"I think you should follow the pace of your emperor and become strong as soon as possible, instead of letting your emperor give his life again and again to protect you cowards!"
"Go to fight! To fight! It’s not you who die, it’s me! Only by constantly struggling for the living from life and death can you deserve the word genius! "
Senior Bai’s tone is very serious, and there is no doubt that he must rush to the abyss to participate in a bloody battle!
44 Chapter 44 Dead guard returns to the people
"Former predecessors there is a bloody battle in the abyss! It will kill people, and it’s the kind of death that doesn’t even leave slag! "
Wang Chuan’s face turned white with fear, and it’s killing them to let a group of people with universal strength go to fight with this group of demons and devil leaders!
Guo Min, the youngest, is already shaking with fear.
It’s not that they are too timid, but that the bloody battle in the abyss is terrible. This is a place where facing death is even more frightening! There may be another generation if you die somewhere else, but if you die in a bloody battle in the abyss, even your soul may be swallowed up by demons!
"A group of cowards! No wonder your emperor died! "
White elder hate iron not to produce growl "either choose to go to the abyss to fight for a living or I’ll kill you! You choose! "
"I’m going to the abyss!"
Wang Chuanyi was the first to come out, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit and firmness. "I will be successful and strong!" I will never let the emperor die. It will happen again! Never! "
I swear on my honor and life! Even if it is a bloody battle in the abyss, the glory of Yan Huang Tianjiao will still bloom!
Wang Chuan’s mind secretly made a determined effort to watch the emperor die in front of himself, but he couldn’t help himself. The picture didn’t devour his heart at all times, which made him feel uneasy and almost crazy.
It’s not terrible to die. He’s afraid he’s always been so cowardly!
"I’ll go too!"
Wang Chuan bit his teeth, leaving Tianjiao to respond in succession, including Wang Xuan and Lei Zhen, who all chose to enter the abyss for a bloody battle.
"The Emperor said that he would definitely take us home and this time I will be strong and take the Emperor home!"
Guo Min’s immature voice is full of firmness, which makes everyone’s heart tremble.
"Live or die!"
Wang Chuanyi growled and was full of fighting spirit.
"Good live or die! Real tianjiao never gives himself a way back! "
Senior Bai smiled indifferently and nodded happily. "You go!" With a wave of his hand, he said.
A howling wind blew, and then all the Terran Tianjiao were irresistibly blown to the top of the mountain by this hurricane.
A group of tianjiao shouted that Wang Chuan’s withered sound was the most miserable and big "! ! ! Senior, you can’t make us prepare for one! This is too sudden! "
The hurricane blew the Terran Tianjiao directly into the abyss, and several demons poured in hungry and full of murder.
"The emperor yanhuang! Terran glory spreads all over the world! Kill! "
Wang Chuanyi roared that he was the first to take out the spurge and start to kill the demons around him. He was covered in blood and fighting spirit. When this side became a river of blood, he wanted to vent the Terran’s power at will!
On where the Terran will never die!
"roar! Kill! Live or die! "
The Terran Tianjiao people were inspired and began to shout and hold a group. The abyss fought bloody battles. With every time they killed a demon, a little light energy flowed from the sky and infiltrated into them, making their strength grow stronger unconsciously.
White predecessors look down at the top of the mountain and look indifferent. He will never tell this group of Terran Tianjiao that they have sealed a plane will shelter themselves.
Everyone in this group of Terran Tianjiao can have 100 fatal injury opportunities in the abyss, which is equivalent to having 100 lives!
This is to ensure that these guys can become stronger as soon as possible in a bloody battle in the abyss, instead of just entering the stadium and being killed. Of course, this kind of thing will not be told by the white predecessors. After all, if they know that they and others have a way out, they will naturally relax, which will not achieve the best life and death evolution effect.
In the next few days, Wang Chuan, Italy, and other people approached 10,000 people. Terran Tianjiao fought bloody battles in the abyss, and many people suffered fatal attacks. Wang Chuan withered and was once torn in half by a demon!
But still alive! Everything is in good shape!
