Thor smiled coldly. "I have always said that only Asgard people are true gods!"
However, although Thor turned the scene around, Hyperion didn’t panic. In fact, he was more flexible in avoiding Thor’s thunder offensive because he was faster than Thor.
Grandmaster in the stands also saw this, and the master’s face was finally calm
"Respected master Raytheon has awakened such ability in the decisive battle. Is the Golden Titan going to lose?" Topaz low asked.
"defeat? The Golden Titan is not so easy to be defeated … "Grandmaster said calmly.
This sentence has just been exported to the arena, and Hyperion has taken a counterattack. He flew quickly through the heavy net of Thor cloth like a golden flash!
"so fast!" Valkyrie squinted and said that even if she had excellent eyesight, she could capture Hyperion’s body.
With this cosmic limit speed, you can see Hyperion’s trajectory clearly, and at the same time, he was surprised to find that Hyperion has reached one percent of the speed of light.
Although it is 1%, this speed is already very terrible. Shao Tuoer is still able to reach this level in terms of current strength.
So after the thunder attack, Hyperion rushed to him.
"Asgard people, your ability is only so much!"
Hyperion laughed coldly and directly hit Thor in the chest with one punch.
Thor was hit by a heavy blow and hit the wall of the arena again
Hyperion continued to pursue Thor’s lower abdomen with a kick.
Stone chips are flying and smoke is rising. The onlookers are almost scared to pee, and they all exclaim.
Valkyrie also couldn’t help covering his eyes. "Thor is too bad."
And the Vietnam War became more and more brave. Hyperion didn’t stop at all. He accelerated and rushed towards Thor again.
B! ! !
The third attack, Hyperion’s weight plus one percent of the speed of light hit Thor’s body, and the powerful impact directly smashed Thor into the depths of the arena.
Two people fully smashed into the ground ten meters deep before it gradually stopped.
Grandmaster see enough smiling said "this is the real blood fighting! However, even if Lei Di is from Asgard, it is hard for the Golden Titan to withstand this kind of play ….. "
Partos also smiled and nodded, "Lei Di may have to hang up this time."
Hyperion in the challenge thinks so, too. His powerful impact has made Thor black and blue. No one can attack Asgard people to this extent, and no exception.
"I won the battle after the end of Asgard. It turns out that our eternal protoss is the real god …"
Hyperion hold unconscious thor shoulder heavy said.
But at this moment, Thor, who was already unconscious, suddenly opened his eyes and hugged Hyperion’s shoulder to lock him firmly.
"What? !” Hyperion gasped. What the hell is this sudden move?
With his eyes open, Thor sneered, "Titan, you underestimate us Asgard people. This game is not over yet. The outcome has not been announced yet!"
"Eternal protoss? I’m sorry, just because you deserve to be called God? "
"I am a real protoss! ! !”
Speaking of which, Lei Guang rolled in Thor’s eyes, and at the same time, he summoned Thunder Force to bombard him and Hyperion directly from thousands of meters high school.
"I see where you can hide this time? ! You fly coward! "
B! ! !
The thick thunderbolt penetrated the entire arena stands, and many timid spectators directly peed their pants.
Grandmaster didn’t expect such a reversal in the game, but he panicked and shouted excitedly, "Stimulate! Stimulation! "
Valkyrie spacecraft is in the arena, and it was almost chopped to pieces by Thor thunderbolt. However, Goofy was calm and kept watching in the spacecraft. When Thor summoned thunderbolt, he calculated that he was out of attack range.
Valkyrie hid in the cabin and craned his neck to watch the situation. At the same time, he asked, "Will Goofy win this time?"
"The horse will find out," Goofy smiled. "But I have to admit that Raytheon’s move is very clever."
And a few seconds later, the huge thunder finally ended, and the arena was scorched.
Black smoke billowed from the cave of Thor Hyperion, but I don’t know who won the final victory in the game.
The host shouted excitedly, "The game should be over. I think the game should be over after Thor released the power blow."
Grandmaster also a face of excitement "who won? Who made it to the end? "
Tens of thousands of spectators at the scene watched the deep and dark cave waiting for the winner to triumph.
At this moment, a big rough hand stretched out from the cave!
Chapter 699 The outcome will be known.
At the end of the smoke, it was a rough, strong hand stretched out.
However, because the gold titan, Hyperion and Thor all have similar human appearance, they can judge who the final winner is by one-handed method.
The host of the gladiator also deliberately created suspense. He drawled and said, "If there is no accident, the player who climbed out of the cave first will be the last winner today. Who will he be?" Is it Thor? Or the Golden Titan Hyperion? "
Taking his word, the master of this big hand has turned out of the cave.
He was wearing a tight black belt with a gold belt engraved with the nuclear radiation sign, but his majestic cloak had been bombed into a rag and his short hair was in a mess.
The Golden Titan-Hyperion
He was lucky to be the winner tonight.
"no! ! !” Valkyrie saw that drilling the cave was Hyperion’s loss, holding his head and shouting.
Goofy some accident looked back at Valkyrie asked "what? Didn’t you guess that Hyperion would win? Why are you unhappy now that Hyperion has won the game? "
"I know that Hyperion is stronger, but Thor’s performance is more exciting … He not only defeated himself without a Raytheon hammer, but also awakened Raytheon’s final strategic deployment. Compared with Hyperion, he deserves this victory more!"
Valkyrie said.
Goofy shrugged. "Even so, sometimes luck is important. Thor does well in all aspects, but maybe he has some luck …"
"In addition, although he didn’t wake up Raytheon’s force with a hammer, I think he must not be skilled enough to control Raytheon’s force. Maybe it will take him a while to really beat Hyperion."
Valkyrie pouted in frustration. "Okay, but I still think Thor deserves to win today. It’s a pity that he didn’t win."
Goofy smiled gently and waved his fist. "Then let me teach Hyperion a lesson when the final comes."