It seems that it is the first time for him to have such close contact with Yu Menglan. After being assisted by Liu Qingyun, the spiritual output of the three people is in a perfect state.
Spiritual force continuously flows into Liuqingyun’s meridians from month to month, and from him to Yu’s sister Yu Menglan. She feels that she has suddenly become successful in manipulating the medicine tripod, and she is no longer in a hurry.
The fragrance of medicine is getting stronger and stronger. Shu Liuqing smells the fragrance of medicine, and there is a feeling of being relaxed and happy. There is a little mistake in Yumenlan over there. "Damn, put more medicine …"
Fortunately, she ordered more rhinoceros bone powder in advance, and now she picked it up and gently spilled it into the medicine tripod. As soon as the medicine tripod became docile.
A quarter of an hour later, Yu Yanxue and Yu Menglan were delighted to see the six beneficial elixirs collected. They really didn’t expect that this furnace produced six beneficial elixirs in one breath and the quality was very good.
Liu Qingyun knew that this quality really belongs to six beneficial elixirs after seeing it several times in advance, which is much better than his brother’s welfare.
The smell of the medicine makes people feel refreshed. More importantly, it is milder and seems to be stronger.
The biggest defect of Yi Lingdan is that the strength of the monks will be greatly reduced for a while after the effectiveness, but the six Yi Lingdan are not only stronger but also milder because of the addition of five-money rhinoceros horns and more than two rhinoceros horns. Although they will still be weak for a while after the effectiveness, the strength will be reduced by at most 10%.
Yu Menglan over there suddenly exclaimed, "I’m on the fifth floor of gas refining with geese and snow!"
"I am also the fifth floor of my refining!"
In Liu Qingyun, he found himself once again breaking through the eleventh floor of refining gas. Although his strength continues to decline, it is estimated that he will fall back to the tenth floor of refining gas in an hour or two, but the more prestige he has, the better.
Three people can’t guess what will be promoted, but for everyone, it’s time to consolidate the realm. Rain’s hurry to make a seat to adjust his breath, and Liu Qingyun is also trying to make a taste of the eleventh floor of refining gas.
The last time he made a double major with Mei Lansi, it just broke through for a while and then fell back to its original shape, but for an hour or two now it really made him try many ideas.
The incense in the training room has not yet dispersed, but a man and two women plus Zhu Er are all full of joy.
Liuqingyun found herself falling off the tenth floor of refined gas again, but her strength has improved a lot. Finally, she stayed at the top of the tenth floor of refined gas. When can she really break through the eleventh floor of refined gas with a hard effort?
The breakthrough of Yu Yu’s sisters has now been consolidated. After their promotion to the fifth floor of gas refining, they have gained a lot. Don’t say that many people dare to find out the elixir and fairy food before.
Like Yu Menglan, she tried to refine the elixir again without rhinoceros horn and rhinoceros bone. The result was also encouraging. Although she received three elixirs, it was worse than the second time, but it made her more confident. "Even if I don’t look at the moon, I can refine the elixir!"
More importantly, the combat effectiveness has risen. Although it seems that two people have advanced from the fourth floor of gas refining to the fifth floor of gas refining, they can see such a little combat effectiveness when they are healthy. "We will not be a drag on you!"
They tried to feed Liuqingyun and found that after the fifth floor of refining gas, their sisters joined forces to increase their power. Although they may not be able to clean up the treasure hunters, they can make a lot of trouble at least.
All this makes Liu Qingyun full of confidence in the docking battle. "When the time comes, a dream orchid can refine the elixir, and I can reach the twelfth level of refining gas at least. In that case, it should not be a problem to clean up a Buddhist monk!"
Later, Zheng Yucun also returned to the inn and reported to Liu Qingyun that he had inquired about the situation. "Those treasure hunters mobilized dozens of monks and sent a large group of mortal warriors, which seemed to smell something, but brother rest assured that this is the place where we live in Biyun, and they dare not fool around!"
Liu Qingyun casually threw a bag of rain dream orchid and refined it to get rid of the magic pill. "Here, maybe if you do something well, I’ll reward you with a few beneficial magic pills!"
"But can you explode into a magic bullet for strength?" Zheng Yucun felt like a deer when he heard the name of the elixir. "Brother, is it really a elixir?"
The elixir is the ultimate panacea, which is often used in the foundation period. In addition to the six pills refined by Yuyan Snow, Liu Qingyun still has several elixirs with poor order. "I will reward you with a few pills if you do well and never break your word!"
With LiuQingYun this command Zheng Yucun immediately said "thank you, brother! I have called a group of little brothers, including the second-tier monks who refine gas. Although they are not big, it is not a problem to help these treasure hunters! "
"Give me a number if you need anything. If I don’t have enough stone, you should go back to Biyunzong first. I won’t treat you badly!"
"Please rest assured, Senior Brother, that I have sent someone to call for a good hand. I heard that there are several credible people in our Yunhai Hall who are just about to cross the border, and they are also reliable. I’ll get them for you when the time comes!"
"The sea of clouds hall scattered repair? What are their names? "
What kind of scattered repairs are mixed in the Yunhai Club? Liu Qingyun is not at ease. "I have to ask clearly about the important matter!"
"Senior brothers should all know a man named Sima Fuji and a man named Bao Bowen!"
Hearing these two names, Liu Qingyun couldn’t help clapping her hands and shouting, "Okay, get them all!"