Discovering this feature, Terran Tianjiao became even crazier, and they became more and more brave, fighting for their lives one by one, and the battlefield became stronger at an inhuman speed.
Every once in a while, the abyss bloody battle will start a real killing period, and the battlefield creatures in the killing period are many times stronger than usual! Creatures who win during the killing period can get 100% reward of abyss will!
And the winning creatures are a group, and the standards are different every time.
But this time, the Terran Tianjiao’s crazy rise like a dark horse caused many powerful creatures with lofty aspirations to roar and die on the spot, which made more than half of the abyss bloody battlefield look askance.
This is a group of humans!
This is a group of martial artists!
They fight for their lives, unite as one, advance and retreat as one!
It’s like writing a bloody chapter from weak to powerful and perfect abyss. Like Terran Tianjiao, most bloody creatures envy the unstoppable rise of power.
But in just half a month, the Terran Tianjiao has become a powerful force in the abyss bloody battle, and everyone’s strength has risen very horribly!
Bai’s predecessor has been silently observing that although his words are always dissatisfied with these people, he has to deny that Su Yu’s group of Terran Tianjiao really deserves the reputation of genius, whether it is the growth of strength or the transformation of mind.
After all, genius is always easy to get stronger.
On the seventh night of the Terran Tianjiao’s struggle, Ling Aner woke up from the coma of the Double Throne, and her face was still pale and her heart was still broken.
"Husband? Husband, you are there! "
Hole * * Some dim Ling ‘an’s son shouted anxiously and couldn’t see the surrounding scenes clearly. The first thing she did when she woke up was to look for Su Yu’s figure. Even if her husband died, she would keep watch over his body.
She can’t live for a quarter of an hour without her husband.
But because the coma was too long, her physical strength fell from the double throne.
"Ann ~!"
Ann suddenly appeared, and the fox’s tail crossed the point, and the flame lit up the cave. Ann got into Ling Aner’s arms.
"Where is an Anfu Jun?"
Linganer muttered to herself, holding Ann’s tears, Pearl kept rolling down from her delicate face, and she was heartbroken.
"I know where he is. He’s at the altar deep behind this cave."
Senior Bai sighed slightly at the right time.
He told Ling Aner everything in detail. Ling Aner was silent and barely propped up, kowtowing respectfully and giving thanks. Then he stumbled all the way to the depths of the cave with An An.
Ling Aner’s whole heart was broken when she saw Su Yu floating on the altar. She jumped on the altar and wanted to fly to touch Su Yu, but she was afraid to disturb Su Yu’s Nie.
A pair of beautiful eyes contain complex emotions such as excitement, sadness, expectation and faint fear, which are hard to express.
"Feather brother’s time can’t say for certain that it may take a long time to wake up and the chance of success is 10%; If you can’t wait, I can send you back to the Chinese Empire in Sifang. "
The expression behind Bai’s predecessor Ling Aner is still calm. He is used to life and death and naturally will not be easily moved by this situation.
"no! I’m not going back! "
Ling Aner shook her head firmly and looked up at Su Yu, a floating altar. She said softly, "My husband is important. How can my body leave alone? If my husband wakes up and can’t see my body, he will be worried."
Senior Bai sighed, "He may not wake up."
"If my husband doesn’t wake up, my wife will go with him!"
Ling Aner’s beautiful eyes flashed with sadness, and she was overwhelmed by deep affection. "Even if there is one tenth hope, I will keep my body here. My husband will not wake up for one day, and my body will keep one day; My husband doesn’t wake up for a year and my body stays for a year; My husband won’t wake up for a hundred years and my wife will keep it for a hundred years! "
A faint sigh white elder left here.
Leave a touch of white palace and put it all over the floor. The lonely altar of Emperor Fei kneels and waits for her. Even if the youth passes, the Emperor will keep a watch and she will regret it if she doesn’t come back.
Ling Aner will never forget the first time she met her husband, a man who changed her life path.
This man rudely walked into her heart like a robber and took her soul and heart, but now this cruel person is going to leave her to die.
How can my body do as you wish? My husband will drive Aner away and Aner will not leave.
She can only find a trace of sweetness with this man around her in this life.