Yang Guo looked at the dim sum that gradually flew in the distance and was excited. "Finally, we can have a good fight." Yang Guo shouted in his heart, "Let me try to stop him by martial arts first!"
Macro nine is quickly rushing to a deep forest on the south coast. His reason has been completely burned out by anger in his heart. Just now, he decided to get rid of Ao Rou, a great misfortune in his heart. But when he knocked down the fourth move, he was one hundred percent sure that he hit it! This wench unexpectedly black dragon gens secret escape from heaven? Haha, just run away. How can I survive even if I escape when I wait for the monster to be cut off by my bloodthirsty blade?
However, it didn’t take a while for Hongjiu to find that the bloodthirsty effect of "Bloodthirsty Blade" disappeared! Didn’t absorb the other party’s semen. What disappeared? "Bloodthirsty Blade" can also absorb the essence blood from the attacker? Yes, this secret has Macro Nine, and I know that he is also relying on this secret to absorb the source JingXie of "He Yao" crazily to improve his strength, which makes him the third master in the world.
Now the bloodthirsty effect of "bloodthirsty blade" has disappeared, which proves that a situation has been healed by the injured! "Who * * * is a bad old good thing!" Macro nine was furious and lost his mind. He completely forgot that the world can cure the "bloodthirsty blade" knife wound. The guy can’t finish five points!
So Hongjiu finally chose a road of no return, and his life will come to a complete end today.
Macro nine looking at what the foot "colorful auspicious clouds" human strong eyes bloodthirsty light he licked his tongue a grim smile "human small is your mind your own business? Ha ha ha ha very good very good your blood must be delicious ~ "
Yang Guo looked at this guy with nine heads. He was crazy and disgusting. He frowned. He was too lazy to talk about this disgusting monster. You see how pleasing to the eye people ao rou MM are. Barra is a big villain like you. He is too lazy to talk. Yang Guo directly stretched out his right hand at the monster in front of him. His little finger eyes were full of contempt.
Macro nine anger broke out completely. The third master was despised like this when he was young? Scarlet "bloodthirsty blade" across a curved crescent with blood gas to Yang Guo to cut!
Yang Guo stared at this curved scarlet knife, and his eyes became more dignified than seeing his footsteps at a mysterious angle. A row of knives on one side hit his ghosting shadow! It is Yang Guo who has never made a big leap! Yang Guo, though hiding from his heart, was shocked. Let him go out with a stroke and a stroke. He never took a step! The name of the second master of the monster beast of the sea clan really deserves its name!
Macro nine staring at this from dodging him a recruit human strong anger has been slowly replaced by calm, he really didn’t expect that such a master in human beings can avoid him almost with the peak of heaven and man! After calming down, Hongjiu knew that he would have a tough battle today, but he hasn’t fought a tough battle for a long time!
Two people through the first recruit temptation has been roughly aware of the opponent’s strength eyes happen to coincide to add a few minutes dignified, but both of them didn’t think they would lose Yang Guo because of his absolute strength macro nine hum how can the human strong beat the monster beast? What’s worse, I’m the super strong monster? Sadly, he didn’t realize that he was facing an immortal. Yes, he was really an immortal-level strong man in the early days of dominating immortals!
It is said that Yang Guoshi has been practicing two ways, one is that the spirit brings him thunder hegemony, and the other is "three-point free and unfettered work". When Yang Guo realized that "heaven and earth are heartless", he had initially mastered the essence of hegemony, which means that he has become an immortal master in the early stage of overbearing immortals, but his goal is not hegemony but Wan Daozu’s free and unfettered way.
It is said that although some people have created this "three-point free and unfettered work", the essence of this free and unfettered way has never been realized, that is to say, there is no one to become immortal by the free and unfettered way, because it is too difficult to understand the so-called Wan Daozu’s free and unfettered way, but Yang Guo has realized that this free and unfettered way can truly enter the immortal realm, so the birth of the strongest fortuneteller in history, Macro Nine, is even more unlucky to this "fake fortuneteller"
Yang Guo, who released their own momentum in the confrontation, did not make the move of "heaven and earth are heartless" so it would be boring if the opponent was scared to fight. Naturally, Hongjiu’s mouth showed a proud smile.
"Laugh, laugh, and wait for Xiao Ye to play enough to see if you can still laugh!" Yang Guo heart dark scold.
A new round of confrontation with the bloodthirsty blade, which is full of domineering knives, is attacking Yang Guo and going to Yang Guo, but it is like a lonely boat in the stormy waves. Although it is floating and dangerous, it is not heavy! However, Yang Guo Lingbo’s micro-steps, although from the heart, are extremely depressed. This disgusting guy actually makes that immature and overbearing in front of my eyes? If I didn’t want to gain a better understanding of Xiaoyao Road, how could I be beaten by your half-hanging bullying?
Macro nine more depressed at this time when he encountered this strange pace? He can recognize that the pace was made by that man hundreds of years ago, but isn’t that man dead? Others are so powerful? This point has far surpassed him in those days! Hey, I’ve cut hundreds of knives, and I haven’t even touched the corner of my clothes. How can I fight this one?
