At first, he felt a little scared, but on second thought, he calmed down. Since he is willing to help himself, what is there to worry about?
As soon as the idea flashed through Wang Gan, he felt all the pores of his body suddenly open and he felt the oppression around him, and the true qi swarmed into his body along the pores. This scene suddenly made his face bloody.
It is no problem to absorb the aura of heaven and earth when practicing at ordinary times. Although aura is grumpy, it is easy to be tamed by the body qi without conscious control, but this situation is simply to die.
Therefore, Wang Gan’s body has been surrounded by the Qi of the snake. These Qi Reiki are completely controlled by the Lord. Once they enter the body, they can easily destroy the meridians and break the Qi Sea.
If Wang Gan Xiu can strangle the qi into the body one layer and five layers higher, there is still a chance. But at the moment, he has three layers of repairing the true qi, which is no match. These qi into the body can easily disperse the qi in his meridians and make him resistant.
Fu Tian’s behavior is simply to let Wang Gan die.
After these qi entered the body, they wantonly destroyed Wang Gan. Although he managed to control his body, his five senses were not lost. Suddenly, the pain was unbearable. However, even if it was not enough, he opened his mouth wide and didn’t know what magic was used. The big qi was inhaled like a long whale absorbing water in the blink of an eye.
Yes, it is the long whale that absorbs water. Wang Gan feels trance-like, and he feels like a giant whale with a length of 100 feet. When he absorbs seawater in the Wang Yang, there will be thousands of hectares of seawater flowing backwards.
Seeing such a great power to seize heaven and earth, Wang Gan couldn’t help but be taken by heart. If it weren’t for the unbearable pain at the moment, life and death would be so excited that it would be difficult to suppress the magic.
The four-scale snake in front of this difficult human monk was overjoyed to "die" himself. He hurriedly urged the true qi to oppress the past and wished that the human could suck more, and as it was expected, this stupid human monk actually increased the absorption speed as if he wanted to swallow all the oppression in one bite.
Although this absorption speed is really shocking, at the moment, the four-scale snake can’t think so much. It is a sullen look on coldly, urging the true qi to wreak havoc.
"The old whale sucking technique has reduced the power of your human body display so much that it’s even worse than one ten thousandth, and you can’t bear this * * if it’s not too bad …" As if there was no sense of crisis at all, Fu Tian shook his head discontentedly and said, "But your human monk’s cultivation method is different. When you cultivate Yuan Yin’s body in the future, there will be little fragility."
"Futian predecessors quickly save me!" Where did Wang Gan hear these nagging? I don’t know how many years this great man has lived, but it is not easy to want to die. He is an ordinary human being, but he can’t be calm in a moment.
"Don’t panic, nephew, just watch my tricks!" Fu Tian said confidently.
Chapter 13 Harvest
There is no precedent for directly devouring the true qi of others. For example, the infamous heart-sucking spell is a spell dedicated to sucking the true qi of others.
However, this kind of spell is also limited. When it is used less, it is necessary to ensure that the performer is unconscious, otherwise, when the qi enters the body, it will suddenly be transported back to the meridians and will be destroyed in an instant.
When the four-scale snake saw Wang Gan swallow his true qi, although he was surprised in his heart, he didn’t take it as any strange spell when he was the last struggle
Since Fu Tian dared to do this, he naturally relied on the riot. When the true qi just rushed into the body, it really made Wang Gan suffer a lot. But when these true qi flowed into the air sea along the meridians, several slender roots suddenly stretched out in the void. When they met this true qi, they were absorbed like sponges
Then these roots extend into the meridians, and when they meet bifurcation, they will automatically separate new root nodes. However, after a breath, the Wang Gan meridians will be occupied by these roots, and they will flow into the meridians along the pores. As soon as they meet these roots, the qi will be absorbed without resistance, and they will never be able to lift any big waves.
Not only that, but the meridians that were severely damaged by the impact of the true qi absorbed the sap secreted by this root and gradually repaired as before. This crisis was solved in an understatement.
There is no doubt that these roots are the precious tree of Qihuang. Wang Gan knows little about this thing. The only thing he knows is that he can learn powerful spells from trees, but he doesn’t know that there are such magical abilities.
I don’t know how lucky I would be if I hadn’t been killed by a four-scale snake and guarded the great treasure if my predecessors showed up and put it to good use.
After these qi are absorbed by the roots, the other end of the Qi Sea quickly transforms into thick and majestic qi, which is different from the original qi, but its temperament is more refined than that in the docile one.
Wang Gan’s heart moved, and he leaned on his spiritual knowledge. At a touch, he dyed his breath and took it for himself.
The natural action of oppress that inhaled body of the true qi will be unrestricted, and the bee needle that was scatter around will be called back.
Seeing this, the four-scale snake was surprised that his true qi had invaded his meridians. It is theoretically impossible to manipulate the multiplier. Is this person as if it were normal?
The snake with four scales feels bad. When its long body shakes all over the scales, it slaps up. Snakes swim out of the scales and rush toward Wang Gan.
There was a hint of contempt in the eyes of Fu Tian, and he pulled out the dendritic flash lava from his arms. With one move, he saw that the snakes changed direction one after another as if they were attracted by a gravitational force and entered the flash lava.
Absorbing these ophiolite lava, it is obviously beneficial to have a little fluorescence on it.
Seeing that his killer was so easily broken by this person, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. Taking advantage of this gap, he poured all the qi he had just received into a heart-killing bee needle, far away, pointing to the iron needle, he blaster out and quickly hit the four-scale snake with a broken sound.
This time, the heart-killing bee needle absorbed it, but the real four-layer qi was more powerful than before. After a pause, it penetrated the protective body and sank into the eyebrows of the snake with four scales.
The four-scale viper was surprised, but not very alarmed. Even if this small iron needle can penetrate its own scales and vigorous gas, it can also penetrate the forehead bone with stronger hardness. You know, after so many years of life in this gas fog, a bone has already been tempered to be harder than the same level of fighting, and few bones have been broken.
As it expected, although this heart-killing bee needle is an instrument, its power is really shameful. Even if it is poured into four layers of true qi, it can penetrate its skull, but Wang Gan knows that the true power of this instrument is not revealed until now.
"Boom!" This time, it’s not the day when the heart-stabbing bee needle penetrated the protective body, and the overall situation was set, and the day was out of control. Wang Gan secretly read the explosive spell and reached out and looked at the four-scale snake that was stirring indifferently
Bang! At first, a column of blood gushed out, and the head of a snake with four scales was completely blown up. The power of self-explosion of bee needle is equivalent to a blow from a Chinese medicine instrument, but the actual lethality is far more than that.
The heart-killing bee needle is characterized by invisibility and penetration, so if it penetrates into his body, it will be equivalent to bearing a blow from the Chinese medicine force defensively. Don’t say that this is equivalent to a four-layer monk’s snake, even a five-scale snake will die if it is attacked, and a six-scale snake will be seriously injured and far away.
Adding invisibility effect is simply an insidious assassination weapon.
Wang Gan was relieved to see that the four-scale snake was dead. He searched the snake’s body and found a white ball like a pearl. Even if he didn’t know how to probe, he could clearly see the white fog rolling on the surface of the pearl. This is a sign that the qi is rich to a certain extent.
There is no doubt that this is the unique beast Dan of the spirit beast.