When I get home, my mother will eat sweet and sour ribs and braised ribs for three days.
If you eat daddy’s big bag and drink a bowl of steaming and fragrant soybean milk, all the cold and fatigue will be washed away.
Thinking about xu drooling!
Mars is really cold!
Even with war protection
I didn’t think it would be really cold to relax before.
Xu looked back at AnXiaoXue with a smile. Hey, hey, a smile is ready to stimulate AnXiaoXue. Give AnXiaoXue a list first. She is stimulated by the name of the dish to stimulate her.
These days, drinking energy potions and compressing rations are almost fading out of the mouth!
"Don’t come over!"
Xu retreated just to AnXiaoXue, five meters away, and AnXiaoXue abruptly retreated, which prevented Xu from retreating.
"What’s the matter, Teacher An?" Xu retreated in astonishment.
"Just don’t come over!" An Xiaoxue is very determined.
Xu tui is puzzled.
Three hours later, the Phobos World War I Command came to order the official end of the actual combat on Mars in 213.
All elite students participating in the war will be tied up at the nearest node in the 24 th place in the 16 th district of the first district.
The Phobos World War I Command will send a space transport plane to send elite students to Phobos, and will also send a space vehicle Mars to search for life breath.
Look for students who may be seriously injured and incapacitated.
All participants in the war will undergo initial environmental adaptation therapy and stress psychological intervention in Phobos.
At the same time, all participating students will also be screened at Phobos.
Prevent alien races from mixing into Terran Department.
Estimated time is three to five days.
Many awards and final merit calculations for all combatants will be completed in these three to five days.
Participants in the war can also obtain information for verification if they have objections.