Zhu Yin’s vicious tactics are not unheard of. Zhu Yin’s attempt to kill him is beyond doubt, and it is not wrong for him to protect himself and live. However stupid he is, he will not be so stupid as to betray Zhu Yin’s attempt to seek Zhu Yin’s protection.
Because he still has his parents at home, and even one of them has just passed the door * If he really dares to poke out Zhu Yinzhen’s story, he will be killed if he doesn’t say that he is dead.
If it’s neglecting military discipline and absent without leave, it won’t be clubbed to death as usual. At most, it’s a military punishment. The small captain of the Guards is stuffed with paste and suddenly becomes obsessed
"You keep saying that it is this group of captors who oppress the people first, and then you can tell me what the specific situation is. If they really manage the people, the king will never spare them!" Zhu Yinzhen’s last sentence was particularly heavy, and he also gave the wind shadow a malicious stare.
Zhu Yinzhen never expected the squad leader of the Guards to stab Zhu Yinzhe directly, so the game would be too boring.
Zhu Yinzhe is thoughtful and good at strategy. To deal with people like him, you have to grind it slowly until he loses his mind and loses his temper. Otherwise, it is not easy to catch him!
It’s not without reason that Zhu Yin’s pleat has been able to coax Zhu Yin’s qi into being watertight for so many years. Every time Zhu Yin Zhen wakes up Zhu Yin’s pleat is not a good person, Zhu Yin’s pleat always finds a way to get rid of itself perfectly, and then, in turn, puts the charge of provocation on Zhu Yin’s head. This shows that Zhu Yin’s pleat can be as good as
Feng Ying touched his nose a little bit, and found that "Wang Ye’s children didn’t oppress the people, they just acted impartially to catch the people who made trouble."
"Shut up! Did Wang ask you anything? " Zhu Yinzhen drank the wind shadow coldly and expressed all kinds of dissatisfaction with his unauthorized answer.
The wind shadow opened his mouth with a shout, touched his nose and shut his mouth with a grievance.
"You answer" is different when facing the wind shadow. Zhu Yinzhen is really gentle with the captain of the Guards.
Seeing Zhu Yinzhen’s intention to come to his side, the guard captain was relieved on the one hand, and secretly annoyed on the other. The so-called troublemaker in this wind shadow mouth is that Zhu Yinpleat arranged the door to mourn the family members of the guards, and it is reasonable for the government to arrest them. Although they are rude to those mourning families, they are really justified.
What really matters is whether they meddle in the affairs of the guards or whether it’s a trivial matter. What matters more is that he admitted their two dead guards before the wind shadow. This is the trouble.
"Back to the report is ….. it is someone who is mourning around here, so they disturb Mu Wangfu’s quiet and deliberately make trouble to arrest them … it is to see that they are disrespectful to the deceased, but they are rude to the bereaved families … it is a great tragedy for white-haired people to send black-haired people, but they are … it is true that they can’t see the past, and they can’t help but dissuade them before bullying people … but who knows that they not only don’t listen to dissuasion, but also threaten to disturb the public with knives.
Can’t say and can’t say that the small captain of the Guards kept his head down and talked like a book, hiding and hesitating to tell a general story.
Zhu Yinzhen, the captain of the Guards, frowned. "What do you mean is that someone was arrested by a ghost house near Wang Wangfu and was ordered to drive people away. You resisted the injustice and tried to dissuade them before meddling. As a result, you both fought without a word?"
"Yes!" The head of the small guard captain hung lower, and he replied in a small way. He was afraid that Zhu Yinzhen would ask who was swinging, and he was even more afraid that Zhu Yinzhen would ask them about the dead.
"Is that so?" Zhu Yinzhen took a look at the wind shadow with eyebrows.
"Back to the report is almost like this." The wind shadow didn’t explain too much and approved the long story of the Guard squad.
