The energy shield of Wei Qi Sha has already been shattered. A few minutes ago, it was directly suppressed by super cosmic radiation. The armor plate was covered with fine holes, and the defense number fell to the lowest point in history. The eye relied on the hull foundation defense to compete.
Don’t look at the savage collision of the steel magic number, which has been strongly attacked by itself. Orleans has achieved a solid foundation. The energy shield of the steel magic number still maintains a high strength. After all, it is not normal. If it is not afraid of the seven kills, three ships are attacked by the Discovery Fleet and forty star cruises, and then attacked by the Golden Apple cosmic super radiation warhead, it will not be as embarrassing as it is now.
There is an old proverb that two fists are hard to beat. Four-handed men can’t stand a crowded battlefield. Sometimes the number is the advantage, and the bloody fleet is in a passive position.
Colonel Tai never dreamed that the discovery fleet of forty star cruise ships would become so powerful. You know, except Obsidian, the discovery fleet of thirty-nine ships all came from the Blood-soaked Adventure Group.
I know my own situation clearly. My head assumed that the Discovery Fleet didn’t have this attack intensity, which was too greedy for wolves. There was a great chance to suppress the situation, but the fact was that the Discovery Fleet not only beat the three flagships badly, but also refused to let them retreat.
In the distance, the crew of the ship Taigreedy Wolf has been forced to shut down. The captain was so angry that he almost vomited blood. For a short time, the hull was difficult to move, which was different from a dead ship.
Nearby, the Fear Seven Killers fell into the cannon light. Although the ship’s strength was much stronger than that of the Steel Magic, it became worse after repeated weakening. The Steel Magic became more and more brave in the Vietnam War and dragged the Fear Seven Killers to death.
The three flagship Zhongying Huoling are even more unlucky. The hull was destroyed by the discoverer’s fleet. The cannon light limited the hull to a certain extent. If you show a little intention to break through, you will be pursued by tens of millions of missiles.
The bullying posture of the Great Weiwu suppressed two elite dead ships. There were five star cruise ships outside the gap, and a series of energy tidal waves became very unstable.
To stabilize the gap in the force field, this time is enough for Lin momo to command the battle to win.
The light of the Taizhong cannon stirred the discoverer’s fleet, and the superior forces kept launching attacks and ammunition to get close to the warning line quickly. In order to kill the bloody fleet in a short time, these five ships must be broken.
It would be troublesome if the five ships of Taigreedy Wolf were allowed to support the reinforcements. At that time, more firepower would have to be paid to annihilate the Discovery fleet, which is getting worse and worse. That is different from asking for trouble.
Can solve the problem in a short time, there is no reason to delay going to Lin momo to do things. This kind of wind has always been vividly reflected in the battlefield. Once you start work, you will definitely go all out and will not give the enemy a chance to turn over.
"Boom …"
Bright missiles cause a lot of golden light. This is the last batch of Golden Apple cosmic super-radiation missiles. It takes a complicated process to combine the Golden Apple warheads. Lin momo has produced 133 super-radiation warheads back and forth. By this moment, these 133 super-radiation warheads have played an important role and laid the foundation for the victory of this war.
There is one person who needs to thank, that is, bloody Goethe. If it were not for bloody Goethe’s collection of these "poisons", it would be quite tragic if he wanted to defeat the three odd-class star cruise ships of the Wolf.
"Mu Xue Taitou, if you lose, hand over the captain and let you live." Lin momo exclaims with high frequency. If you can let Taitou take the initiative to give up, it will save a lot of trouble.
"Hum, what do you dare to sentence the old win or lose? Why don’t you gamble? How about you send a master to Taigreedy Wolf, and we implement the old one-on-one hit rule, and if you lose the boat, you will get out of here at once? Do you have the courage to compete? " Too head spirit extremely corrupt shouted
Eye this situation is too greedy Wolf, five ships will fail, but Taitou still has a chance, that is, directly give up too greedy Wolf, repair and return to the force field gap, and take charge of the blood-bathing fleet again. It will take a year and a half to replenish enough Lin momo, and if it is not resistant, it will naturally recede.
However, Colonel Rong Ma has never suffered such a big loss in his life as he did today. He decided to finally take the form of one-on-one confrontation to find some face. If the other side refuses to send a master to face-to-face confrontation, then he will have an excuse to give up the wolf and return to the force field. After all, his old man’s house is brave and commendable, and the other side also takes advantage of the geographical position.
