Angel look a stiff quickly adjust the mentality and say with smile "big enough to be a thief? Today’s conquering general Cong Renhui respects the virtuous and courteous, and now it is the strength of the interpersonal intelligence family. When there is much to be done, it is better to wait. Do you think that Liu cong is trapped in the fire and water in Jiangdong rather than in Jiangdong? View the chaos I jiangdong scholar’s heart falsely accused my Lord Xianming wicked heart also … "
"Sir, stop talking. I’ve made up my mind, Marie!" Zheng Heng’s angry export interrupted the messenger’s words. He was determined to follow Liu Cong. On the one hand, Jingzhou soldiers were under siege, on the other hand, Liu Cong planned the future development route for these powerful men instead of just sealing an official position. Compared with Sun’s official wish, Liu Cong’s plan was too thin, and it was not difficult to understand Zheng Heng’s choice.
When Zheng Heng’s nephew arrived, he just saw the messenger come out looking embarrassed and despondent.
However, not all strongmen look at it as long as Zheng Heng does. Some people waver and some surrender, but most strongmen still choose Jingzhou. As a result, Jiangdong is even more chaotic. Today, this strongman in the county rebelled and that strongman surrendered to it, and there was a chaotic battle every now and then …
This kind of chaos became more and more unbearable as the aristocratic family joined.
In the past few months, when Liu Cong saw that the time was ripe, Wei Yan, Zhao Yun and others led their troops to capture Lingyang and Shexian, which are located in the southwest of Hulin. These battles were almost bloodless, and the county magistrates had long been overwhelmed by the tyrannical rebellion. When they saw the banner of Jingzhou Army, they fled with their families. Naturally, they chose to surrender, but who was the official? Isn’t it the same?
As a result, the Wanling of Danyang County revealed that the front of the Jingzhou army was that Liu Cong didn’t want to force it too much. Besides sending troops to harvest grain and grass, Liu Cong didn’t plan to attack the city further. Besides staring at Jiangdong, Liu Cong often turned to the north. Cao Cao and Yuan Shao Guandu also held each other for more than half a year but didn’t know the final result. Without your own involvement, I think the ending will be the same as history, right?
Actually, Liu cong has changed many people and things a long time ago. For example, now Cao Cao has no feathers and no history, but what Cao Cao has is a catapult that is more advanced and powerful than history.
A large map, a small Guandu, is unremarkable. However, Liu Cong knows that it is here that Yuan Shao and Cao Cao have formed a confrontation with hundreds of thousands of troops.
That’s the latest news. It seems that it will be difficult to win or lose the Guandu War for a while, and it’s time for Jiangdong to take further action. Liu Cong thought about Jia Xu’s plan just now and hesitated for a moment before saying to Jia Xu, "It’s hard to hide this plan from Zhou Yu." "It doesn’t matter if Zhou Yu believes it or not." Jia Xu stroked his sparse beard and said slowly, "It seems that he will be like Sun Xin?"
☆, Chapter 60 So cloth puzzle to li.
"In the face of such a good opportunity, you can’t miss it," Liu Cong said with certainty. What can shock people and erect prestige for the present grandson more than recovering lost ground and driving out Jingzhou Army?
Jia Xu nodded. "Even if Zhou Yu sees through this plan, he can persuade Sun, and the more he advises Sun, the greater the rift will be."
"So I’m going to let the spy in the special guard camp release more rumors to make this muddy water in Jiangdong even more chaotic!" Bretz touched the scar at the corner of his mouth and then asked, "So what should I do?" Now Cao Caozheng Lombardi confronts Guandu, fearing that the temporary method will produce a result. "
Jia Xu shook his head slightly. "It is not necessary to wait for them to tell the outcome. It is enough to think carefully and arrange it properly."
Just now, he made a general plan, and many details still need to be discussed. The two of them sat opposite each other across the case, covered with maps of Yangzhou County, and the mountains, rivers and narrow passes were clearly marked. This was made by the special health camp in recent years, and many copies were made, one for each captain in almost all ministries.
Pang Tong, Wang Can and others were invited to discuss and refine the whole plan, and it was deduced several times. Of course, this plan is not static and there are corresponding plans and backup plans.
After noon the next day, a clipper went downstream and broke into Hulin Water Village, but it was a Jingzhou messenger. Seeing that he looked quite anxious, he went straight to Zhongjun’s tent and went to keep it outside the tent. The guards in the Guards’ camp held the halberd and checked the order, so that the messenger with a face of panic and anxiety was put in the account.
The news he brought seemed extremely confidential, and soon Zhang Xun made a big account and ordered the guards to expand the scope of alert. People should not go near without permission!
The atmosphere in Hulin camp suddenly became tense and dignified because of the arrival of this messenger.
I don’t know what kind of news this messenger brought, but Zhang Xun came out from time to time and whispered to the guards. Then the guards went to invite Jia Xu, Wang Can, Pang Tong and others. Later, even the distribution schools such as Gan Ning and Zhang Quan were invited to enter the account.
"You said it wouldn’t be something big in Jingzhou, right?" This tension makes the soldiers feel very depressed. Some people worry that they will ask their accomplices in robes
The person asked naturally never knew that he didn’t have the spirit to stare at him. "I don’t know if this is a good thing."
