There is a black hole in the swamp, and the hole is surrounded by purple breath. A piece of metal has been thrown from Leitian to be quickly dissolved into a pile of slag.
Leitian to Jiang Yu corridor, you two hide in the colorful clouds and watch outside.
Jiang Yulou also knows that his strength is slightly insufficient when he enters the magic gate abode of fairies and immortals this time.
The chaotic tiger didn’t say anything. Quiet took a Zhang Yufu and imposed a magic spell on himself. After the jade operator hit him, the pale white cassock on his body surface added a layer of colorful light.
Leitian also released a chaotic charm ShaQi to himself, wrapped his body and walked into this black cave first.
The cave side is a large array of barriers outside the entrance of the cave house.
Leitian Shaqi can’t destroy a large array. Leitian simply lost ten pieces of land chaos. The tiger looks distressed at the back. The power of this land chaos may not damage the law. It’s really one.
Ten pieces of chaotic runes, which have been broken, have been slowly eroded by Shaqi, and stopped running. If you finish the large array Leitian, you dare not come in. This kind of chaotic runes, which have been everywhere, are all falling apart.
The array body is to extract the power of heaven and earth and cut off the root of power. How wonderful the array body is, it can also trap the gas refiner.
Leitian chaotic tigers entered this abode of fairies and immortals in tandem, but behind them, Shi Zhuqun, Jiang Yulou, Ning Ying saw a figure suddenly appear. This is a man with a blue face and a layer of soft armor’s hands with a wooden stick.
Jiang Yulou heart in a surprised this person strength far exceeds just a few magic door refined gas turned out to be a fairy.
He stepped back and hid her in the stone pillar.
When the fairy came to the stone pillar, she saw a group of peaks filled with smoke.
He sneered that when he raised his hand, the wooden staff in his hand hit the force in front of him, and the earth cracked a crack several tens of feet wide and several tens of feet deep. The crack was slowly closed and the chaos was still trying to repair it.
How did the fairy fairy array repair his wooden staff and put a black light on the top? The crack suddenly expanded again, revealing the face of two people, Ning Ying, Jiang Yulou, a pillar of large array phase.
How did these magic men get in Jiang Yulou and Ning Ying felt incredible.
The magic door fairy saw two alchemists in the large array with a frown. He didn’t see his companion Jiang Yulou’s battlefield clean and left no traces of fighting.
It’s hard to leave any clues in this swamp
Seeing the murderous look in the eyes of the magic door refining gas man, Jiang Yulou shivered in his heart, and all the clouds around him solidified. He grabbed Ningying and jumped into the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Can’t keep this fairy’s strength is outrageous.
If he is an ordinary fake fairy, he can still fight against Ningying, which is a little stronger, and it is profitable to fight against the enemy. Now the enemy is a fairy with a powerful fairy. If you don’t check both of them, you will die, and your soul will escape.
The magic door fairy saw the two men turn and run away and followed them into the cave.
The large array has long been destroyed by Leitian, and now dozens of forks are distributed in a vast Zhongjiang Yulou. I can’t get rid of my breath in a hurry. The magic door fairy took one look and chased it along the leftmost fork.
According to ordinary thinking, few people will choose this road. When encountering many forks in the road, tracking people is often considered from the right.
Brother Qingcheng’s mastery of this kind of heart is because the enemy’s strength is too strong to see the leftmost cave at a glance and leave a breath.
This magic door fairy speed is not fast. He chased it forward for more than a mile and now there are dozens of forks in the road again. This time he hesitated.
Because of the location of this fork in the road, three different smells are left at the entrances of the three passages respectively.
There was a strong bloody smell at the entrance of one of them. He hesitated slightly or followed the most familiar smell. It was Jiang Yulou who fled to the cave.
Jiang Yulou fled for several miles before he remembered that it was too late to release the charm of the earth demon. The fairy chose the two of them and stopped hesitating to catch up.