"Ah, since you said you wouldn’t go without your mentor, I wouldn’t go without violating the rules of our science of uniting the world." Suddenly Ouyang Changchu’s face changed and it seemed a pity to look at Gao Chen with a face of regret.
"…" Gao Chen surprised Zhang Zhangzui didn’t say anything. After a while, he said, "In this case, I think I’d better go to the cultivation world with Uncle Bian Qianhao."
After that, he turned and walked outside, but just turned around and didn’t walk a few steps. Ouyang Chang Hatsune Hatsune remembered, "What did you say about going to the cultivation world with Bian Qianhao? Did that guy Bian Qianhao look for you?"
"Yes, he said that if the dean didn’t speed up a little, he would have equipped me to take me to their master. By the way, he also said that I ate too many impurities every day, which was bad for my later practice, and gave me a bottle of what’s called Baigudan." When I saw Ouyang Chang’s first appearance, Gao Chen was secretly happy, and then he said with a face of nai expression.
"I actually gave you all the Baigudan. It seems that this little one is really ready to poach. Why?" See Gao Chen hand BianQianHao give him the bottle ouyang long face a ghost mouth way
"Well, stop it. I’ll give you two places. You told me you wanted to call someone, but if you call someone a waste, you might as well stay in the world of uniting and be happy. At that time, you didn’t help him but hurt him. Are you white?" Ouyang Changchu asked with a serious face.
"Of course I know this is this. Can you give me more places?" Gao Chen was a little embarrassed and asked.
"What gives you a few more places and five more places for the emperor? What does the emperor think of you if he gives you a few more places?" This time Ye Tianzheng rob like Gao Chen asked.
"Well, didn’t you give the emperor five places, or how about giving me four? Don’t you think this way, the emperor has one more place than me? So he still has the status of emperor and gave me four places, which just finished my importance and it was good for me, but it didn’t do much harm." Gao Chen thought for a moment and then said
"What do you mean by four places?" Ye Tianzheng blowing hu mouth asked.
"Dean, you know that it was better when I didn’t practice martial arts and magic before our gaos thought was embarrassing, but now I not only practiced martial arts, but it seems that my talent is not bad, which is bad for my gaos thought. I want these four places to be a solution to my gaos thought. Doesn’t Dean want to help me?" Looked at Ye Tianzheng Gao Chen a face of serious mouth asked.
"You can actually see that your gaos thought is in an awkward position?" Ye Tianzheng asked with a face of surprise. It’s not like he knew Gao Chen.
"I have long understood what I chose to learn literature and abandon Wu" Gao Chen said with a face of serious self-mockery and dim tone
It’s true that Gao Chen said this. In this world, when Gao Chen was a child, he had seen Gao Jianfeng go to the battlefield, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers were quietly waiting for the scene in the tinker. Obviously, this is an elite teacher. When Gao Jianfeng went on stage in the sky, the soldiers cheered and greeted him with a gesture. This cheering sound was very regular, as if it had been rehearsed for thousands of times, and these soldiers’ faces were not cheering and excited …
If so, it can be said that the quality of this army is very high. After the emperor finished speaking, there was a very regular palm again. When the emperor your legend handed it over to Gao Jianfeng, the whole scene sounded like a deafening sound. Everyone’s face lost the slightest bit. Zhuang Su applauded and shouted wildly!
The wind and the sky frowned and wanted them to stop, but failed several times, and Gao Jianfeng pressed his hand for two times. The whole scene was quiet and awe-inspiring. Maybe Gao Jianfeng didn’t have the idea to see the wind and the sky. At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on Gao Jianfeng.
But at that time, there was a five-year-old Gao Chen who looked at the windy day. At that time, the look in Gao Jianfeng’s eyes was deeply branded with Gao Chen’s young psychology. In his dream, Gao Chen was awakened by the wind. When he saw Gong Gao Zhen’s main words, he understood what it was like at that time!
"What, you have long been white, and this is the reason why you abandoned Wu Xuewen?" At this time, Ye Tian was really shocked, and his face was incredible. He asked how old Gao Chen was when he said he hated martial arts and magic and wanted to learn literature.
Gao Chen didn’t say what is nodded.
"Then what are you practicing martial arts now?" Ye Tianzheng mouth asked
"Actually, Gao Chen was dead before, and his death made me understand the world. I Gao Chen will always be a Gao family, even if I don’t learn a little martial arts, but I can’t live quietly if I’m not stupid. After I die, I want to live quietly and protect the Gao family. What I want to do is not to reassure the emperor, but to make him afraid to start work!" Gao Chen’s face is firm, which is far more firm than saying that God stops killing God!
