Chu Yi looked at his figure and rose, and they were far away from each other.
With a somewhat Gherardini look on his face, Chu Yi looked at the road flyover burning lamp and said, "Road flyover burning lamp, do you want to send me the coffin palace lantern? I really like your coffin palace lantern …"
Before Chu Yi finished speaking, the face of the Taoist priest lit a lamp, but it showed a strange smile. "Chu Yi, don’t you know that Xiqi Daishang is the general trend of heaven? Do you know that those who go against heaven are different from those who go against heaven? I’m talking nonsense here. I want to see that when you go against the sky, the sky will drop and the doom will fall to you. Can you still be protected by friends from heaven at that time?"
Chu Yi laughed when he heard this. "Since you are curious about burning the lamp, you should open your eyes and watch my life. I can’t help it. How can you resist me?"
Listening to Chu Yi’s domineering words, the road flyover couldn’t help but stay for a while and then sneered, "It’s really worthwhile to be arrogant and arrogant."
The speaker shouted to kill the sky, but Jin Dasheng, Dai Li and others came to sit on the city wall, only to be entangled by hen-pecked Liu Sun, Manjusri Real Man and others. Their powers are not as good as hen-pecked Liu Sun and others. Where are these opponents of Tao Jinxian? It’s just a blink of an eye. Jin Dasheng, Dai Li and others were killed on the spot one by one.
The henpecked grandson waved his head at Yuan Hong Huang, as if telling himself to behead the Yuan Hong brothers. Generally, he was so proud that Yuan Hong couldn’t wait to smash the henpecked grandson’s head with a stick.
Manjusri reality is beheaded Dai Li, Daoxing Tianzun, and Qingxu Moral Tianzun. His opponents are several monsters. In a blink of an eye, the seven monsters of Meishan were killed, leaving Yuan Hong alone.
Yuan Hong’s whistling figure turned into a statue of a giant ape with a height of 100 feet, but it was stopped by Pu Xian.
"Fear of leaving one’s grandchildren, Manjuel and others have taken a wild break."
Hearing a charming reprimand, I immediately saw an evil dumpling broken and scared my grandchildren. Manjusri, a real person, couldn’t help but face a slight change and flicker and hide in several armies.
Riding on a Hei Hu Zhao Gong, with a golden whip hanging from his back, he came to the Taoist who lit the lamp and said, "Did Zhao Gong ask me if he wanted to bully the younger brother?"
With the arrival of Zhao Gong and Yunxiao three sisters, the original precarious Si Shui stabilized.
Jiang Ya’s eyes are open to all ears, and even if he saw that Si Shui was difficult to take, he immediately sounded the golden bell to retreat to Xiqiao, and the army of one side retreated like a tide.
And Pu Xian reality, burning lamp road flyover several people also secretly breath a sigh of relief to try to go back.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and fifty-five Return from the dead
The sudden killing of Zhao Gong and Yunxiao Sisters was indeed beyond the expectation of the people who burned the lamp. It was precisely because of this that several talents chose to retreat after the retreat.
There are several Zhao Gong people who have joined the war. They want to expand their achievements, but it is obviously impossible to hit Chu Yi and Yuan Hong hard. In that case, it is better to stop.
After all, they took advantage of the chaos to slay all the seven monsters in Meishan, which is already quite a success.
The armies of both sides retreated to the wall, and Yuan Hong looked at the bodies of several people, such as Dai Li and Jin Dasheng, who were taken back by military forces, and could not help but frown.
Yuan Hong’s eyes flashed a little worried. Even though their brother’s big business list left a true spirit, Yuan Hong was still worried. After all, the impact was not small in front of his brother’s body
Chu Yi has now greeted Yunxiao sisters and Zhao Gong. When Yuan Hong’s eyes fell to the ground a few days ago, Zhao Gong couldn’t help coughing a little toward Yuan Hongdao. "Yuan Hongdaoyou is so sorry for your loss."
Zhao Gong’s generous friends all over the world have no prejudice against the seven eccentrics of Meishan who were born in a strange way. At any rate, the seven eccentrics of Meishan are also big businessmen. To put it bluntly, it is Chu Yi’s hand. Now Zhao Gong naturally wants to comfort Yuan Hong after the seven eccentrics of Meishan lost their lives.
Yuan Hong couldn’t help but gently cough a look at Chu Yi, but he was not good enough to directly tell Zhao Gong Dai Li and Jin Dasheng that several people didn’t really die.
Chu Yi felt Yuan Hong’s eyes smile, even if he was fair to Zhao. "Brother, you don’t know that Dai Li and Jin Dasheng are not dead!"
Zhao Gongwen couldn’t help but open his eyes to see Chu Yi’s face full of disbelief.
Yu said that Bixiao was directly directed at Chu Yi. "Little teacher younger brother, don’t lie to me. There are several bodies here, but you told me that they are not dead. I can still tell if this person is dead."
Chu Yi couldn’t help laughing at Zhao Gong and Yunxiao sisters. "Come with me and you will know."
Speak ChuYi also blunt Yuan Hong nodded with Yuan Hong.
Zhao Gong and Yunxiao sisters are also curious about what the hell Chuyi is going to do, and they quickly followed.
Chu Yi, a tinker in Company commanders mansion Mansion in Sishui, reached out and took out a silk from his bosom.
This side of silk and silk is exactly the list of suppressing the treasures of big business fortune.
This list is now full of names, but people who have voluntarily placed their true spirits on this list over the years.
Stretching out his hand and throwing the list horizontally, there is no vision, but in the eyes of Zhao Gong and Yunxiao, this list is a gathering of luck, which can be said to be a treasure.
"This is waiting for the treasure to have such a weather."
Looking at the list, the momentum is Zhao Gong and Yunxiao, and Zhao Gong is directly asked.
Chu Yi smiled and said, "Brother, look."
Speaking, Chu Yi suddenly shouted at the winning list, "Jin Dasheng, Dai Li … you will come back soon!"
As Chu Yi’s voice fell, he saw that the list bloomed with light, and the light flew out of the list and turned into a figure.
Qi and vitality converge, and this road figure is quickly solidified at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It’s just a dozen breathing efforts. Six of the seven eccentrics of Meishan, such as Jin Dasheng and Dai Li, appeared in front of everyone intact.
Yuan Hong couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw Jin Dasheng and Dai Li. He slapped Jin Dasheng and Dai Li on the shoulder and said, "It’s good to be brothers."
Jin Dasheng laughed. "Luckily, the king has such a treasure to shelter me and wait for the true spirit, otherwise he will really die this time."
Until this time, I can’t help but feel a little scared when I recall the situation that they were beheaded by their henpecked grandchildren.
Dai Li gritted his teeth and said, "They are afraid to leave their grandchildren. Their roots are bullying us, but they are not as good as them. Why don’t they dare to make trouble with their eldest brother?"