"Nonsense!" Zhu Yinzhen thundered, "You are the guardians of the people, how can you be rude to the people? Is this how Li Mu taught you? "
To the surprise of the guard captain, Zhu Yinzhen, instead of asking someone to put a spirit at the door of Muwangfu, investigated the attitude of the captors.
Wind shadow first one leng and then quickly defended "Mu Wang Yecha! The children are not reasonable to the people. The adults received a report that the group of people deliberately carried coffins and mourned at the entrance of Muwangfu. It was a group of people who deliberately made trouble. Wu Hezhong adults knew that today was the anniversary of the death of Empress Hua in Muwangfu, and even the Empress came. This ordered the children to catch those people in a hurry. They were afraid that if they didn’t drive them away as soon as possible, they would collide with Empress Hua and Empress Wang … "
Carrying a coffin and mourning at the door of Muwangfu? ! Queen Ji’s eyes suddenly sank. Whether those people have the heart to make trouble is obviously self-evident.
See the wind shadow directly intercede with Queen Ji over himself. Zhu Yinzhen said that he must be held accountable. "How bold you are to dare to justify …"
Zhu Yinzhen didn’t finish a word. Queen Ji interrupted Zhu Yinzhen’s words and asked calmly, "What about those troublemakers?" Queen Ji looked around and didn’t see the so-called coffins and mourners.
The wind shadow pretended to look at Zhu Yinzhen in fear and looked at Empress Ji carefully. "If you go back to Empress, I’m afraid they have polluted the Empress’s eyes and have ordered my colleagues to take them back to the yamen first."
"Nonsense! Wang thinks you must have made it up! " Zhu Yinzhen glared and said that the wind shadow words were not credible. "No coffin, no one, you are what you say?"
"Every sentence in Muwangye’s novel is true. Muwangfu guards and onlookers can prove it!" It’s a pity that Emma and her family don’t play properly! Scold him so vividly! "Wang Ye was so big that two coffins were facing the door of Muwangfu, and no matter how high it was, you couldn’t make flowers!"
Two coffins! Empress Ji got up in a rage and angered the guards at Muwangfu. "Can this happen?"
The guards looked at each other and knelt down. "It’s true when you return to the Empress."
"Ridiculous! You have reported such a big thing? " Queen Ji was so angry that she felt that all kinds of dereliction of duty of these guards should be dragged to the top ten boards!
"Mother calm down! Is male and female servants don’t let them disturb the report and the mother "mouth is Shen Menglu Shen Menglu gently hold the queen’s arm soft mouth" mother guards found troublemakers have informed male and female servants for the first time, today is the anniversary of the death of Princess Huafei, male and female servants ordered people to report the case to the prefect’s adult "
"Mother also asked the mother not to punish these loyal and fast-catching guards. It was all the fault of the male and female servants, and it was the improper handling of the male and female servants that caused the scene to fall into chaos. The male and female servants begged the mother to punish them!" Shen Menglu said, and committed himself to kneel down at Queen Ji.
Today, 6,000 yuan is offered!
Look at the parents, poke a lot, bubble a lot. 31 Every cause has its consequences! (6+)
"Mother also asked the mother not to punish these loyal and fast-catching guards. It was all the fault of the male and female servants, and it was the improper handling of the male and female servants that caused the scene to fall into chaos. The male and female servants begged the mother to punish them!" Shen Menglu said, and committed himself to kneel down at Queen Ji.
After hearing this, Queen Ji first stood one leng and then quickly held Shen Menglu’s squat body. "Punish what? Mu Fei, what are you doing? "
If the informant is Shen Menglu, then everything can be explained. Shen Menglu Ji Wenhua’s death anniversary is already broken, and now she has to face a group of people who deliberately make trouble. This is the real difficulty. It has been ten weeks since Shen Menglu took the overall situation into consideration and decided to hand over the group of people to the Gyeonggi government.
"Mu Fei, you did a good job!" Empress Ji’s throat is a little sore, and her pity for Shen Menglu has deepened a bit. "Good boy is hard for you!"