As time goes by, the old urchin’s lonely thoughts and saliva are constantly losing from their mouths. Don’t doubt that they are not asleep because their eyes are wide open. Of course, their mouths are also wide open. The source of their gaffe is the fight in the sky. Those two have to say that this battle is quite strange to outsiders. One person slashed with a knife, and the other person fought back. The other person is even more evil. He played a role in the "knife light knife shadow". I have to say that he has been quite successful in walking, because until now he has not lost even a corner.
"Uber Uber! Yang Guo is even more enchanting than that monster! " Dugunian wiped her mouth and drooled. Nai sighed, "But when will this happen?"
The little dragon girl looked at Yang Guo with tears in her eyes. Her acupuncture points were made by Yang Guo, but she could worry about nothing.
Dugunian glanced at her side and cried into tears. Little Dragon Girl Nai sighed, "Brother Yang, his younger sister, will be fine. I can see that this little one hasn’t tried his best yet! Hum! This little hiding is so deep that even we have been cheated! " Words "looked at the little dragon girl pear flower with rain but full of doubts eyes shook his head and then said," I’m afraid brother Yang has already broken through the fairy realm. Didn’t you see him "heartless" in a row? This point is to practice with that monster! Hey, people are more popular than people! "
Aside from the little dragon girl here, I see Ao Rou staring at the beautiful big eyes and looking straight at the battle. In their hearts, they are the masters of crossing the river to calm the human beings. Is it so bad? Well, I didn’t try my best. Macro Nine, this guy is the third best player in the world, but now he is being played … How strong is the strength of Grace Gong? Isn’t it a fairy?
38 overbearing is now shocking! ()
Did Yang Guozhen retain his strength as Lao Du said? Of course, he hasn’t even used his thunder ability yet! However, Yang Guo believes that he has reserved himself. Of course, this is martial arts.
Lingbo Micro-step is a kind of extremely enchanting kung fu. Yang Guo is now being beaten, which means that his reality is passive beating, but even so, Macro-nine can’t stand Lingbo Micro-step has already achieved him.
More than 2,000 moves have passed, and Macro Nine can see that this little thing will not hurt a finger on it. Although his own strength is much stronger than this little thing, it will never be finished. However, Macro Nine’s six years of experience in life warfare has been rich and varied. How can he see that you don’t come out? Yang Guo has always guided him to attack and made him fight without a knife. Macro Nine doesn’t know that there are people hiding there, but he can also feel that there are three people hiding there. He guessed them through Yang Guo’s reaction.
In the battle, Macro Nine suddenly took a strange turn of the body and came to the 6-angle azimuth behind Yang Guo, which made the little dragon girl Yang Guo Macro Nine form a three-point-one potential.
Yang Guo knew that it was not good when Hongjiu came to this position. He just wanted to move instantly, but he saw that Hongjiu had already roared "Blood shadow pole!" Then split out the strongest blow in the battle.
Yang Guo induced a behind and everyone knew that if he hid this, the little dragon girl and others behind him would inevitably die with a knife. Yang Guo was angry and he wouldn’t allow anyone to do any harm to the little dragon girl! So it took a lot of moves, and the battle was officially over.
I haven’t moved much for a long time. Reddan finally started to work crazily. Yang Guo’s right fist quickly condensed several tiny lux lights. Yang Guo looked at the extremely strong "blood shadow pole" with an expression, and raised his right fist lightly and spat "Red * rushing thunder fist!"
Yang Guo can see the irony in his opponent’s eyes, but he still has that happy and sad expression.
Seeing this, all the people put their hearts into their throats, but it’s too late for such a long distance … Little Dragon Girl even fainted when she saw this scene.
The two moves finally met. There was no earth-shattering sound or fantasy. It was as strange as the visual effect. The knife and fist were still.
Yang Guo looked at his opponent’s ugly face, which gradually changed color, and smiled contemptuously, only to see that the domineering knife suddenly disappeared. With the disappearance of the knife, the "bloodthirsty blade" also had a reddish light "Hua!" A glass-shattering magic weapon "bloodthirsty blade" finally completed its final mission to stop the immortal from hitting the master, and then the blade turned into bits and pieces and fell.
Macro nine trembled and looked at the handle left in his hand. "Magic" trembled and asked a word he didn’t want to admit. "Fairy … Fairy …? Overbearing … Overbearing immortal? "
Yang Guo’s answer is equal to the default "attempt to hurt dragon son people will die! I can let you know the moves to kill you. "As the words ended, Yang Guo raised his right hand again, but this time his hand was glowing blue.
"Blue * nine flashes!" Nine blue lights flashed nine dumpling heads and landed. Yang Guo didn’t lie to Macro Nine to let him know that his nine lives were all dead. A trick of "blue * nine flashes"
Seconds! The suspense spike shocked the audience, and the little dragon girl just woke up by the old urchin, but when she saw this scene, she couldn’t stop crying.
Yang Guo looked at the naked nine-headed dumpling body and frowned. He just spit out a sentence, "Let’s tell you this corpse-destroying trick. You are also a master of a generation after all." Then he raised his right hand to a row and said, "Purple * small punishment!"