Blackie munched on her round eyes, but looked at another corner of the plane.
There, a prayer wheel in a brocade box suddenly lit up.
Chapter 15 Stealing!
Warp-turning drum air automatic
The golden light emerged from the prayer wheel, and one special word after another jumped out of the face, and the low chanting planes echoed.
Different from the’ Dalin Temple’ scripture
This scripture is even more uncommon … evil.
With Sanskrit, but with death.
Black is the so-called
Shake the body and look at the prayer wheel. It is a hellfire at once.
The box with the warp beam is directly incinerated.
But the warp tube is fine.
Not only is it okay, it’s getting brighter.
At the same time, another one in the hidden corner has also changed.
That’s a skull.
Or rather …
Card, card, card
This piece has not been polished, and kapala has made a subtle crunchy sound. One by one, the speed is getting faster and faster, and it is getting denser and denser
When the sound changed, kapala slowly emerged by flying up a figure.
From the skull of kapala, the brain, eyeballs and teeth are intact, followed by the body and limbs, but there is no flesh and blood in the body and limbs. It is also extremely limited
Ga, ga
Semi-skeleton’ people’ move their bodies.
It went to the side of the box and found the scarlet monk’s yellow triangular monk’s hat.
He put on his monk’s robe and cap and went to the prayer wheel and picked it up.
Blackie kept attacking during the whole process.
But …
Whether it’s a sharp tooth or a hellfire, the first half of the skull turns into a’ person’, and when this’ person’ picks up the prayer wheel, the little black is shaken away.
Not doing it is a-
Blackie flew out
Turn over and climb up. Blackie stared at the’ man’ fiercely and sobbed in his throat.
Then …
Turn around and run.
It can’t beat each other.
But nothing.
It also has a master.
Its owner is sure to have done this skeleton. It is strange that its owner will give each other a hard lesson. It depends on its owner to let each other know what beating a dog is.
Blackie ran away.
The monks didn’t catch up.
But walk slowly.
When this’ monk’ appeared in the field of vision of Goethe, Xuanbei and Lingxiao, the old monk and Taoist priest were shocked and their eyes were incredible.
"Balda? !”
"How can he still be alive?"
The old monk exclaimed
"This picture of it can be said that it is not alive, but a’ monster’ spawned by witchcraft … Zhao Shan this bastard really prepared a big surprise for us."
The old Taoist priest’s face was serious and his eyes were dignified as never before.
"But this witchcraft … how is it possible?"
The old monk’s low chanting of the Buddha’s name is somewhat puzzled.
"How is it impossible?"
"After all, it is also a two-hundred-year dynasty, and it also stole the foundation of the former dynasty by taking advantage of the’ natural disaster’. You know, the former dynasty has accumulated too many secrets."
"There are at least thirteen jewels in that lock longjing alone."
"Not to mention the one who has cut the dragon sword."
The cold murderous look flashed in the old Taoist priest’s cold hum.
Taiyishan has always been honored by the former dynasty of that dynasty.
The situation in those days was completely unexpected.
A year ago, it was just scabies.
A year later, it swept the sky