Suddenly, a green leaf appeared and fell into Lola’s hand.
Laura’s face changed as soon as she saw it.
"Brother and sister have just got the result. In the last battle, the order of the devil was ended by the soul scream. The soul scream left the occupied area and is moving towards the hegemony area."
She ran to the cabin and said, "We should leave this area as soon as possible and go back to the strange area-Sister Lin, I am not strong enough. Please help me steer."
Lin should follow.
Gu Qingshan was left on the deck.
What does the soul squealer think?
Isn’t it crazy?
But its action seem to have a purpose.
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and suddenly took out a ring.
I can’t think of anything else now. The most important thing is to keep strengthening my strength.
He looked at the ring.
Pure and transparent amber inlaid ring
There are no ancient creatures sealed in this charming amber.
But if you look closely, you will find a faint starlight in amber.
Gu Qingshan carefully studied the amber ring and remembered the elf’s own dialogue at the beginning.
"Your eyes contain all the true meaning of your swordsmanship. After thinking about it, I think there is a power that suits you very well."
"What do you mean by strength?"
"You practitioners say that this kind of power is called avatar-when you achieve a realm, this ring will take you to a parallel world where you will get this kind of power."
"… thank you for your generosity"
Gu Qingshan no longer hesitated to stretch out his hand and crush amber.
A piece of starlight emerged from amber and formed the appearance of a fairy.
When the elf smiled at Gu Qingshan, "Hello again, little guy whose identity I kept secret."
"Hello pavilion" Gu Qingshan salute way
"You’re welcome. This is the last time that fate can be seen. After that, fate and time will change dramatically. No one can predict what will happen in the future."
"Are you all right?"
"Me? I am leading the whole war, but for a young man like you, I can still take a look at it sometime. "
When the genie continued, "Your world has been blessed by the sword pupil, supported by the earth, fire, water and wind, the law of the inner world and the power of chaos. Now you still need one thing to complete it."
She stretched out her hand made of stars and gently touched Gu Qingshan’s eyebrows.
"Go, Gu Qingshan, go to the place I marked to complete your world art"
"I hope you can fight side by side in the near future."
"Looking forward to seeing you again"
With that, the elves disappeared from Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan closed his eyes for a while.
He has learned the location of that place.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty Wandering treasure recipients
A certain world
A curtain of light is suspended in the bar, playing the latest news of the 900 million-story world.
"Amazing news!"
"After a long, jaw-dropping and shocking war that destroyed the whole occupied area, the monster from the seminary defeated the demon king."
"I must say that the battle between monsters and demons is a dog-eat-dog battle, and no matter who is killed, we will applaud."
"But please note that the seminary monster has left the occupied area."