"Sister Shen, why are you here?" Will meet Shen Menglu Jingxuan surprised as Shen Menglu’s sentence: Sister Shen exports Jingxuan Ma realized that she had a slip of the tongue and blushed and stammered, "No, no, no, Sister Shen should be a mother … a mother … a princess …"
An awkward mother princess Jingxuan struggled for a long time before finally shouting complete. It’s not just calling people awkward, but listening to people is also very awkward. I don’t know that Jingxuan is Shen Menglu before Zhu Yinqi’s son. This is now that I hear Jingxuan’s sentence, the mother princess Shen Menglu suddenly feels that everything is wrong.
"Jingxuan appellation is just that you don’t care. I’m still used to hearing you call me Sister Shen and feel more cordial." Shen Menglu walked beside Jingxuan and habitually touched his head.
"But … the emperor’s grandmother and grandfather …" Jingxuan privately, of course, also prefers to call Shen Menglu, a sister of Shen, but he hesitated because of the pressure put on him by Emperor Dezong and Empress Ji.
"It’s not a palace here, and now there are no outsiders. Your grandmother and grandfather can’t hear you without long ears. You have to worry so much." Shen Menglu smiled at Jingxuan and glanced at the table. The painting has not yet taken shape, which changed the subject. "Did you come here early this morning without practicing?"
"Sister Shen Jingxuan hasn’t been lazy. Jingxuan has been very concerned about practicing!" Jing Xuan said and raised her arm. "Sister Shen, don’t you realize that I’m getting stronger?" Jingxuan said to Shen Menglu that he was lazy and didn’t practice.
"Hehe, it is really strong and tall!" Children need to encourage Shen Menglu to kindly agree to the indisputable fact that Jingxuan is diligent.
"Really? I am really tall? " Jingxuan’s eyes lit up. "Sister Shen, do you think I can catch up soon?"
One of the reasons why Yan Qingluo refused Jingxuan was that Jingxuan was not as tall as her.
"Young ladies don’t marry short people!" Yan Qingluo’s cocky little figure deeply impressed Jingxuan and deeply stimulated Jingxuan in his mind.
Jing Xuan’s biggest goal now is to practice martial arts hard and grow taller. When he is well-proportioned in martial arts, he can go and get that little witch back with confidence!
Collar? Yan Qingluo! Shen Menglu glanced at Jingxuan in amazement and then at the table painting "Jingxuan, are you painting a winding?" Although the table painting is not yet formed, it can be seen that Jing Xuan is painting a female outline
Jing Xuan Yan Qingluo feud Shen Menglu knows something. These two people are a pair of happy friends, but Jing Xuan’s hair has not yet grown up. The kid has such a persistent attachment to Yan Qingluo, which really makes Shen Menglu sigh that ancient dolls are precocious!
It’s unusual for Jingxuan to scare the little witch Yan Qingluo back to Yan’s door to hide, but it’s not easy for Jingxuan to get a beautiful woman back because Yan Qingluo hit the fate. The elders of Yan’s door can’t wait to keep Yan Qingluo away from the royal family. How can they hand Yan Qingluo over to Jingxuan? But in a way, Yan’s elders should thank Jingxuan. At least he can make the restless little witch stay in Yan’s door and stop running around and causing trouble.
The thought of Yan Qingluo and Shen Menglu’s heart softening makes others feel headache. For Shen Menglu, the little witch is like a sweet little cotton-padded jacket, which can always bring her surprises and sunshine. Speaking of it, she hasn’t seen Yan Qingluo for a long time, and she still misses this little witch.
"Not Sister Shen" Jingxuan was slightly shy at first, but when the painting was not finished on the table, it was replaced by a kind of limited melancholy attachment "Sister Shen Jingxuan painted my mother’s princess"
Draw Ji Wenhua? ! Shen Menglu face the original gentle smile suddenly stiff "so that’s it! Does Jing Xuan miss your mother? "
Jing Xuan turned out to be Ji Wenhua and Zhu Yinqi! When thinking about this matter, Shen Menglu found it hard to believe and unbearable. Shen Menglu quietly took back the original shoulder of Jingxuan and clenched his fist consciously, trying not to let his strange emotions reveal 8 dreams and decided to hold a death day for Huafei! (6+)
Think? Jingxuan shook his head. "To tell you the truth, Sister Shen, I can’t quite remember my mother princess."
When Ji Wenhua died, Jing Xuan was only five years old. Although the memory of a five-year-old child has taken shape, it has faded after years of deep memory. One day, after these years, Jing Xuan’s life has not been so smooth, and few people remember that Ji Wenhua’s impression of Ji Wenhua has long been blurred.
"If you can’t remember clearly, why do you still force yourself to draw?" Shen Menglu looked at the table and the ink was not dry. The mood was very complicated. The outline of the female base had come out. Only the facial features were still white. When she entered the door, she saw Jingxuan’s eyebrows and thought hard. Was it because she couldn’t remember Ji Wenhua’s appearance that she hesitated?
