Surprised, the monk quickly withdrew his flying sword and clapped his hands at Zhongyi. "I don’t know which Taoist friend is here, please show up!" The attitude of the old monk is very respectful, and it seems that he knows that he must have met a strong hand, and the actress who has made up his mind to fight to the death is also dismayed to look at the sky. Obviously, people are helping her. It is this little female ghost who really can’t think of anyone who will help her in the fix-up world.
Check the double shadow is no longer invisible and fly, and Yuntou, Yi Yu, can no longer pack large cloves of garlic, followed.
As soon as the monk saw Daocha Shuangying, his face changed. When he saw Yi Yu coming from behind again, he was even more frightened. Although Yi Yu is now a younger brother of Qingcheng Mountain, everyone knows that that guy is not a kind generation. Now he is with the old devil Cha Shuangying, but he doesn’t know what to hide.
Although his face is not right, the monk has been practicing for hundreds of years. He will never neglect his courtesy when he sees Cha Shuangying landing. "It turns out that Cha Daoyou’s poor monk is polite."
Cha Shuangying nodded his head, though a little contemptuous, but with his strength and qualifications, he was qualified to treat the monk like this.
When the monk saw that Yi Yu was flying, he quickly saluted. According to the seniority of Qingcheng Sect, the monk didn’t salute Yi Yu first, but now his strength is in place! Monk Meng just came back from Yuanjiang, but he saw Yi Yu and his two concubines with his own eyes and ruined the Daoji of Lingnan Baiyang Temple! Even the chivalrous monk Yifan failed to save him. Although the White Horse Temple is better than the White Sheep Temple, they don’t want to offend Yi Yu easily.
Yi Yu smiled and gave a way, "Master, don’t bother being original. This time it’s Brother Cha’s colleague …" Said a finger, "This girl is an old friend of Brother Cha, so let’s see what friends can say clearly! Don’t let a few irrelevant little people spoil our affection. "
Meng monk couldn’t help heart wry smile andao "what’s wrong with me today! How come you just came out and touched these two tough malefic! If these two people get involved in this matter, I’m afraid it’s even harder to be kind … "The monk Meng glanced at the three people behind him again." Don’t want these three irrelevant people to break my life! If you protect them, you will offend Cha Shuangying. If you put them away, you may be aware of the devil. This will make me so good! "
Just as the monk was hesitating, suddenly there came from the east to see the Buddha’s light and Sanskrit singing. It must be a Buddhist brother. There were more than thirteen people! Monk Meng, who walked in the Central Plains for many years, recognized at a glance that those who evaded light were brothers of Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountain, and that the pure cultivation of Buddha light was not weak.
The monk couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, he won’t recognize several Shaolin monks and be able to defeat Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu. Although those Shaolin monks are not weak, three or four of them are strong. Generally speaking, he is similar to others. If Cha Shuangying moves, I’m afraid he can’t resist the old devil’s killing, but now Shaolin Temple has come and the strength is much stronger than him. Naturally, it will be handed over and upset those Shaolin temple monks.
Although Cao Youling and Yi Yufei, the little female ghost, came to help her, Cao Youling’s eyes looked at them with caution. Obviously, she didn’t recognize the appearance of Cha Shuangying now.
Yi Yu tried to put on a friendly smile and leaned over and said, "Little sister, tell uncle what your name is!"
That Cao Youling saw Yi Yu with a wry smile and an evil light. He didn’t look like a good man at first sight. He couldn’t help but turn back two steps in fear and block the sword in front of him and stare at Yi Yudao. "You! Are you human? " If you want to know the aftermath, please go back to Take a Female Ghost as an Apprentice.
The three hundred and fiftieth time to accept a female the ghost as an apprentice.
When the little female ghost was in danger, Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu appeared, and it was easy to see others. The little female ghost was beautiful and wanted to seduce others with his charming smile, but Yi Yu laughed like the wolf, but she startled the sensitive little female ghost and looked at Yi Yu with a sword to protect herself.
Yi Yu pretended to be angry and said, "Why are you so polite to this little guy?" It’s chilling that you treat people like this when we come to help you! Hey! Come on, I want to help you rescue those trapped sisters and punish the culprit … "
Listen to Yi Yuyan that Cao Youling couldn’t help but eyes a bright but short and dim to low way "do you really want to help me? But … but I have no evidence that none of them believe me. "The snow-white cheeks actually rolled down with big drops of tears!
Yi Yu this fellow saw immediately gather together to put the little female ghost in her arms and gently caressed her thin sweet shoulder. The little female ghost seems to have suffered a lot of injustice and has been oppressed in her heart for a long time. Now, as soon as she found the vent, Cao Youling cried as soon as she "wow".
