reached the level of honour, and now it is still growing, which is constantly impacting the hidden array distributed by Xing Qi.
【 Chapter 513 Purple clothes metamorphosis 】
Bang! Bang! A * * momentum fluctuation emerged from the house to hide the exquisite wooden house. It has long been lifted by a strong momentum to fly a piece of wooden wall. Although the hidden law is strong, it has been squeezed by the purple clothes momentum fluctuation for a day, and it has become a house. The momentum is as violent as the vent crossing.
From the hole in the collapsed wooden wall, we can clearly see that the whole body of Purple Clothes is curled up and shrinking, and the momentum is that the purple clothes are physically shaking out, and the purple clothes face is no longer peaceful, and the face is tight and the forehead is twisted into a face. The muscles are very twisted, and the purple clothes are getting stronger and stronger.
It’s been two days since the breath of purple clothes fluctuated, and it’s also two days since Xingqi, Tubel and Shadow Fox guarded the purple clothes hut. He Shu couldn’t hold the purple clothes from the hidden array, and the momentum has already left the valley first, and the king-level master can’t move to the other side of the hill. Shadow Fox can also watch from a distance, and Tubel and Shadow Fox are not calm before, and they are all covered with a layer of eagerness.
The fluctuation of momentum is the omen that Purple Clothes wants to wake up, and then it stops when it reaches the level of one-star statue, but it is surprising that Purple Clothes didn’t wake up and spread out momentum, and it didn’t stop, far exceeding the level of one-star statue, and it is still slowly increasing, and now it has reached the peak of one-star statue.
Now Xingqi has to accept the fact that the purple clothes are dizzy and the impact on the two stars is very funny, but this scene makes Xingqi and Tubel have to believe that the impact on the two stars is also a good thing, but the impact on the purple clothes is extremely strange
But judging from the purple clothes’ expression, purple clothes are suffering great pain at this time. It is not that purple clothes are willing to impact the two stars, which makes Xingqi and Tubel’s heart hang up.
Two people worry about the purple clothes carelessly, thinking about observing the purple clothes, only to find that the purple clothes are wrapped in a layer of crystal violet light, and they can’t understand the real situation of the purple clothes. They dare not rashly break the purple clothes, but they are worried and helpless.
"Is it that strange aura?" Xingqi now regrets that he didn’t make the pure aura source. Later, when he looked at the aura, it was of great benefit to the purple clothes, and he didn’t go to study it again. Now, looking at the purple clothes is so painful. Besides this aura, he checked the purple clothes body, and Xingqi couldn’t find the second possibility.
With the worry of Tubel and the speculation of Xingqi’s annoyance and regret, the momentum of purple clothes has finally reached the peak of a star-studded statue, and the pressure has reached the peak of the hidden array laid by Xingqi. A sudden burst of sound, the hidden array collapsed, and the powerful momentum crashed and smashed the hut. However, at this time, Tubel and Xingqi did not care about all this, but they stared at the floating purple clothes.
The two people were surprised that the crystal violet light in their eyes suddenly burst into thick reiki, and suddenly the purple clothes burst out and wrapped in reiki. The purple clothes actually began to transform for a while, and the amethyst lion was floating in the air for more than ten feet. But after the transformation, the purple clothes’ breath fluctuation was still not over, and it became more urgent. Ten feet of purple clothes’ fur actually shook up.
Dizzy purple clothes body suddenly and violently shaking four feet uprising up huge amethyst lion head is twisted and a * * amethyst mustache hair actually fell straight from the body and a little bit of blood oozed from the body surface, and a small amethyst phosphate was sticking out from the purple clothes body.
"Purple clothes change!" Seeing such a scene, Xingqi and Tubel suddenly realized that Ziyi didn’t break through the two stars, but changed. This is a good thing than breaking through the two stars. Of course, changing Ziyi is a great pain.
Metamorphosis has those soul beasts with the blood of god beast. It can only happen after constant practice and refinement of their own blood. Every metamorphosis with the blood of god beast will take a step towards god beast.
Chlamydia purpurea is an amethyst lion. Amethyst lion is a strange soul beast, but it belongs to a lion, but it is different from a lion. It is not a descendant of a god beast. Then it is possible that purple clothes can be transformed. This amethyst statue has broken through the rank and broken through nature. It is also reasonable for amethyst lion card to be transformed.
White come over soil bell and star qi two people are overjoyed to purple clothes now reaction is relieved, but after the overjoyed, they are even more frightened that purple clothes will change obviously. It will take some time, and it may be difficult to avoid others disturbing purple clothes when they change. Even if you can feel it in the surrounding hundreds of miles, the thought of this star qi is eager to decorate a bigger hidden array around purple clothes again, while soil bell is a face of violent guardian.
After a few minutes, the hidden array of Xingqi Buxuan finally became a purple garment with a violent breath. Once again, when the law was not laid out, Xingqi and Tubel watched the purple garment change and guarded it.
Metamorphosis is a long pain. Pieces of nail scales are drilled out from the flesh and blood and plunged into the flesh. The hair is squeezed out, and the blood oozes into the soul. One day, the nail scales continue to absorb the blood and rise to the palm of your hand, and the purple clothes are covered with purple clothes. Two long folded sharp corners are also exposed, and the limbs are also stretched out with cold claws.
