Xu tui is the kind of person who goes to life at the thought of it. While waiting for the return of the Fifth Wisdom, Xu tui directly takes out a piece of soul crystal about 10 grams. Cai Shaochu first made a shock purification method to try to purify the soul crystal.
Try less than 30 seconds small six unexpected sound rang in Xu back head first.
"Hey, your strength can purify this soul crystal. It’s impossible. You put your spirit in my observation." Small six is in the middle of the red core, and it is observable to make a retreat to a certain extent.
Xu tui didn’t speak, but he let go of the mental bondage of Xiao Liu.
There is such a guy in my mind who always feels uncomfortable and gives up. Generally, he will be bound by his spirit and he will always peep.
"This method is very clever, which is much better than our previous method of purifying soul crystal, and it needs to be repaired and reduced.
About if the extraordinary stars can be purified, "commented Xiao Liu."
This evaluation made Xu tui very surprised. "We later bluestar humans are not what you call one place, are we?"
"From this point of view! This is also the pride of our pulse! "
Although they got along soon, it was the first time that Xiao Liu brought him and Xu tui closer together.
But there’s nothing to be proud of
After a minute, Xu retired and completely released the direct spiritual communication to suppress the red core. The red core kills the sword and soul crystal of God.
Moment soul crystal negative force like being absorbed by a whale quickly flocked to the Excalibur.
Small six eyes immediately stared a rolling.
So soon?
Xu retreat is a clear sample.
Excalibur seems to have a natural strength in extracting negative forces.
In less than seven minutes, when the fifth Hui missed the turn, the negative force of this piece of 10 grams of blood crystal was wiped out by Excalibur.
Before returning, I was worried about the negative power source of Excalibur, so I don’t have to worry about it.
However, from the theory of power, if Xu retires now, his 90% spirit will be condensed into a small sword to kill God, and the power will be more than the red core to kill God!
However, such a sword is generally afraid to cut it out without spirit.
The whole Excalibur is equivalent to another one-time killing move.
Just thinking about the startled sound of Xiao Liu, he sounded again, "Where did you get this sword?"
"You don’t know its origin?" Refusal rhetorical question
"I don’t know"
"I think you know everything."
"I’m not a god!"
Xu didn’t bicker with Xiao Liu again, but Xiao Liu didn’t tell him the detailed history of the whole Excalibur.
"When I have the chance, take me here to see if the power that can make Red Core accept and ban must be extraordinary," said Xiao Liu.
It’s Xu’s turn to frown. "My red core is an organic whole with the whole Excalibur."
"It’s not that I didn’t know that the Excalibur was there," said Xiao Liu. "But there are not many people who can benefit negative forces so skillfully. It may be those one …"
"which ones?"