Shen Menglu will deliberately choose this time to go to the East Palace, which is definitely not a rush to repair it! What is the specific reason? When he returns to Muwangfu, he will have a good interrogation!
Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Yinzhen’s turbulent eyes and left the pie mouth to find an excuse. Confess leniently and resist severely! Forget it, she’d better think about how to make some man who ate gunpowder put out the fire!
Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu all the way back to Mu Wangfu, but she didn’t return to Yue Dream Palace. Instead, she took her straight to the hot spring and stripped her of her clothes. She gently put her in the pool and jumped into the pool naked herself.
What happened? Shen Menglu was a little embarrassed and ashamed. She blushed with her hands around her chest and looked at Zhu Yinzhen constantly approaching herself. "Shiro, what are you doing?"
Since she was pregnant, Zhu Yinzhen hasn’t been intimate with her. Although she sleeps with Lin every day, the two of them have always followed the rules and slept in each other’s arms. It’s been a long time since Shen Menglu could not help but feel a little nervous and stepped back involuntarily.
This Zhu Yinzhen isn’t suddenly angry with the beast’s surname, is it? Shen Menglu’s heart is like thunder.
"I want to have a good check!" Different from Shen Menglu’s beautiful fantasy, Zhu Yinzhen has an idea in his heart that he should have a good look at Zhu Yinpleat for disrespect to Shen Menglu.
Zhu Yinzhe once defiantly challenged Zhu Yinzhen that if Shen Menglu fell into his hands, he would definitely hurt her.
Zhu Yinzhen is not unaware that Zhu Yinzhen also knows that Zhu Yinzhen has coveted Shen Menglu, so Zhu Yinzhen is really afraid that Zhu Yinzhen will do something to Shen Menglu.
Even if this is his worry, Zhu Yinzhen is worried that there will be physical conflicts when Shen Menglu confronts Zhu Yinpleat head-on. He knows Shen Menglu too well and knows that she is not losing or bowing her head. This way, women are often the most likely to provoke men’s desires, but physical differences are doomed to women always suffer.
"Don’t run!" See Shen Menglu turned to run Zhu Yinzhen a hugged her like a stream across two people can’t help but shudder.
"Four … Shiro … you … you want to … what do you want to check?" Shen Menglu stammered that her back was against Zhu Yinzhen’s strong chest. The familiar touch made her ears red and made her shy. But the place covered by Zhu Yinzhen’s big palm happened to be …
The soft body and the familiar fragrance made Zhu Yinzhen dizzy. The original heart was replaced by a spirit, and Zhu Yinzhen’s breathing became heavy.
"Shiro … what are you doing?" See Zhu Yinzhen didn’t answer Shen Menglu. She twisted her body uneasily in an attempt to break away from his muzzle. Although she is husband and wife, such a long-lost fit still makes Shen Menglu very shy.
Shen Menglu’s struggle for refusal seems to have started a certain machine. Zhu Yinzhen was stiff and bad. He overestimated his endurance.
Zhu Yinzhen looked down and saw Shen Menglu’s swollen abdomen and swallowed hard to force himself to calm down. He slightly pulled Shen Menglu’s distance and sent her to the edge of the pool to answer calmly, "Let me see if you are injured."
Injured? Shen Menglu some leng Zhu Yinzhen exactly want to?
"Mother, don’t move!" Zhu Yinzhen let Shen Menglu stick to the pool and dive into the water to check it carefully.
Shen Menglu’s perfect body is exposed in a glance. Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes have changed after a period of nursed back to health and pregnancy. Shen Menglu is a little more charming than before, and Zhu Yinzhen is thirsty. Only self-control can keep himself calm.
She swelled her lower abdomen, which damaged her beauty, but added a little holy brilliance. This is his mother, and their children are pregnant in her belly. At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen longed to be moved and replaced herself. Zhu Yinzhen kissed Shen Menglu’s smooth lower abdomen involuntarily.
The sudden movement of Zhu Yinzhen made Shen Menglu’s legs and feet soft and almost slipped. She has been waiting nervously for Zhu Yinzhen to move. She didn’t trust Zhu Yinzhen’s so-called inspection at all when it was his excuse.