After crying for a long time, the little female ghost seems to feel that there is something wrong with crying in the arms of a stranger. This just gently pushed Yi Yushen, but looking at her reluctance, she should miss her father’s arms! Cao Youling choked, "But … but don’t want evidence. What do you want?"
Yi Yu smiled and patted the waist sword. "Your sword is fast and sharp enough! You can kill whoever you want! I don’t want any evidence if I kill Yi Yu! "
Cao Youling slightly one leng didn’t expect Yi Yu to say such a thing! At this moment, she seems to have gone back to more than 1000 years ago and secretly looked at her father and brother behind the door. "Be constant, my son (Cao), our Cao family must grasp the benefits and be profitable enough!" You can kill whoever you want! ….. "So similar words let Cao Youling actually feel some illusions and true feelings.
Yi Yu, of course, didn’t know what the little female ghost was thinking. "Little sister wants you to worship my teacher and I will teach you the fastest and sharpest sword!" You can kill whoever you want! "
The little female the ghost with a face of expectation color looked at Yi Yu and some worship "really? You didn’t lie to me! Dad said,’ What are you going to do to help me?’
Yi Yu was slightly annoyed at Cao Cao’s reckless teaching of children, but he shrugged his shoulders and smiled naively. "Since you don’t want to forget it anyway, I don’t have to accept you as an apprentice. It’s outrageous that I say it’s either rape or theft!"
At the sight of Yi Yu’s anger, Cao Youling was a little flustered. In fact, in her heart, she also felt that this was an opportunity to get rid of the present situation. Although she was still a girl’s mind, Cao Youling saw that Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu seemed to have a very high status, otherwise the hateful monk would not be so respectful to them. She knew that these monks were arrogant at ordinary times, but if she agreed to Cao Youling, she was afraid that she had just left the dragon pool and entered the lion’s den. What if Yi Yu was also a bad person?
But now Cao Youling can’t consider these things. If she gives up this opportunity, it’s hard to report her sisters’ electrocution. I’m afraid she will go back without authorization this time, and she will probably be severely punished. Cao Youling knelt down and called’ Master’ when she saw Yi Yu trying to take back her life.
Yi Yu smiled. He just retreated into the present. How can he be melodramatic when he sees a little female ghost hook? Hurry up and pick up Cao Youling, saying, "You are our second brother from now on, and there is a teacher elder sister named Qiu Zhixian in the sect … You are willing to join the Qingcheng School, but if you don’t want to meet anyone in the future, you can directly report your teacher’s name."
Cao Youling saw that Yi Yu spoke very kindly and asked in a low voice, "Linger doesn’t know the name of the master!"
Yi Yu laughed "by the way! My name is Yi Yu, and I am the younger brother of the Qingcheng School. Now the fix-up world has given me a nickname called demon fairy. "
Cao Youling murmured "demon fairy? It sounds very imposing, but how some don’t like a good man … "
Yi Yu face a black gently played a small female the ghost forehead Chen way "you this wench why so really! This kind of words is to know and not say it! Don’t you want master to spank you! "
Cao Youling blushed and blushed when he was furious. "No, I dare not after the music …" But in my heart, I felt that the master seemed quite kind and should not be a bad person.
Yi Yu couldn’t help feeling distressed when she saw this lovely little beauty timidly. It seems that she was bullied in the past. In fact, Yi Yu doesn’t know what happened. When she saw Cao Youling, she suddenly wanted to accept her apprentice. She just had a whim at the sight of this poor little thing and then said it. Now that she has done it, there is nothing to delve into.
Gently caressed Cao Youling forehead Yi Yu smiles to say "now that you have a word.
Tell the teacher what the hell is going on! If anyone bullies our teacher, it’s up to you! "
Cao Youling couldn’t help crying with tears in her eyes. "Master! Master … Boo hoo! " Didn’t say anything, but jumped into Yi Yu’s arms and burst into tears.
Yi Yu gently caressed the little female ghost’s shoulder and didn’t ask again. I think it’s a long story, not something that can be made clear in a few words.
This half-day Yi Yu is bullying and indulging to check the double shadow naturally, but he didn’t stop it. In the view of checking the double shadow, Yi Yu’s move is to look at him. After all, Yi Yu and Cao Cao didn’t accept Cao Youling, but he was kind to him. He was quite satisfied with Yi Yu’s performance. If it wasn’t Yi Yu, he really didn’t know how to arrange this Cao Youling after understanding it at this time.
