"easy to say"
Sun Xian grinned.
"We don’t want much. It’s not too much to give money to my friend Daniel every year."
"A hundred years?" Pan Lao’s face changed greatly.
"You are crazy!"
"Really?" Sun Xian also surprised.
"Cloud home background won’t even take it out? You have raised dozens of gifts, and it’s only three or four years of money. "
What he said is true.
If cloud home strength intact, so the money is not much.
But …
At this time, all the things in hand of Yun Haitang add up to fear so much.
Pan Lao bian shou
"yes!" Cloud Haitang beautiful eyes flashing cold way
"If I pay this money, will you make trouble after you are sure?"
"Of course!"
Sun Xian eyes a bright.
"It is well known that Qinglong has always kept its promise in doing things, otherwise it would not have come to this day."
"that’s good"
Cloud begonia nodded.
"When I go back to get the money"
"Miss Yun, don’t keep us waiting." Sun Xian spoke slowly.
"I’ll be here in seven days. If you don’t come after seven days, or if you have other plans … then don’t blame us."
"…" Cloud begonia sullen.
Xiangyun held four people up until she couldn’t see Fang’s figure.
"Haitang, are you really going to give money?"
"What if you don’t give money?" Yun Haitang’s face is bitter
"Cloud home is responsible for the area once an accident, it is not money can be solved"
"They’re afraid of this, too, to blackmail you into taking money." Jade flying frost frowned.
"Step back, step back, step by step. I think this matter is that someone is behind the layout to test how many means are left in your cloud house."
"If …"
"If I find out that you can’t even cope with the dragon’s capture of the capital, I’m afraid something will happen that will push your luck."