Shen Menglu knew what Zhu Yinzhen would do, and she was vaguely looking forward to it, but she never thought that Zhu Yinzhen would kiss her belly.
Shen Menglu’s body shook, and Zhu Yinzhen was scared out in a cold sweat. He quickly hugged Shen Menglu’s side and firmly held her. "Be careful!"
Once again, the intimate contact between them made them tremble again.
Shen Menglu felt that Zhu Yinzhen’s fiery palm was like a red-hot soldering iron, which burned her waist and abdomen and her heart.
At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen is free to feel the reverie, and anxiously looks at Shen Menglu. "Did Mom fall somewhere?"
Shen Menglu blushed and glanced away from Zhu Yinzhen’s examination. "I’m fine. Let me go!" She’s really okay. She didn’t get hurt or fall, but Zhu Yinzhen can’t guarantee that she will be okay if she continues to hold it in the water like this.
The hot spring water temperature is very pleasant, but the heat brought by Zhu Yinzhen is too high, which makes Shen Menglu have the illusion of being in 90 degrees boiling water. If she goes like this, Shen Menglu doubts that her belly will become a boiled egg!
Zhu Yinzhen also noticed Shen Menglu’s unusual red face and body temperature. Shen Menglu’s eyebrows are shy and spring is very attractive. Zhu Yinzhen is a little drunk at this time.
"Mom, you are so beautiful." Zhu Yinzhen murmured a word and slowly bowed his head toward Shen Menglu.
Shen Menglu’s mind is warm and familiar, but it is still so thrilling to feel that Zhu Yinzhen kissed seriously, but Shen Menglu responded to the distraction because she suddenly felt two little mischief in her stomach.
One or two little guys seemed to protest against the closeness of their parents.
Finally, Zhu Yinzhen snaked to the time when Shen Menglu panted and held his head. "Wait a minute!"
"What’s the matter, mother?" Zhu Yinzhen raised her scarlet eyes and looked at Shen Menglu with blurred eyes. A spark can start a prairie fire. At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen wants to review her lessons with his little mother.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes are depressed. Shen Menglu certainly understands, but now it is not the time to try. Proper love in the second trimester does not affect the fetus in the womb, but it must be the cooperation of the baby before.
Now the two little guys take turns boxing. The only thing Shen Menglu wants to do is to lie down and calm down. Although she feels sorry for Zhu Yinzhen, Shen Menglu can still refuse his demands.
"The little guys protested!" Shen Menglu pulled Zhu Yinzhen’s hand and put it on his abdomen to let him feel the activity of the little guys.
Irregular ups and downs of palms encouraged Zhu Yinzhen to be intrigued and then changed his face, and his original dyed eyes suddenly recovered.
"Mom, what happened to them?" Zhu Yinzhen was very nervous. He had previously felt that the fetal movement was soft, just like scratching his boots. But this time, the strength of the little guys seemed to rush out of Shen Menglu’s belly, which made Zhu Yinzhen a little flustered.
"Don’t worry about them!" Shen Menglu blushed slightly to appease Zhu Yinzhen. She didn’t have the nerve to tell Zhu Yinzhen that this was because her physiological reaction made the fetus feel uncomfortable. "You can help me to lie down for a while."
"good!" Zhu Yinzhen didn’t dare to dawdle any longer, so she stepped out of the pool with Shen Menglu in her arms and carefully put her aside to rest on the bench and covered her with a blanket tenderly.
Shen Menglu closed her eyes and catnap for a long time before the little guys in her belly finally stopped banging.
Zhu Yinzhen’s palm has been sticking to Shen Menglu’s abdomen. The little guys were as nervous as Sun Monkey, but he was even more nervous when his palm stopped beating.
"Niang … niang what they don’t move? "Zhu Yinzhen’s tight voice betrayed him unabashedly. Are they nervous?
Shen Menglu opened his eyes and looked at Zhu Yinzhen, whose lips were white with nervousness. He couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t be nervous. They are tired and go to bed."
Tired of going to bed? Zhu Yinzhen stared blankly at Shen Menglu’s abdomen for a long time before he seemed to drown in hng, and sighed at Shen Menglu’s abdomen as if nai, "What a naughty boy!"