However, Yi Yu has other plans of his own. It is true that Cao Youling is a part of him who is kind to Cha Shuangying, but this is unilateral. Now, if Cao Youling worships Cha Shuangying in Yi Yumen in the future, if he has something to do, he will surely miss the past and care about Yi Yu, but Yi Yu will not bear any responsibility. After all, Cha Shuangying is a stranger in Cao Youling’s eyes, and it happened that he is not good at revealing his true identity.
It is said that the Shaolin monks have arrived at this time, but they have directly fallen to the Luoyang prefect’s side. If it is normal, these Shaolin monks should remain neutral or be Zen monks after they don’t know what happened, but now they have directly arrived at the prefect’s side. It seems that they have long known this person, but it is not surprising that Shaolin Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the Central Plains, and it is not an anecdote to make friends with officialdom people by taking a secular route with some special magic.
At this time, when I saw so many helpers coming to Shaolin Temple, the prefect of Luoyang also cheered up. In the eyes of these mortals, almost all monks are immortals, and there is no high score. Just now it was one against three, and now it is fourteen against three, so the prefect took it for granted that they had the advantage.
Will see that was debauchery to pay the body of the young man a huanshi up and folded way "allow the uber! Go back! My uncle is kind-hearted and good at living, and asks all the masters to temporarily collect thunderbolt magic and spare your life, otherwise you will be beheaded … "
As soon as I heard the fool talking nonsense, the monk and the monks in Shaolin Temple all turned pale, and the prefect of Luoyang felt a little bad when he was shocked. This old fox has been hanging around in officialdom for many years, but it is not his nephew who can’t do anything without eating enough. Don’t just say that the monk saw the monks coming to Shaolin Temple, but he didn’t see the slightest color. The prefect felt that although the number was dominant, they still seemed to have no chance to win the prefect. Will roll with the punches, let the female ghost and Yi Yu and others leave, and then go back to the secret room to deal with all the female ghosts imprisoned inside. If he comes back in the future, he will just give him a dead denial, but the young man is presumptuous and leads things to the Jedi.
At this time, the young man was still talking nonsense, saying, "If you leave that little bitch today, I will kill the people!"
Cao Youling saw so many monks coming, and she was a little scared. She usually practiced in the tomb of North Mangshan Mountain, and she had never heard of Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu’s place names. Moreover, ghost cultivation fell by Cao Youling’s hard work, but it was also difficult to climb those things in Daya Gallery. She naturally didn’t know that now seeing the enemy come so many helpers, she couldn’t help feeling guilty. In fact, Cao Youling’s determination to die is nothing, but now she is involved in other people, which makes her feel a little sorry.
Cao Youling looked at Yi Yudao timidly. "Master … they are coming!" In fact, how can Yi Yu not see it? But this little ghost really doesn’t know what to say!
Yi Yu sneer at a glance in the cold light flashing heart andao "it seems that I this new land acquisition little disciple and some don’t believe in the master! In that case, it seems that I have to show my strength to this little girl, otherwise how can she worship me? If you don’t worship my master, it will be a bit sad! "
Thought of here, Yi Yu couldn’t help but smile. He is a timid guy who is not afraid of something and is afraid of things. He will see Yi Yu’s mind moving. Suddenly, the white light flashes and there is no trace. Almost at the same time, Yi Yu waved his hand and actually caught a person!
No, but the monks were also shocked by Yi Yulu’s skill. Although the other person is a mortal, he can be so humble in the eyes of so many extraordinary monks that he will receive a person when everyone has no reaction.
It is amazing! In fact, it’s not difficult for Yi Yu. He earned it in the Pure Land of Blissfulness and then grabbed it from the inside.
Yi Yu sneer at a casually threw the stunned boy into the tunnel "the son who is a teacher to send you a gift! Draw out the sword and cut this fellow, and also calculate the evil spirit. "
Cao Youling stared at the frightened teenager but didn’t know it was so good at the moment! This change is a little too sudden, from just dying to now, the reversal of attack and defense is trying to seize the enemy’s life, which makes the little female ghost somewhat unacceptable. After all, she has not felt this superiority for a long time since her father left.
Yi Yu see Cao Youling along while have no action smiles to say "what? Don’t I want to kill this man and dirty my little hands? Do you need a teacher to do it for you But if you want master to do something for you, you have to say something nice and ask for it! "
Cao Youling didn’t return to absolute being, so she quickly drew out her sword and pushed her past this proud opportunity. How could she miss it!
When the young man saw Cao Youling’s sword coming, he was scared out of his wits and panicked and cried, "No! You can’t kill me! My master is the Taoist priest of the Qing Palace. If you kill me, his old man will be furious! You can’t kill me! Master! Master, help! "