Yang Guo people have been camping for nearly a month, and they have long wanted to find a place to take a hot bath. The old man said nothing, and they didn’t say much. Zhenyuan disappeared at the foot of Hengshan Mountain.
A farce is playing in an unknown town on the Henan border.
"Don’t run away and return the old money!" A 6-foot tall man with a big waist runs as fast as a Hummer.
"Bah, I lost money to me and want to go back? I have never seen you so lai! " The speaker is an 11-year-old boy with sloppy clothes and thin body, but he runs like Liu Xiang and is flexible and changeable, but he falls farther and farther behind him.
"Nonsense this money is you steal me! Whoo-hoo … You live here! Shout … "The big fellow looked at the figure getting farther and farther away from himself in a hurry.
"I steal you? Hum, what certificate do you take? You have been chasing me from the casino to the present point just to get back the money you lost to me! " The boy is so strong that the big fellow is so tired that he is panting, but he is powerless. Even this sentence is a teasing tone
"You … shout, you little king calf shout, grandpa’s money is … shout, the wallet that the casino throws around your waist … shout, it’s grandpa!" The poor man showed signs of exhaustion, and the speed has slowed down.
"Hum, it’s your big bully. I won’t play with you!" The young man’s words suddenly accelerated, but the big fellow was dumbfounded and ran away and disappeared.
When people around you saw that there was no excitement to see, they dispersed in the street. There was a big man sitting on the street and crying. He really didn’t lie. He won the bulging purse in the casino today. As a result, the money was stolen that day before it was warm in his hand. It was even more shameful that this big man was the only martial arts coach in this town. As a result, today the thief was a pervert, but he tried his best to chase it, but it was also getting farther and farther. It was even more exasperating that the little man led him to run around the town for three times. He was so tired and panting, but he seemed to be The most exasperating thing is that I didn’t know that the little gift was powerless until the end. "Oh, my God, you can kill me with a lightning strike!" The big fellow thinks so.
The other protagonist of the town farce is now humming a ditty and skipping along the path in the Woods next to the town. When you look closely, you can see that the little boy is really handsome and handsome, and his smart big eyes are even more radiant. When he grows up, he is definitely not a handsome guy in Yang Guo. But what are they doing together in the lower abdomen?
"Wow, hahaha, 3, 2, 3, 2, I have never seen so much money in my life." So small, it turned out to be counting money
"Well, it’s absolutely enough to find Li Langzhong so much money to treat his sister." Knowing that he made a big profit, the teenager immediately stepped up his pace and rushed to another town to answer his mouth that Li Langzhong was living in that town.
"Li Langzhong Li Langzhong shutter, I …"
"Why are you young again?" As the gate hit a head with a moustache and leaned out to see outsiders, he left such a sentence.
"Li Langzhong, please save my sister. I have brought money this time." It turns out that this is the boy who stole money.
"Well, it’s not that I don’t save your sister, but it’s a long way. Now that most of the days have passed, I still have other patients who can’t … er, actually, I still have a lot of coughs today. Well, I’ll take a trip with you now to make money for the treatment." Then I took two silvers from the teenager and went back to carry a small medicine box happily.
Walk in front of the young man said is lamented in the heart, "what is not when I don’t have money? Fortunately, I was clever enough to leave a silver or I was greedy by this black-hearted doctor. "
There is a simple log cabin in the forest on the border of Henan Province. Although the log cabin is simple, its surroundings are clean and tidy, and it is not shabby at all. The forest log cabin constitutes an excellent seclusion.
When you zoom in, you can see that there is an old axe in the small courtyard. The axe has been unable to find its blade, but the pile of firewood beside the axe is as smooth as a mirror, which proves that the axe can be edged. To be exact, it should be a sharp axe.
The camera turns to the fog in the wooden house. The facilities are very simple. An irregular Xiao Mu table, two small wooden chairs, a big vat filled with water, a big wooden bucket, stones piled up into a big stove, a big iron pot and a big bed with a burning stove.
The bed is big enough to sleep three people, but now there is a little girl with a pink carving and jade carving lying on the bed. The little girl is about one year old. Her face is pink and tender, and the phoenix eye is very beautiful. She has eyes, eyebrows, curved eyes and a charming nose. A small mouth is like a cherry, red and tender. When she grows up, she is definitely a beautiful woman. But at this time, the little girl is slightly wrinkled and trembling, as if she is suffering a lot.
"Sister, I will li card shark, please! You are saved! " Excitedly, children’s voices entered the bed, and the girl’s ears heard shouting that her eyebrows were scattered, and she smiled sweetly and weakly and asked, "Brother, where did you get a silver card shark?" The girl’s voice is small, but my brother outside the hospital actually heard it clearly and immediately replied, "Silver is what I earn now. It’s important that you don’t worry about so many things." After that, people have already appeared in the house.
The girl looked at the door and smiled sweetly. "Brother, don’t work too hard. Murphy is fine."
"Ha my body you don’t know? Did your brother ever get tired? You are my sister Mo Fei, and I won’t let you suffer. "Then I turned to the door and shouted," Li Langzhong, can you hurry up? " This boy named Murphy is the one who stole money to hire a doctor, but this brother and sister are interesting, and it is easy to get confused when they shout with different names.
"Come, come, shout, you are small … shout … running faster than a rabbit is really … shout is really killing me!" About 4 years old, Li Langzhong entered the room with a small medicine box on his back and complained about Mo Fei in front of him.
"Run two steps more afraid of? Come and see what’s wrong with my sister? " Murphy saw that Li Langzhong had arrived and couldn’t wait to pull him up and take him to his sister’s bed.
Li Langzhong didn’t even give himself a dirty look when he saw Murphy take a breath, but it’s not good for him to take a deep breath and take a pulse for Murphy because he has already taken the money.
"Huh?" The sound of indecision came from Li Langzhong’s mouth, when he saw that his eyebrows were wrinkled and he breathed a sigh of relief, and then he waved his hand at the eager Mo Fei and gasped for several breaths before he patted his chest. When he saw Mo Fei, he was so weak that he couldn’t compete with the big fellow who chased him at noon
When Li Langzhong came along, he frowned and asked Murphy a few questions and got answers. After a long time, Li Langzhong took one look and clenched his fist tightly. Murphy took out a sigh, shook his head and sighed, "I have never heard of this disease, but I have never seen it before. You’d better invite someone else!"
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Mo Fei looked at his hands with more than 200 taels of silver, and he couldn’t be happy and desperate. He glanced at Li Langzhong’s slightly declining back, and the energetic teenager could no longer bear the blow and collapsed for the first time.
"Brother, don’t be sad, Murphy is fine." The director and sister persuaded the brother to be hurt. Mohist left two brothers and sisters to live together. The only relative who was seriously ill brought a great blow to Mo Fei’s young mind. However, his sister never did a bad thing. Mo Fei resolutely carried out her first theft and stole money, and her sister was saved. I didn’t know that this strange disease even the most famous doctor Li in the neighborhood could not recognize it. I hope that when w w w became desperate, even if Mo Fei was optimistic, he could not afford it. He was a child.
Looking at squatting and crying silently, my brother Murphy’s pain in his heart far exceeds his physical pain. Since he suddenly contracted this strange disease seven days ago, his brother has been busy on his own. He begged Li Langzhong several times to treat himself, but he was pushed off by Li Langzhong because he had no money. Yesterday, his brother said that he would make a lot of money to treat himself. Today, he invited Li Langzhong, but I was sick …