Although I was overjoyed at the transformation of the purple clothes, I saw that the purple clothes had endured such terrible pain for nearly a day, which made Tubel and Xingqi speechless, and the two of them had a better understanding of the transformation of the soul beast. It was true that they could not get rid of their original stinky soil without suffering from the soul.
Howl! After the transformation of purple clothes, I finally woke up and opened my two purple eyes. Suddenly, I opened my eyes wide and yelled at the top of the sky. Finally, I burst into a pure purple quarrelling from the purple clothes. I washed and swept the amethyst scales with little blood, and the huge two-star breath also spread and exploded! The violent atmosphere and heavy collision array method caused a wave.
"Ha ha, wake up, boss. Purple clothes wake up. Purple clothes have changed successfully!" Tubel looked at the law and the figure was reduced by half. He was wearing a brother’s purple dazzling crystal scale with two sharp corners on his head, and Tubel burst into laughter. Listening to Tubel’s cheerful call, Xingqi looked at this scene and his heart was quite happy.
After the purple clothes suddenly and violently roared, they closed their eyes and kept rotating. It took several minutes to make the momentum converge and turn into * humanoid purple clothes again. They still closed their eyes and checked the body. After the purple clothes turned into * people, Xingqi also quickly put away the law, but Tubel ran to the purple clothes with a face of laughter and looked at the purple clothes.
"Eldest brother! Tubel, are you all right? " When I opened my eyes, Ziyi saw that Xingqi was waiting for me, and this silly bear, Tubel Bear’s brain, was right in front of me. I was scared to stare at myself, but when I opened it, I saw my closest relative or happiness. Ziyi’s face showed a little happy smile.
"Ha-ha, of course, our boss and I have been guarding your dead lion for a month. Fortunately, if you don’t wake up soon, Tubel will break your lion’s skin." Tubel suddenly became a pair of teeth when he suddenly opened his eyes in purple.
"Ha ha wake up! Haha, we three brothers are finally together! " Star wonder didn’t know what the hell was wrong with this fellow, but he was very happy to reach out and hold purple clothes and soil bell together.
Purple clothes not only changed, but also broke into two stars, which was a great event. Xingqi held a carnival party that night, celebrating the return of Purple clothes and successfully surviving the transformation. Although there were not many celebrants, Xingqi, the big boss, took out more than ten altars and the atmosphere was still very strong. Of course, the party also became a reception.
Noisy fire is as high as a cocktail party. Hot flames swept through the mountains. Cold light, clear temperature, and fragrant fragrance overshadowed the beautiful moonlight. Starkey sat by with wine and barbecue. He watched holding the jar. Tubel walked happily through Ziyi, Heshu and Shadow Fox. Four people robbed a jar. Listening to laughter, Starkey blushed and his eyes became blurred. No Xuantian expelled alcohol. Starkey fell down for the first time.
This valley is hot and different from Qiheng Empire, but a valley is colder than a wisp of ice. The cold is flowing out of the cave on one side of the valley, and the branches of the spring valley are developing. New buds and land are sprouting, and the tips of grass are covered with a thick layer of frost, and dozens of frozen souls and birds are flying. The whole valley is like an ice valley.
Bang! The purple reiki in the valley suddenly shook, and a colder ice gas suddenly rushed up from the cave and rolled out. Originally, the vegetation covered with frost turned out to be ice crystals, and the original life of the vegetation gradually faded into ice! A huge breath also slammed into the valley from the hole.
Poof! Poof! Two bright reds spit out from the mouths of two pretty women in the floating valley, and two women couldn’t help shaking up.
"Hold on, Senior Sister, it will take another half an hour. At this time, you can’t be discouraged and let others find that it is abnormal here." Ying Ying looked pale and looked aside, trembling with the same cold autumn rain.
Ying Ying didn’t care to touch a trace of blood on the corners of her mouth, but she was anxious to get cold in her mouth. Several Dan medicine bodies once again burst out with a powerful momentum to suppress the valley storm, and the momentum was huge again, covering more than half of the valley.
"Hum!" Ice autumn rain is a cold hum to Ying Ying’s words. It also swallows two Dan medicines. Ice autumn rain shakes his body and his eyes flash across the road. The naked body also sends out a powerful momentum to cover the valley momentum again.
Jathyapple Valley is full of cold and ice. Two women shudder in the autumn rain and insist on a trickle of sweat, but it condenses into ice crystals in the air and falls to the ground. The valley is ringing and clicking.
【 Chapter 514 Blood Awakening 】
The return of Purple Clothes made Xingqi and all the people happy for two days. In the valley, three people talked about their experiences with each other over the years. All three people lamented that Xingqi was tortured and miserable by Landman and Cangxiong, while Ziyi and Tubel lamented that the boss had experienced a strange sensation. All three people were amazed.
Two days passed by, and the valley was calm again, and Xingqi began to make some arrangements. First, the Shadow Fox first broke the ice base, and all the fighting kings were evacuated from the Chil Mountain, so that the Shadow Fox took the ice and the rest of the members still fell in Liangjiang County to contact with Mo Jiasang’s family to collect information for themselves, and then the Shadow Fox transferred it to himself.