"Sister Shen will be the memorial day of the mother princess in a few days. Jingxuan will draw a portrait of the mother princess at this time every year." Jingxuan explained with all her heart. "But in previous years, Jingxuan painted with her father. Although she couldn’t remember the appearance of the mother princess, her father remembered that her father had instructed Jingxuan to paint before. Recently, because her uncle and aunt were concerned about these things, her father wanted to try painting by himself, but Jingxuan could not do it alone!" Jingxuan’s tone was full of disappointment and regret.
How many days ago does Zhu Yinzhen paint for Ji Wenhua every year? ! Hear JingXuan Shen Menglu feel chest like being ruthlessly rolled a punch causing pain.
"Since you paint every year, why don’t you just find out the reference of the previous painting? Suffer yourself," Shen Menglu suggested, brimming with discomfort and tenderness.
But Jingxuan was even more morose when he heard this from Shen Menglu. "Sister didn’t know that those paintings were burned to the mother princess on the day of her death, and it may not be possible to find the old ones."
Burned? ! Shen Menglu’s eyes are dark, and he draws a picture by himself every year as a sacrifice, which shows that Zhu Yinzhen has a good heart for Ji Wenhua!
"Everything burned? If you look carefully again, you may be able to find one or two. "Zhu Yinzhen’s thoughts on Ji Wenhua Shen Menglu never believed that he would burn all the portraits of Ji Wenhua. I’m afraid they were secretly collected!"
JingXuan is hesitant "elder sister father don’t like others rummaging through his things …"
Someone else? Shen Menglu picked his eyebrows. "Jingxuan, I, are you also someone else?"
Jingxuan was speechless. I don’t know what to answer Jingxuan. She looks into Shen Menglu. Although he is young, he is very intelligent.
Although Shen Menglu has always been generous, no matter how generous a woman is, she will become narrow-minded when she meets love. If a woman eats vinegar again, she will lose her mind. Jing Xuan likes Shen Menglu very much. He doesn’t want to see Shen Menglu fall out with Zhu Yinzhen because she has died.
"Sister shen or forget it! My father should go back to Jingxuan in these two days, or wait until my father comes back to paint! " Jingxuan decisively let go of the brush and rejected Shen Menglu’s proposal.
Shen Menglu’s eyes flashed and Jingxuan refused to find it, which aroused her curiosity. I’m afraid Jingxuan is afraid that she will not find it, but that she will understand when she sees Zhu Yinzhen’s portrait.
"By the way, Sister Shen, why did you come here?" Jingxuan was afraid that Shen Menglu would ask Ji Wenhua about the portrait and quickly changed the subject. Of course, he was really curious about the reason why Shen Menglu appeared in Zhihua Palace.
Shen Menglu saw through Jingxuan’s mind at a glance. Since Jingxuan didn’t want to find a painting, Shen Menglu didn’t force her to smile at Jingxuan gently, and then told a lie without jumping in the face. "I’m afraid your father won’t be able to prepare for your mother’s princess’s death, so I’ll come and see if I can help you. I didn’t expect to meet you. This is good. Jingxuan might as well tell her sister what you did in previous years."
Real Zhu Yinzhen never told Shen Menglu about Ji Wenhua’s death day. If it weren’t for Jingxuan’s talk about Shen Menglu, he wouldn’t know that Shen Menglu came to this Zhihua Palace to investigate Ji Wenhua. However, since he met Jingxuan’s accident and learned about her death day, Shen Menglu temporarily decided to copy the death day for Ji Wenhua and she personally presided over it.
If we start with Jing Xuan, we should be able to understand Ji Wenhua more intuitively and comprehensively. Do you know Zhu Yinzhen and Ji Wenhua’s past? !
"Sister Shen, you … you want to celebrate the anniversary of my mother’s death?" Jingxuan was surprised to hear Shen Menglu’s words.
"Why? Not good? " Shen Menglu raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is Jing Xuan not happy for me to disturb your father to pay homage to Hua Fei?"
"No … no … of course not." Jingxuan quickly denied it and then carefully tested it. "Is elder sister telling the truth? Does my sister really want to help my mother-in-law celebrate her death? "
"Yeah, really" Shen Menglu lightly answered a bunch of Ji Wenhua’s death day, which was true, so he didn’t really mean it. Shen Menglu gave an answer.
"Is Jingxuan suspecting that I have ulterior motives?" Shen Menglu looked straight at Jingxuan, and her eyes dimmed a little. Shen Menglu always liked Jingxuan, but she never thought about replacing Ji Wenhua’s position in Jingxuan’s heart. But personally feeling that her position in Jingxuan’s heart was far less than Ji Wenhua’s made her feel a little sad.