In a word, Meng Xi said his attitude and Jun Chen understood the meaning of the other party in seconds. "Okay, if you want to say that, there is no way out. This mutton can’t stick to dog meat, and there will be problems. Even if there is no affection between men and women in the marriage, it can’t even cultivate family ties. It really leads a very miserable life."
"Thank you for understanding Brother Ha Jun!" Meng Xi is quite considerate of Yan Sihui. "When you tell her later, be gentle. After all, she is a woman and easily hurts her self-esteem."
"Ha ha that’s all right, I know." Jun Chen nodded. "I’ll look for the seven districts with you later. There are still a lot of rich giants."
"It’s too much trouble."
"It’s easy. Hey, do you have any requirements for looks?" Jun Chen read smoothly asked 1.
"… just don’t be too flattering" Meng Xi suppressed along while replied.
"Ha ha!" Jun Chen smiled and shook his head. "Your generation is different from ours. How many wives do those middle-aged people who are about the same age as me have in seven districts look good? At that time, when dad assigned you a wife who had to marry, the other person was a pig, and you had to welcome the door to live. There was no choice. "
"You are a generation of humiliation, handsome brother!" Meng Xi poking fun at answered.
"How do I sound like swearing when I listen to you?"
"Ha ha!"
They smiled at each other and stepped out of the lounge, and Jun Chen didn’t have any negative emotions because Meng Xi refused to go on with Yan Sihui. This kind of thing is that it’s nothing to hit a yellow ball without a date.
Because Meng Xi couldn’t go out with Yan Sihui, he didn’t go upstairs to see the people in the seven districts again, but strolled over to the general phalanx of Sichuan Government.
Just then Meng Xi noticed a detail. The girl in the white dress who was scolded by Yan Sihui was with Ji Lin and others at the moment.
JiLin is later, as soon as he entered the door, he chattered and was surrounded by some Songjiang ladies. He looked extremely happy.
Meng Xi carefully looked at the girl with a white skirt and turned to the side of the sofa area.
After the dinner, the top generals in the three major districts all sat at a table. Qi Lin suddenly waved his hand and shouted "Xiaoyu, come here!"
Meng Xi sat at this table, too. He saw the girl in white skirt with his own eyes and got up very cleverly and came running timidly.
JiLin took the girl’s hand and smiled at them and said, "Ha ha, I’ll introduce you to a ha! This is my sister’s eyes were not very good before Qi Yu, and she has been treating diseases. Later, she was admitted to the Army Academy to study military medicine and just graduated. "
Meng Xi’s voice fell directly, and Yan Sihui’s face turned into a pig’s liver color without a main table.
Obviously, this is the fangs’ daughter-in-law. They just told Qi Lin …
"I haven’t seen Xiaoyu for a long time." The old cat who just came here shamelessly waved his hand. "Come and show my brother …"
"Hello, brother!" Qi language waved at him with a sweet smile.
Meng Xi couldn’t wait to jump up and kick his face when he saw the old cat’s expression.
Chapter 2597 Li Fugui Suggestions
On the dining table, Meng Xi asked, "Does Commander Qi have a sister?"
"Yes," Li Zhan nodded and replied, "When Ji Lin came out of Songjiang, he took his mother and sister with him, but … but then her mother died, leaving Ji Lin and his sister alone at home."
"Oh" Meng Xi suddenly realized.
"Alas, it’s not easy to come to Qi Lin after all the hardships." After the war, he was idle and said, "His sister lost her eyes because of illness. At that time, Qi Lin was poor … She couldn’t afford to cure the girl’s blindness … Later, it was only after Qi Lin joined many doctors that she found a matching cornea … She had an operation, and even in hundreds of cases, she might not be successful, but it was good … The girl slowly recovered her eyesight, although there were sequelae, but at least she was not disabled."
"That’s really bitter" Meng Xi nodded slowly.
"Alas, you came late, and many things are unclear. The story of the old brother who followed Xiaoyu from Songjiang is not simple." Li Zhan said in a low voice, "Alas, it’s really a fight from the bottom."
The two were chatting. The old cat immediately squinted and asked, "What are you talking about?"
When I saw the old cat in the war, I immediately said, "What are you doing for the military and political reception? Are you afraid of being labeled as a gang?"
"Looking at the three major districts, who dares to touch me in Li Fugui?" The old cat replied very drifted.
"Ha ha, look at him. He is the only story among the old people in Songjiang. The simple story is that Lao Li’s nephew took a direct warning in the middle and married Zheng’s girl completely in the later period." Li Zhan gnashed his teeth at the old cat and scolded, "His father was prescient … named him a rich man … Dog Day has really come true now!"