And the result?
Is to let him wake up instantly
But he was not upset.
On the contrary, he became extremely confident.
Because of this rash move, he has told him to want to "bay". He is an enemy to some extent, not to mention ordinary strangeness. Even if he has a strange title, he can fight against it. You know, those guys are also exposed to the "handle" people
So he is full of confidence.
Until just now!
He lost to a guy who is not even strange!
Although it’s not his real intention.
Even if he didn’t contribute.
But losing is losing.
Nice doesn’t make excuses for himself.
Similarly, he will not let Goethe go.
Once again, I clenched the trident and waves appeared in this secret residence.
Nice intends to find Goethe at once.
And then kill Goethe
He wants to wash away his humiliation.
And …
Goethe must have something like a "handle" in his body, and he must get it at the first time. Otherwise, if other guys in "them" know that he can hardly take the lead.
Because his advantages are more obvious than his disadvantages.
No one who knows his background will fight with him’ Bay’ and will definitely choose a new battlefield.
So he must be quick.
To Nice’s surprise, he didn’t find Goethe!
There is no trace of Goethe in the bay water.
"It’s not a stupid guy who knows to avoid the sea in the bay, but it’s not too clever … there’s a place in the’ Bay’ that can really avoid the sea-"
"Calgary Island!"
"You, you can escape?"
"It’s also my territory!"
With such words, Nice melts into a pool of water and disappears.
At the moment, there are hundreds of layers of [good luck]. Goethe looks at the huge whale in front of him and his mouth becomes warped.
"Good luck"
In a moment, the whale opened his mouth, and he hid his body and got in.
I noticed that the whale swallowed Goethe and wandered along Goethe Bay.
The people of Calgary Island set up the Temple of the Sea, and the surface of Nice was as heavy as water.
Goethe didn’t appear on Calgary Island.
"He must be hiding where I didn’t find it!"