The ghost looked at the sky and his face was surprised. He muttered to himself, "This is a humanitarian lucky dragon. How can there be such a powerful lucky dragon here from Wan Li, Kyushu? Is it just that brilliance?"
At this time, he was puzzled. After all, the suppression of humanitarian fate originated in Kyushu. Therefore, the closer it is to Kyushu, the stronger the suppression force is. The influence of Baoxiang country is far away from Kyushu Wan Li, and there should be no such suppression force.
At this time, the peach blossom woman was shaking all over. She looked up and said with some chagrin, "This damn humanitarian dragon has put me under great pressure."
In the face of today’s strong humanitarian fate, she has to do her best to compete.
"I told you not to touch those laymen, and I am waiting for the yogi. What I am most afraid of is that you are entangled in cause and effect. You just don’t listen. It is estimated that your resentment has attracted the attention of the humanitarian dragon." Ghost life said with a frown.
"I just gave them the pleasure they wanted. It’s no wonder they died themselves." The peach blossom girl was panting and soaked with sweat.
Ghost shook his head and said, "You will die one day if you go so wantonly again."
"Don’t care so much, don’t help me quickly. This damn guy seems to be staring at me."
Ghosts smell speech and show their hands folding fans to meet, painting ten layers of hell scenes. When a fan gently sees a woman coming out of the fan, she is full of laughter and gestures. Only a pair of eyes are numb and God can’t see any aura.
The woman walked slowly down the aisle like a peach blossom girl wearing a dress. The peach blossom girl suddenly felt lighter, and the lucky dragon seemed to have lost her goal and moved her eyes elsewhere.
Seeing this, the Peach Blossom Girl breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks to your painting method, otherwise I will be unlucky today. This suppression of humanitarian fate is too restrained for me."
"From now on, I still have to be cautious. Although I didn’t know that this humanitarian fate was so strong in Long Bian, there must be a master who made moves and then linked it to the front. The dragon said that this treasure is blessed by a master. If you arbitrarily angered the master again, you don’t know how to die." The ghost said with a bad expression.
"Don’t blame me for forgetting the past." His eyes stared coldly at the peach blossom girl, who made a cold shiver.
Only then did she realize that the man dressed as a scribe in front of her was not as human and animal harm as he looked, which annoyed him and made him wonder what terrible things he would do.
"Don’t worry, you let me go, I won’t go to this kind of thing. It’s enough to come once." Peach Blossom’s face rarely hangs a little solemnly and slowly.
At this time, the lucky dragon in the sky has wandered around for a circle, and many wanton false acts have been oppressed by powerful forces into paste, which has been destroyed for many years. Everyone is even more scared to crawl to the atmosphere and dare not breathe.
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Call
With the fate of the dragon, the sky gradually disappeared, and everyone felt that the suppression force, the flow of mana, was very difficult, not to mention large-scale fighting. Many people with low mana could not even make spells.
At this time, they completely lost their high qualifications, and now they are a mortal with ordinary weapons, which may hurt them and kill them.
Some practitioners have fought and backed out. After all, the treasure elephant country is now much more dangerous for them, and they are likely to be killed by angry people, so they left the country in a hurry before the people knew it.
The old beggar took a sip of wine gourd in his hand on the roof and said with a smile on his face, "This way, the ordinary people will suffer less. This master really is a kind-hearted person."
"You haven’t changed at all after so many years," complained the mother-in-law of Golden Snake.
"I’m afraid I can’t change my life." The old beggar sighed slightly and didn’t know what he thought. He looked up at the sky, stunned.
Aside, the mother-in-law of Golden Snake silently accompanied him with a smile on her face.
The capital of the noisy treasure elephant country has become quiet since then, and it seems that the past peace has been restored here after the departure of those who are not strong-willed and uncertain
No one will ever fight again, but people who are used to watching the excitement will miss it a bit.
That strange cry still rings at regular intervals every day so accurately that everyone will hear it, and the people in the capital will fall into a deep sleep with it. They find that their sleep quality will be particularly good after each call, so they will also call it a gift from their ancestors.
In the ears of practitioners, it is even more precious to wash the mind and purify the mana. The effect is very obvious. Some time ago, perhaps because the city was too noisy, it was so weak that many people failed to enjoy it. Nowadays, the city is quiet, and it seems to be getting stronger every day, which makes everyone shout glad you came.
In an old inn in the city, the ghost was sitting in a wooden bed with his eyes closed and he entered a deep concentration. It took a long time for him to disperse before he slowly opened his eyes and gently spat out a sigh.
His face hung with a satisfied smile. He had not entered such a level of concentration for a long time. Some problems in his practice were completely solved through this concentration, so he was very satisfied.
"It seems that you have a good harvest this time?" The peach blossom woman sits in the chair in the room, bending the table in one hand and holding a peach blossom in the other hand. Outside the window, there is a moon sprinkling Yin Hui and dropping the table, covering the dark and shiny old furniture with a layer of silver gauze.
Ghost life gently nodded his head. "It’s worthwhile to say that the legacy of the Chinese icon has such a powerful ability, and I don’t know if he really should be as powerful."
"Even if it’s so powerful, it’s dead. Over the years, I sometimes wonder whether our practice is what people often say, but there are many people who can live forever, but how many can live forever?" Today, Peach Blossom Girl seems particularly sad.
"Hum! You can’t shake my mind. It’s what I’ve been asking for all my life. Have you given up? "The ghost mood seems to be getting excited.
"Really?" Peach Blossom said softly. She turned to look out of the window and didn’t know what to think.
At this time, the palace of Baoxiang Kingdom is full of joy. The Lord is the master here. His mood is the mood of this land. When he is furious, it seems to set off a storm here, but when he is all smiles, the whole land is peaceful.
At this time, the monarch was in a very good mood. Although the protagonist of the banquet did not arrive, the monarch’s face was not angry at all, but he smiled and said that he could understand that he was an outsider after all and obviously did not like these social parties. He naturally would not insist.
This time, it not only solved the turmoil caused by practitioners, but also repaired it with his daughter. More importantly, he saw two lovely grandchildren, and the Lord felt as if he had been blessed by fate, and everything wanted to develop in a better direction.
"I don’t know if it’s better to thank them for coming here."
There is a minister who has a problem with the country through the strength of drinking. After all, such strong people also hope to have the opportunity to make friends, and maybe they can send a show in a few years.
His ministers are also clamoring for the truth.
The original heart and face of the Lord have changed instantly. When these guys really need to contribute, they push from pillar to post, but now they are very enthusiastic. How can the Lord not know what he is thinking?
He raised his glass and said with a smile, "Oh, that Mr. Liu is my two grandsons and seniors, and now he is staring at the two little guys behind him. You’d better not disturb me when you don’t have time to study, or I’m afraid Mr. Liu will be angry if you miss my grandsons’ studies."
At the same time, the main words of the country tell Liu Qingyun that they are warning these people not to push their luck too far, and they are far superior than they think.
When they heard this, they hurriedly said, "How dare you bother me now that Mr. Wang has something important to do?"
The country’s opinion was restored, and the laughter raised the glass, and the atmosphere of drinking and raising money was restored.
Compared with the bright lights and excitement in front, the place where all flowers live is a little quiet and remote, but this is also her special request because she knows that true Taoism prefers elegant environment.