"good! Let’s make a bet that we send a master to you. If we win, let your fleet surrender, or you can try to get rid of the Wolf and retreat to the gap. Even if you are confident that you can withstand the shelling and the super cosmic radiation, it depends on your luck. "Lin momo sneered.
It is obvious that the other party has seen his intention that the radiant golden light has extraordinary lethality. If it is stared to death by the radiant golden light, it will be miserable, but even if he is the boss of the bloody adventure group, the whole bloody fleet will not have the courage to gamble.
If you are too greedy for gambling on the Wolf, you can make a pretence. When you delay, you wait for the fleet to send reinforcements. Now you are shooting yourself in the foot. People agree to one-on-one hit and gamble heavily.
"Good suppose I soak up blood fleet bet on you! Where do you bet? Is it the discoverer’s fleet that makes bets? " Colonel Tai’s face is ferocious. It’s important to delay gambling or not.
"Don’t bullshit me xiao cold treasure and bloody Goethe treasure bet again pressure discoverer fleet forty star cruise one-on-one hit! Nonsense is that you are afraid to give a good time. "
You!’ The colonel’s eyes are scarlet, and the other side bombards several of his ships while talking with him about conditions, but the wolf root is too greedy to move, as if the other side didn’t pay much attention to this battle as a game.
"Bet or not? Hurry up and decide to delay going to your side. Even if you swallow the blood-soaked fleet, there is not much taste. "Lin momo secretly chuckled and played with him, which is simply a death."
"Stop attacking, I’ll meet you and see if it’s Fang Gaoren." The colonel shouted, "If we call the Eagle Fire Bell and the Fear Seven Kill again, it will be finished. This is a strange star cruise ship, and he really can’t bear it."
"OK, it’s still a bit of a responsibility!" Lin momo made a gesture and nodded his head. Since he wanted to face each other, he became him.
Volume 2 Peak! Daqingshan Chapter 1161 Doudou
It seems like a child’s game, and the son flies to the hull of the Wolf, and his eyes are shining with calm golden light.
Vein warriors are not afraid of form. Fighters sigh with emotion in their hearts: "After three thousand years of silence, they can finally stretch their muscles and bones. They all feel rusty and sluggish. Fortunately, these three thousand years have not wasted their time, and they have been accumulating strength to make the present strength a little surplus. It is not impossible for this colonel to practice and measure the power of several kinds of killing tactics even if the other party is a peerless master."
Too head opposite when he saw the son heart full of shock "vein warrior? It turned out to be an unfathomable vein warrior. From that smart eyes, he should be full of wisdom. Is it that Xiao Han, the hero of the Galaxy, didn’t die three thousand years ago? Is it Xiao Han who controls the discoverer’s fleet now? It seems that there is no such possibility, but even if it is not Xiao Han, this person must have a great connection with Xiao Han. "
This appearance of Er is impressive. He is simply a gorgeous porcelain with a white glaze and a ruddy face. He wears Dai Fugu-style costume and wears mecha boots. His left arm is covered with a small shield. His right arm is inlaid with hundreds of gems. Just like a calm man in his thirties, he carved out a sense of vicissitudes of life. After several snoops, he could not infer his specific strength.
"Yes?" Too head frowning slightly lips motionless but powerful spiritual strength asked 1.
"Don’t delay, son. If you lose, hand over the blood-soaked fleet." Son replied calmly, his reply is not a spiritual force, but a unique idea.
Colonel Tai’s pupil shrank sharply, seeing his eyes sticking out of his right arm, hundreds of gems shook, and even the source trembled. Before he could display his source ability, bundles of strange light waves were emitted, and there was a distortion around him, as if the universe had that glorious arm, which made people escape from the energy pulse.
"Ah, break it for me." Too long, the head of the team leaps up into the silver snake. If you look closely, you will find it very soft. If you don’t look carefully, you will feel a little dazzling. Suddenly, it will be suppressed. After the appearance of the silver snake, it will be broken and the sky will be silvery, giving people a feeling of falling into the water.
"It’s been a hard work to break through the pulse blockade of your source ability." Instead of feeling difficult, the son looked much easier than before. The first time he made a move, he just wanted to see how capable the colonel was. Now it seems that before the war, he overestimated the other party and was not as bad as he thought.
Too head to one-on-one hit that he has confidence in his skill, Lin momo is a good son, and he will try his best to be a peerless master.
