Even the uncle who lost his family in the early years wrote to curry favor with the divorced family in those years, and he wanted to mend fences in every way.
It’s a pity that the list has just sent a message that the third god, Yubi Street, accidentally collided with a certain wan ku, so he was forced to wear little shoes. On the same day, soldiers came to the government and said that the jade was exiled for three thousand miles.
On the one hand, it’s high-spirited, and on the other hand, it’s just strange that three thousand-mile prisoners can stand it.
However, the unpredictable God Jade Binet was able to exile in the frontier with the army and married an alien girl, a son and a daughter. Unfortunately, Sun was not filial, but instead punched and kicked Jade Binet for three meals a day.
When I was old, after my wife’s death, Shen Yubi even went to the streets and cried out to heaven.
It was only at this time that God Jade Bi realized that the so-called feelings and family are illusory and worthless. At this time, I don’t know that I actually remembered a very famous classic and couldn’t help but shout.
Everyone knows that immortals are good, and only fame can’t be forgotten!
Ancient and modern will be the same? A pile of grass is gone in the wasteland.
Everyone knows that immortals are good, and only gold and silver can’t forget them!
Finally, I hate to gather together for a long time and close my eyes.
Everyone knows that a fairy is good, and only a wife can’t forget it!
On your birthday, you said that En Ai Jun died and went with others.
Everyone knows that immortals have children and grandchildren who can’t forget them!
How devoted parents have been to their children and grandchildren since ancient times?
This poem is a favorite poem of Shen Yubi when Taoist temples were old and dependent on each other. It is a feeling when I am old. I can’t help but suddenly think of it. I am too forgetful and sigh, "That’s all. Let’s go back to the mountain to practice Buddhism."
Divine jade bishan practices wild fruit and grass roots, and it is hard to eat all day long. It is too forgetful to practice the Dharma, but the more you realize it, the more you have a taste.
"I can love this worldly desires now, but it’s just an illusory cloud and smoke. It’s broken this common root."
As time went by, Yu Duxiu realized that he was too forgetful to forget worldly desires.
With the passage of time, whenever Jade Duxiu forgets a feeling, there will be a trace of jade Duxiu’s vitality.
The stone fairies are amazing. "It’s amazing that the speed of this small refining is not too fast, which is far beyond the bodhi old zu’s expectation that it will be completed in less than three days according to this trend."
Forget all seven emotions and all six desires. Forget all the white light scattered from the jade jade eyes. The dreamland in front of me has changed for a while, but it has become hazy again.
"Hoo!" Jade Duxiu breathed a sigh of relief. That was a narrow squeak. If she hadn’t been too forgetful, she wouldn’t have come out of the dreamland this time.
Jade Duxiu’s eyes exude an indifferent air, a black-and-white interwoven light keeps rolling, and an indifferent dust gas spreads from Jade Duxiu’s whole body.
Jade Duxiu gave me a wry smile at the corner of her mouth. "I didn’t expect it to be completed in the first stage of too forgetful teachings."
"But also can’t things don’t practice too forgetful teachings, and you can see through the dreamland by yourself. You can’t refine this chaotic mother gas. This wisp of soul will collapse and explain here." Jade Duxiu looks the same, and Yan seems to be forever.
"I’m too forgetful now. I don’t really forget all my feelings, but see through emotional things. Matter is no longer troubled by love. Heaven and earth fit further." Jade Duxiu watched a black and white light roll in front of her eyes and disappeared in place for a moment.
Outside, Jade Duxiu slowly opened her eyes, and an indifferent airflow leaked out, which seemed to be left behind and independent without being disturbed by mortal dust.
"Well, it seems that this side of heaven and earth has an induction, and this side of heaven and earth is more suitable for the invisible geography. At this time, it seems that it can be vaguely sensed that the magical powers display their wishes and seem to see through the geology of heaven and earth." Yu Duxiu said to himself, but he knew that this was an illusion. Can he see through the nature now? It is just an illusion after the induction of heaven and earth.
The first stage of being too forgetful is to see through worldly desires’s quality without being disturbed by worldly desires, but after all, worldly desires will be troubled even if he sees through worldly desires’s quality.
It’s like knowing that it’s a three-point poison, but still taking medicine when you are sick. Maybe this shape is not appropriate, but the principle is the same.
"In the second stage, too much affection is the true harmony between heaven and earth avenue. Feeling the true meaning of heaven and earth avenue is too high. It is necessary to cut off the affection. But if the feelings are cut off and the stones are different, am I still me?" Yu Duxiu sighed.
"What’s wrong with Xiao Fa? You’re refining chaos." When Yu Duxiu thought too forgetfully about the Dharma, there came the silence of the fairies in the abode of fairies and immortals.
Jade Duxiu’s eyebrows frowned slightly, but he didn’t say anything even when his thoughts were interrupted. He was too forgetful to see through the human nature of the world at this time, and it was difficult for anything to stir up heart turmoil.
"Well, refining" Jade Duxiu will look at the black and white light in the eyes of the ten-foot-long chaotic mother gas.
"Ha, ha, ha, you little good fortune, don’t be quick to use this chaotic mother gas to realize the Dharma. Once there is news of chaotic mother gas going out here, the real strong will come here. Even if you have a magic weapon, this chaotic mother gas may not belong to you," said the fairy of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Jade Duxiu’s fingers are just a pinch of fingers. The heart andao "I experienced a lifetime of reincarnation in the dreamland but never thought about the outside world. It took a few hours. No matter what the mind of this fairy is, this sentence is always wrong. Let’s get the benefits first."
Looking at the chaotic mother gas in front of you, Jade Duxiu sighed in her heart. The ideal way is to collect the chaotic mother gas into the palm world, but after refining this chaotic mother gas, Jade Duxiu dispelled this idea. Maybe the chaotic mother gas will fall into the palm world and make the palm world chaotic again. This risk cannot be taken.
Then the only thing we can do now is to help this chaotic mother gas to realize the Dharma. This chaotic mother gas must never be taken out. Once it is taken out, it will be in danger of falling unless you always carry a magic weapon.
To get benefits, you must have the strength to keep them.
It’s the thought of being too forgetful, and there’s no commotion in the heart, even if it’s too forgetful at this time, it won’t shake.
In fact, this is too forgetful, too anti-God, and the effect is too good. Jade Duxiu really wants to be forgetful at this time. If we cut off some unnecessary feelings, we will be more lean and too forgetful in the future.
Chapter 193 Return to chaos
Jade Duxiu took a deep breath and ran the magic weapon for a moment to protect the vague spirit, which suddenly jumped out of the body and rushed into the chaotic mother gas.
What is the great chance of chaotic mother gas?
It is said that Yu Duxiu suddenly jumped into the chaotic mother gas at this moment, but when he saw the world shaking, he reversed his mind, which seemed to coincide with each other and reversed the time back to ancient times.
"Little beast, stop it for the old man."
Seeing Jade Duxiu swooning into the chaotic mother gas, those monks outside suddenly turned their eyes red. The avatar urged them to hit the barrier violently and crumbled. Even the fire was almost split by the monks of nine sects.
At this time, I saw Jade Duxiu swooning into the chaotic mother gas, and the monks outside were no longer using their magical powers in vain, just staring at the chaotic mother gas.
This kind of chance is too bad. A wisp of chaotic mother gas can become a person, otherwise the world will be out of luck.
Wang Fayuan looked at Jade Duxiu and jumped into chaos with a sigh. "Good luck, good luck, so wonderful show will fly to the sky in the future, which can stop the Wangs from treating him with this attitude in the future."