"Go now" and hear Ye Tianzheng’s words. A few people are busy in the ring.
The whole challenge is now two people, one corpse and four hands. At this time, Gao Chen has been silent with his head down, but in his heart, he wants to know how Ye Tian cut four people’s arms. What kind of ending would it be if he faced this recruit himself?
"Now the result of the game is pronounced" and others went to the referee’s mouth directly opposite Houyetian …
"Yes, Dean, I now announce the winner of this duel, Gao Jia Gao Chen." Just after he finished his words, Gao Chen’s ear came to show the sound.
Ding completion level plus one purple snail was found. Ruler was found.
Ding, congratulations on your upgrade
Ding level reached 31. Understand skills. Hell, Lei Guang!
Finally, I finished another one. Didn’t I say that the winner had a mysterious gift? I didn’t know what kind of surprise it would be. It was dark when I thought of it. Of course, he knew that the gift was definitely not for himself.
"Emperor, didn’t you say that the second winner will get you a mysterious gift? Now the duel result has come out. Do you think it’s possible to send the gift out?" Just after Gao Chen’s thought, Ye Tianzheng suddenly looked at the typhoon.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, I said that the winner of the duel will have a mysterious gift. Since Gao Chen also won the duel, I am very pleased. Listen to me, this mysterious gift is that you will directly assume the regiment rank after graduation! You can be willing to "although very reluctant, but can you go back on your word, especially Ye Tianzheng. It is not a wise thing to go back on your word before such a strong man.
"Yes, of course, I am willing to thank the Lord Long En and wish my emperor long live long live long live". I didn’t expect this mysterious gift to be a regimental position. Isn’t that to say that another one can be finished directly? It’s natural to listen to a few minutes of past lives and ancient times. Long live! Just shout it out.
"Have a good long live Gao Chen. I am very optimistic about you. I seem to be able to see that China will add another valiant soldier in the near future." Although I can’t wait to tear up Gao Chen in my heart, the surface is windy and replied with a smile!
Chapter sixty-five The circle of cultivation
Now, the most important thing for Gao Chen is to practice his pushing speed to ten times per second to get the God-level gale suit. After the duel, he wants to turn around and go back to practice. However, he is called to the dean’s office by Ye Tianzheng.
"Gao Chen, do you know what I called you here for?" Gao Chen, the dean’s office, found that there was a good man in the dean’s office. This man’s faint power was even stronger than Ye Tianzheng’s. Gao Chen was very shocked by the information he got from a reconnaissance technique he had never seen before.
Name Ouyang Changchu Grade 79 ………..
Level 79 is actually a level 79 strong Ye Tianzheng is only level 75, and in the sight of this man named Ouyang Changchu, level 79 is not to say that the whole bonfire empire has Ye Tianzheng, a level 7 strong Yao Gao Chen shocked the middle of the day and walked over and asked.
"This little don’t know also please dean’s adult said" Gao Chen busy is respectful way.
"Your cultivation speed is very good. Now it should be a third-order star, but your strength is far from it. Of course, I called you here today not to ask your privacy. I am introducing you to a person, my brother Ouyang Chang, a seventh-order nine planets fighter." Ye Tianzheng looked at Ouyang Chang’s mouth and said.
"Xiao Gaochen has seen his elders." Gao Chen Zheng pretended to be surprised. It is necessary to give enough respect to Ouyang Changchu for such a strong Gao Chen.
"Yes, judging from your revision of Stormrage, you have a high talent. I wonder if you are interested in practicing more advanced fighting skills such as day order!" Ouyang Chang smiled at the first day and spoke a word that shocked Gao Chen.
"day order’s fighting skill is day order’s fighting skill?" Gao Chen asked with a face of disbelief that he was practicing Stormwind and Longyin. These all belong to the Xuan level. This is a far cry from day order and there is no day order achievement method in the world. This has to shock Gao Chen.
"Yes, it’s true that day order’s fighting skill is not unfair. day order’s fighting skill is the root of ordinary people, so you can’t practice day order’s fighting skill, and I think you should be able to practice your white?" Ouyang Changchu still looked at Gao Chen with a smile on his face and said that he was not surprised at Gao Chen’s shocked expression.
"Didn’t you say that day order’s fighting skills are only available in the field of cultivation? Are you?" Gao Chen muttered something that suddenly occurred to him and looked at Ouyang Changchu in surprise again.
"The world of cultivation is good. Our master’s place is called the world of cultivation by the secular world." Ouyang Changchu said.
"Your master dean brother? Is the dean also? " Gao Chen looked at Ye Tianzheng mouth asked.
"Of course, didn’t you hear me call him brother? Don’t be too surprised to tell you a message. Our legacy is ordinary. There are ten thousand younger brothers like us." Ye Tianzheng slowly spoke a heavy news that made Gao Chen feel even more unbelievable. If he knew that the seventh-order Ye Tianzheng legacy was really a younger brother, he didn’t know what it would be like!
"Ten thousand ordinary brothers" Ye Tianzheng Ouyang Changchu looked at Gao Chen quietly without talking, which obviously made Gao Chen digest. After all, such news was too shocking for a secular person, but suddenly Gao Chen asked questions and left them both scratching their heads.
"Are those brothers very different from you? For example, they won’t die. Er, sometimes they suddenly lose a star power class?" Gao Chen thought, isn’t this a world or a game, but if it is a game, how long has it been since he was offline? It should be impossible …
"Won’t die? How can you suddenly lose a star strength? How can you ask such a question? " How also didn’t expect Gao Chen would suddenly ask such words Ye Tianzheng curious mouth way
"No, that’s nothing." Gao Chen suddenly felt lost, just like another hope fell. This is not a game but a real world!