In order to let the son take up the battle, Lin momo deliberately took out the shackles of the earth vein, and even if the head of the regiment had a second artifact, he could suppress it for a short time, but also gave it back to the son with a golden apple, which could be moved and radiated strongly when necessary.
Son is a vein warrior who has strong resistance to cosmic radiation, although it will be affected, but it is much weaker than human beings after all. Galindo has radiation butterflies in his hands, and even if he is contaminated with radiation, he can adjust quickly.
Of course, the discoverer’s fleet over there has been a temporary ceasefire, but the Great Mighty will block the gap outside the force field. Whenever the gap is about to stabilize, the Great Mighty will send several cannons.
The blood-soaked fleet wants to send a ship to support the Great Mighty, and it’s too greedy for the Wolf to restart when the head of the team delays, but he meets Lin momo.
The mighty ship is locked in the stern part of the greedy wolf, and there needs to be a little energy response. Lin momo won’t care about gambling! His character will do it when it is time to do it, and there will be no sloppiness.
If the colonel wants to turn over the salted fish by this bet, then he is really wrong. Lin momo never takes this game and will lose? I’m afraid the probability is not more than one in ten thousand.
Xiao Han’s escort is stronger than Tianma’s hate flow. Many children have been sitting in xingbing Mountain for 3,000 years, and their savings strength far exceeds that of 3,000 years ago.
Colonel Tai is obviously not enough to see the Blood-soaked Adventure Group. There may be peerless masters, but after several peeps, the Wolf is definitely not peerless. He looks like a relaxed confrontation is getting more and more exciting.
"Rumble …"
The colored light waves of the silvery white snake collided with each other, and the center of the Wolf-greedy ship produced a circle of shock waves "thump, thump, thump". Take three steps back. On the other hand, Taichang’s foot glided and retreated to ten meters before it was stable.
The strength of the master’s fighting is not traceable. The colonel has seen that he is not as good as this mysterious vein warrior, saying that the other side is peerless! It doesn’t seem like it, but the other side stabilizes its own head
"You are very strong, so it is no wonder that you will agree to one-on-one hit this situation today. There is no way out for the old man. Either you die or I die." Taitou’s swollen facial wrinkles disappeared and soon became a two-meter-high man.
"Hey? Super body strengthening this is a good means of warfare. "If you are careful, ordinary body strengthening will make people become five big and three thick, but it is not the case after the head of the team strengthens the body. Instead, all the forces gather the whole body in an extreme convergence, even the mental field shrinks to the body.
Three thousand years ago, few people were able to achieve this achievement. It must be said that brother Wu, a human being, has made progress. After three thousand years, any leader of an adventure group can achieve this level.
"Woo woo hoo what super body strengthening? This is the only cell pump in the old age. Every cell will exert its strength, no matter what you are, destroy it for me! " The colonel looked up and roared, and his feet suddenly stepped on the armor plate. The hull of the Wolf suddenly sank and left two horrible footprints.
"It’s dozens of times better than my judgment just now." While erecting a shield, the son pointed his mouth at the figure and rushed over. He spit out a light. The wolf was too greedy to light up an incredible light, and then there was an amazing mushroom cloud. This mushroom cloud was made up of energy. Few people saw what happened at this moment.
"son!" Lin momo exclaimed, I didn’t expect the battle to be so fierce and dangerous. The head of the regiment didn’t move the artifact, so the strength of the earth alone is worthy of recognition.
The light and fog dispersed, and cracks appeared in the hull of the Wolf. Many armor plates were kept relatively intact. Just now, pieces of broken metal were shattered in the explosion and floated into the middle.
Son still maintains the posture of erecting a shield, and Taitou’s chest fluctuates violently not far behind him.
"You all let you give blocked? But this time, it won’t be so easy. "Taicolonel’s eyes reflect yoshimitsu. He suddenly took out a folding machete from his waist. This machete is like a glass blade and slowly lights up.
How can the head of the blood-soaked adventure group be without one or two self-defense objects? The machete that Colonel Tai took out at the moment is not a secondary artifact, but a real artifact. So why did Colonel Tai take out the artifact now? It is because this machete has great power and evil spirit. This repair of Taitou is often unstable to control.
It’s not surprising that Master Jiuye can have an artifact once and for all, but it’s not surprising that the leader of the blood-soaking adventure group has an artifact. However, he has to use the strongest killer unless he has to.
"Artifact?" Son was the same, but suddenly there was an ancient pike in his hand.