Chapter 70 When the last day students
Get four places in Ouyang Changchu Gao Chen hummed a tune and was happy to get back to his yard. This way, people who saw Gao Chen didn’t feel like a ghost. In everyone’s eyes, Gao Chen was a person who came and went in a hurry. He seemed to have a practice to eat! If Gao Chen knew that he was busy practicing and was in a hurry every day, he left such an impression on others. I don’t know what Gao Chen would think!
With four places, how can Gao Chen not share such good news with the people he likes? This is the most important thing, and such good news can’t be shared with him.
Gao Chen didn’t know it was Ye Tianzheng who sighed after he left. "It’s really not that small that I saw through this monarch and his subjects at that time."
"Before, he didn’t like to practice martial arts. Today, he realized that he had long seen that their Gao family was embarrassed. It seems that this is not an amazing talent for cultivation!" Gary is also a face of regrets mouth way
"Oh, what’s wrong with the Gaos? Isn’t Gao Jianfeng a general of the bonfire empire to protect the country? Is this a high weight and what’s wrong with it?" The bonfire empire should not be said to be not very familiar with the secular Ouyang Chang asked at the beginning.
"So that’s it. Gao Chen’s future is limitless." After listening to Gary telling the Gaos about the recent situation in Ouyang Changchu, he also sighed. Yes, at that time, Gao Chen was only a few years old. Isn’t it amazing that a child of a few years old could see things so thoroughly? !
"Sister, now you can rest assured that you can also go to the science of uniting with me. I told you that we won’t divide." Just after returning to the yard, Gao Chen was excited to present a treasure to Wang Yujie.
"What did you say? They promised to give you a quota." Wang Yujie asked with surprise when Gao Chen finished her words. What is more attractive to the practitioners than the practitioners? Of course, she also doesn’t want to share with Gao Chen.
"Haha, where is a quota? This is a full four quotas." Gao Chenxin said.
"What four places that the emperor doesn’t have a place?" Wang Yujie face incredible mouth way
"This is not true. They just left four places for me. Old Ouyang can take ten people to practice the world emperor at a time. Where are the five I have here? Four plus me is just ten." Gao Chen explained.
"What do you mean, I left four places for you?" Wang Yujie asked puzzled.
"It’s not easy. They also know that I won’t go to any practice field alone. Of course, I have to bring a, er, someone to the class. What should I do if I miss you?" Shi Gaochen wanted to say it as a joke in his previous life, but he couldn’t bring a day. Suddenly, I felt that it was not good to say so.
"It’s true that the emperor may be unhappy if he hears this," Wang Yujie said with a little concern.
"Of course he won’t be happy. If you want him to be happy, I won’t be happy." Gao Chen said that this is a strong emperor, but he is not the highest power! Of course, I dare not say such things in ancient Gao Chen’s past lives.
Although it wasn’t very white, Wang Yujie didn’t ask again. Two people chatted together for a long time and gave up Wang Yujie. This is the longest and most relaxing time for two people to chat! After Wang Yujie left, Gao Chen played and the ward training continued …
Now Gao Chen has a hundred more Baigudan, and one is more advanced than Baigudan, which can last for a month! Although this can’t last long, it’s better than nothing. When I left, Gao Chen said to Ouyang Changchu, "Uncle Bian Qianhao, Ouyang’s predecessor, said that I had better not eat worldly things from now on, so he gave me a bottle of Baigudan. He said that this bottle can control the energy consumption in one day, but how can I feel that it can be controlled for less than an hour?"
"What, he even gave you Baigudan? Are you kidding that one can take care of you for less than an hour?" Ouyang changchu asked if he didn’t believe it.
"Yeah, he just gave me one hundred yesterday, but look how many are left now." He said, and handed the bottle of Baigudan to Ouyang Changchu.
"There are still more than 30 missing?" Looking at the bottle in front of me, Ouyang Changchu can’t believe it. It is said that this hundred grains of Dan can only be refined into one. It can be seen that there is a lot of energy in it. The average person who eats this one may be suffocated. It may be like compressed food. Eating too much will kill people.
"Yes, anyway, I feel that this one won’t last long. Do you think you can give me some Baigudan, too?" Gao Chen looked at Ouyang Changchu and asked with expectation.
"Since he Bian Qianhao can give it to you, wouldn’t it be stingy if I didn’t give it to you? This is one hundred white gudan. You can take it." Then he also took out a small bottle and gave it to Gao Chen.
"Why are you not satisfied?" Although Gao Chen took the bottle and saw him with a face that was not very happy, Ouyang Chang asked at the beginning.