There can be about two source crystals in an hour in the fortieth battle area, and the size is slightly larger.
The probability that Xu retires on the 43rd lap is slightly less than the 40th lap.
However, after taking a nap for an hour, Yan Lie got four source crystals.
Three of them were stolen.
Xu tui’s position is bordered by the alien invasion elite war zone, and their war zone falls to the source crystal, and Xu tui’s direct spirit pulls over.
The elite of the robbed alien invasion also dare to be angry and dare not speak.
Can stare at Xu for a few times to vent?
Strength is not good, that’s it, Nai!
Originally, Xu tui can grab a wider range, but Xu tui feels a little low-key and don’t grab too much.
Besides, the spirit traction speed is not too fast and far, and it is easy to be intercepted!
In addition, I will leave the department at other times to observe the elite of alien invasion around me!
In Xu tui, the enhanced telepathic induction Xu tui can obviously sense that the body energy breath of these alien invasion elites is constantly rising!
Where they don’t move, their energy breath is rising!
That’s a fast rise!
Xu tui deliberately measured and observed a mechanical Eldar gun arm elite for forty laps alone.
The total energy of his body increased by about 1% in an hour.
On Mars, the day is also a little over 24 hours
In other words, if this guy stays here for four days, his energy and breath will double!
If the Terran can do the same, it means that a Terran can double its strength in the fortieth lap for four days.
This is still the fortieth lap!
If the source can be thicker, turn 30
The twentieth lap?
Tenth lap?
How fast did that rise?
In this case, the elite of alien invasion can quickly upgrade their strength source crystal there, which is actually their extra gain!
On the contrary, the Terran team elites are purely here to accompany!
Accompany them to confront each other for several days, the strength will not rise, and the only gain is the source crystal!
All Terran teams are very strange to Yuanjing!
Constantly observing Xu tui back and forth has an idea-unfair!
This is so special and unfair!
Alien invasion elites can quickly increase their strength.
And the Terran team elite like this with the final fight or alien invasion elite don’t pay too much attention to the source crystal.
I don’t know without comparison.
A contrast, the gap is too big!
Of course, shouting unfairness is just shouting back.
Xu Refund is not so naive!
This world is not absolutely fair!
What’s more, this is a battlefield!
What terran can’t directly absorb this source to increase its strength?
Xu back my heart suddenly came up with an idea.
If the Terran can directly absorb the source, it can increase its strength.
Even near the outer circle, many elites can be quickly trained.
Gene new human cultivation is actually very resource-hungry!
No resources, rising slowly.