"It’s crazy to dare to do such a thing. Isn’t he afraid of being blamed by the gods?" Black wing said to himself
Roddick snorted and shook his head. It seemed that he was dissatisfied with the discussion of his master’s black wings and roared.
"All right, all right, you guy, I won’t say anything."
Suddenly, Roddick said, "That’s almost enough."
The spirit of Black Wings shook off the yew from behind, bent its bow and took an arrow and shot it toward the sky. A moment later, it came to "Peng", and the magic arrow was blessed, and ten thousand points of Venus broke out.
Master Deller sits in the temple, and dozens of church members in different clothes stand in front of him. From their faces, it can be seen that they are in a certain anxious state of mind.
"The signal is coming," gasped a young attendant who stumbled into the room.
Master Chandler’s eyes suddenly flashed a divine light and got up and said, "OK"
At the same time, all the men, women and children in the Io church are busy because they are told that the great high god Io will show miracles today and all they have to do is pray devoutly so that the high god can hear his followers.
Those church members are just going to arrange prayers. After all, there has been no such large-scale mass prayer for many years. In just a few days, they have mobilized the Ministry that can mobilize believers near the Truth Gate, with a total number of more than 5,000.
Seeing that everything was ready, master Chandler suddenly felt uneasy, but he didn’t know that the dark wings of Truth Gate were slowly spreading in an attempt to cover the whole city.
"Come on, you losers, line up."
"Get your weapons and horses ready. Come on, don’t dawdle."
Several people in castles, large and small, are busy preparing for war and can go to the battlefield at the command. Orcs and human beings have absolutely no reason to talk about the survival of the fittest. This is the law of nature.
At the same time, Lingli, who is located in the huge castle of Price’s house on the far star lake, stands in the center of the hall. Behind her, there is a monster with a head and neck as big as a python, and a half-length of two feet. Humans are similar, but the half-length is still full of thick scales, and the tail of a snake is winding around the column. It looks ferocious and terrible.
In some corners of the hall, you can still see the blood stains that have not been washed. From the pale faces of the guards outside the hall, it can be inferred that some unpleasant things happened in this castle not long ago.
"Is everything ready, Balder?"
Lingli lazy asked.
"My greatest master, please rest assured that there will be no more mistakes this time."
"Very good"
Lingli nodded, "When those stupid guys leave, you must not make a mistake in your horse’s action. If you succeed, I will definitely reward you heavily."
"It’s my pleasure to help you," Balder said with a bow.
"What should Father Price do with this?"
"I haven’t lost my family to protect them, but they are just fish out of water. Let them live a few more days."
"Got it." After Balder left the castle in high spirits, he looked at Tianchang and took a deep breath. It won’t be long before the truth gate is the great master. It’s really a natural wish, especially for those idiots in the Li Temple. I didn’t expect that they had provoked a super big trouble themselves, and even the temple was burned by people. What could be more wonderful than this news?
Just then, thunder broke out, the sun was shining, and the weather was suddenly gloomy, and a storm seemed to be brewing.
There was a cheer from the crowd near the temple of Juli. It seemed that the rain was obviously the dawn at this time, so they prayed more and more devoutly
Then a child looked up and shouted in surprise, "Look, what is that?"
People around him stared at him discontentedly, and a middle-aged woman looked up unconsciously and screamed "Oh, my God …" She fainted with excitement.
There emerged a giant, the former Titan. Compared with him, he was like a baby. He was handsome, wearing a gold shirt inlaid with all kinds of jewels, and his red coat fluttered in the wind, holding a long sword in his hand, and he looked majestic.
Lingli seems to feel something, and when she flashes, she appears outside the castle. Looking up, her face is incredible. Balder around her is already stunned.
"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. Who will come to this terrible place in the subcontinent with nothing?" Lingli can clearly feel each other’s surging divine power. Although it seems nothing to her, it is undeniable. The worst thing is that she has never seen this god in her memory.
Yes, that root is Liu Yue’s manifestation according to the imaginary gods. I have seen many movies and TV shows in previous lives. After all, I have seen Io gods in the whole multiverse, which can be said to be rare and mortal.
What he is doing now is not physical strength, but the fact that he can maintain such a huge dharma body with the help of the faith of those 5 thousand devout believers will be surprised if his gods know it.
Not everyone can make faith. Simply speaking, it is not compensation for believers to pray to the gods. People always hope that their belief in the gods can give them back. This is also human nature. These beliefs are difficult to be mixed with various impurities and must be filtered before they can be made.
The so-called filtering is not a simple abandonment, which can solve the number of causes and effects entangled in these impurities. This is also the responsibility of the gods to pray to the gods every day, and the responsibility of the gods is to help them fulfill their wishes. Of course, the gods cannot be responsive, and the priorities depend on the gods themselves.
Liu Yuexian is tantamount to temporarily replacing Io to forcibly take those beliefs into his own body. It is absolutely impossible to do this, but no one thought that Liu Yue could do this if he hadn’t taken the Vitas deity, and I’m afraid he had been crazy and the beliefs had been overwhelmed and died.
At this time, he seems to be down a peg or two, but in fact, he is in a hurry to face the dense belief lines, and he is a little confused at the moment, just like a person suddenly receives 5 thousand words. Everyone will feel a little flustered. Liu Yue has never had this experience, and naturally he is not used to it.
Seeing that Fang sentient beings are looking at themselves, Liu Yue’s mind is white, and suddenly his heart flashes.
"At first, I created the heavens and the earth in a virtual chaos, and my spirit ran on the water in the dark."
"I said that if there is light, there will be light."