After two hours, when the source energy concentration of Shenxiao Mansion is stable to thirteen, the cultivation speed becomes very slow.
I’m afraid it will take me a long time to reach the set goal.
Simply retire and have money now.
Direct krypton gold
Jia harvested 250,000 grams of source crystal from Bunit and generously spilled tens of thousands of grams of source crystal.
The original spirit motivates a large number of sources, and the crystal source can also consume the spirit, but Xu tui discovered another seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor.
Spirit motivates the seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica to radiate milli-light, which covers these source crystals, and can lead the source energy out with minimum mental consumption.
After two hours, Xu retired from King Kong’s main star and was also strengthened to the middle of the quadruple halo.
At the same time, a base quantization data is also obtained.
From the initial stage of quadruple halo to the middle stage of quadruple halo, I’m afraid it will take about 30 thousand grams of source crystal to practice purely by source crystal.
According to this data, the number of source crystals required for an extraordinary nova to rise from a quadruple star halo to a quintuple star halo may be around 90 thousand.
In order to verify this data, it is also necessary to make the main force field of King Kong’s second main star more stable and make a retreat to continue practicing.
Five hours later, Xu retired from King Kong’s second main star, the four-star halo, and the five-star halo starlight was faintly visible in the late stage.
Before and after the retreat, a total of 50,000 grams of source crystals were smashed in. It is estimated that it will take 100,000 grams of source crystals to break through from quadruple star halo to quintuple star halo.
This is a horrible number.
No wonder Blue Star’s top strong people are searching for wealth like crazy.
The resources in the middle and late stages of the stars are too important.
This time, the practice made Xu retreat thinking about whether to break through to Liuwei in one breath.
Now that the basic combat power has broken through, the growth rate of Liuwei can be stronger.
However, this is another ten hours of continuous practice, which makes Xu tui’s red jade slips accumulate a lot of red light.
Xu retired first to refine the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor with red jade and simple red light.
After all, the higher the refining degree of the seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica, the stronger the increase effect.
The speed of refining the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor with red jade Jane Chiguang is very fast. In just half an hour, more than 30 red light retreats are accumulated, and one is consumed except for a few.
This time, refining also allowed Xu to push back the refining degree of the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor to 20%
Is refining a fifth.
According to the previous refining experience, the refining degree of these heavenly seals can be further controlled by 10% per liter
After refining to 20%, Xu retired his spirit and deliberately injected the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor again to see if there are any new gains. I want to see if I can access other halls and rooms in Shenxiao Mansion.
But when the spirit force is injected, it will be slightly frowned when it retreats.
The feedback information after the spirit was injected into the seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica seems odd.
The seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica radiates thousands of brilliance with different colors in the void.
Xu tuiyi hasn’t understood what this means yet.
However, Xu tui found that some of the Guanghua actually pointed to the fact that he had already refined the seal of the southern fire, the seal of the south pole, the seal of the south pole, the seal of the water, and the seal of the well Jupiter suddenly turned white.
This thousand splendors may be the seals of the priests of various celestial bodies, which belonged to the immortal emperor of Antarctica.
Most of them are in a dim and convergent state, and about 52 of them are in a bright state.
Xutui Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. Antarctic Zhenjun Seal and Ji Mercury Jun Seal are all lit up.
There are seven others that emit a faint light, which flashes and flashes.
After thinking about it for a few times, it will be white.
The dim convergence state Guanghua represents the refining control of the corresponding clergy signet, and the lighting is that it has been controlled by refining, so the mercury seal has been withdrawn.
And those flashes should be being refined by others, and the initial refining has not yet been completed.
Fifty-two clerical seals have been removed by refining, and four have been removed by refining. There are still forty left.
Seven more are being refined.
How can this person progress so fast!
Moreover, this is only the celestial priesthood ruled by the immortal king of Antarctica. So, what other six emperors ruled the celestial priesthood?
How much was refined at this time?
Bluestar’s refining and chemical industry over there is still some gains in Huaxia District because of Xu’s retreat. Several other joint zones are like flies bumping into each other.
And the Amyan people have been retired.
That is to say, so many religious seals have been refined by Eldar, Daxi or Xu tui, who is highly suspected to be the mysterious man of the mythical Lord Ulla!
Instantaneous sense of urgency explodes
Yes, it was in this moment that the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor was regenerated and changed.
Just as Xu tui gave birth to other six imperial thoughts, Xu tui’s spirit changed again through the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor.
The thousand light spots with different colors and sizes suddenly disappeared and then five light spots emerged.
To be precise, it is six points of light. The seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor is also a point of light. I didn’t notice it.
This is the situation that the celestial universe really holds the six imperial seals.