"It won’t be a disaster?" The man was worried and said to himself, "Don’t be flooded again. I still remember that year when the flood washed away all the walls and houses in my house, and the grain in that field was soaked in soup, which caused our family to starve to death that year. There were several people, including my uncle and …"
The leader of the team turned his head and shouted "Huh!"
The man blinked his eyes and bowed his head and said nothing. Is he still muttering in his heart that he is really long and tastes worried? Looking at the heavily guarded Zhongjun tent from a distance, he sighed and secretly prayed that it would not be any bad news. Seeing this, his many years of military experience is definitely a great event in Jingzhou, and it is definitely not a good thing.
In the evening, someone finally found out that Cao Ang led his troops to bypass Yecheng, and suddenly, from Wuyin South, he had captured Xinye’s soldiers and pointed to Xiangyang!
This thunderous news shocked many soldiers in Nanyang County or Nanjun County. If this news is true, wouldn’t it mean that Xiangyang Union in Nanyang County was cut off? Some people even associate it with the fact that no family has sent it recently, and saying it at this time has become evidence to confirm the news.
"Then we’re afraid we’re going to return to the division?" A family of hundreds of people will buckle face a knot in one’s asked to his boss.
While the dental keeper shook his head with a sad face. "It seems that I haven’t decided yet. It seems that the military adviser disapproves of Li and that Pang Yilang agrees with him today …"
One hundred people will neck a terrier "strategist xiangyang natural not afraid! But Pang Yilang’s family is not in Nanyang, but they are not in favor of returning to Li? "
"Hum, who knows what these families think? Maybe the future is the most important thing in their eyes. "This goalkeeper is a distant uncle in Zhang Quan, and his family are all in Wancheng, so don’t worry about him? Just now, Zhang Quan was forced by him to reveal the truth. He was growing grass in the temple at that time-he panicked and learned that he was even more angry against Li Pang Tong after being hesitant because his military advisers Jia Xu and Pang Tong opposed the general.
Yu junshi, this goalkeeper is afraid to lend him ten more guts from the bottom of his heart and dare not speak ill of him behind his back.
Well, there is news soon. The decision of bretz to lead the troops to Li in person has made many people in Hulin Army feel relieved. Think about it. It’s no wonder that if the army goes deep into Jiangdong now, if cao thief takes advantage of his weakness to occupy Nanyang and Xiangyang, wouldn’t everyone be in a dilemma?
At the same time, the constant arrival of messengers from Jingzhou also worried everyone. It seems that the situation in Nanyang is not good. This sends military messengers with faces like frost.
"I heard that after Cao Jun occupied the new field, he went straight to Xiangyang!" Some people will tell their companions the bad news they just heard, but listen to the worse news from their companions. "Not only go to Xiangyang, but also divide our troops to break Anzhong!" It is said that there are nearly 10,000 people in Cao Jun this time, but who would be afraid of them if our troops were not in Yecheng and Wancheng? "
"Now say these have what? I don’t know if the general’s seasonal army will leave one day earlier and return to Jingzhou one day earlier, so it will be delayed in case it is succeeded by Jun. "
Next to an older broadsword shield hand, he listened silently. When people noticed him, he turned around and left the line of sight for a while. They were on patrol outside the camp today. At this time, they were about to go back to the camp and lead the team for a while before suddenly surprised and said, "Why is the old man gone?"
Everyone didn’t react until they heard this. They were busy searching separately, but they couldn’t find the old man’s shadow.
"This old fear is not worried about being a deserter at home, is it?" I can’t find my depressed hand and muttered
What long corners of the mouth become warped and hurriedly changed his face and lamented, "it’s no wonder that he ran away and I wanted to eat sticks."
"Damn old hurry? Does he have it when he goes back alone? " Hand see what long military discipline worry busy and comfort way "very period want to face also won’t be punished for this, I heard that there are many people in the army secretly ran, if true theory which shall not get forty or fifty clubs? But you don’t have to worry too much if you haven’t seen anyone punished for it! "
He didn’t know that this long time ago, he was told by the special guard camp that the old spy who had been secretly investigated by the special guard camp had confirmed that Jiang Dongjun had sneaked into the army. At this time, he was released from the old spy who was part of that huge plan. Almost all of them easily escaped and went to Spring Valley to report the shocking news. Of course, some people chose to stay and continue to spy on the military situation.
In fact, some of these people are special guards, but ordinary soldiers know about these things.
With Zhao Yun, Wei Yan and others leading their troops to abandon Lingyang and Shexian and other places and returning to the army to return to Jingzhou, it became a public secret. It is said that Liu Cong and strategist Jia Xu were still very unhappy about this matter.
More and more civilian ships are berthing in the Tiger Forest Water Village from the downstream. Obviously, the army is going back by water. It is not yet known whether to give up the Tiger Forest Army’s turn-back or leave some troops to stay in the Tiger Forest.
This topic is the most touching one, and almost everyone talks about it in the camps of various departments in Hulin.
"It’s enough to say that it’s natural to have us riding in Jingzhou. Where are his ministries faster than us?" Young knights’ faces are full of pride, which makes people itch when they look at them. I wish I could pounce on them and give them a good beating. If your master hadn’t spared no effort to build a light ride over the years, where would you be arrogant today? Not to mention those expensive war horses, one sabre is worth three ordinary ring knives.