After a late arrival, Gao Chen has gained 5 more experiences. This experience seems to be quite a lot, but it is not enough to upgrade to the next level. That’s because this 14-level to 15-level experience needs 3. Seeing this number, Gao Chen knows that this is the same as "Weight". Every level wants about 15 times the experience of the first level, so it will be a huge amount of experience when it comes to the back. There are various ways to add experience in the previous game. But what about this world? Although it is said that practicing martial arts and magic can increase experience, you can add a little poor experience in this hour, which is really astronomical compared with the experience required for upgrading. Gao Chen is more and more afraid that this is not a game!
But what can I do? There is a saying that life is like rape. Since you can’t resist, enjoy it! If this is really not a game, there is still the biggest difference from the previous game, that is, the previous game can be played for so long every day, and no game can be played for one generation, but now it is different. If this is a real world, how many levels can the world upgrade if it is upgraded in one year? Level 1 or level 1? Don’t worry about all this. What we have to do now is to upgrade to the next level. Besides, it takes too much experience to upgrade to the next level. It seems that it is not that simple!
After dinner, Gao Jianfeng asked him how he had a rest last night, but he didn’t say anything. However, Gao Chen didn’t want to say anything. At this time, he wanted to go to Hengduan Forest to kill some monsters, even if he had less experience and needed more experience. It didn’t accumulate bit by bit. From yesterday, Gao Chen learned that he was cheap and dad really sent someone to protect him. Although Gao Chen might not be able to keep any secrets around him, since he wanted to let Gao Jianfeng send him out, this person should be regarded as one of his own, and the key point is that Gao Chen’s so-called exposure is that his level is Maybe it’s just that you can find yourself practicing magic and martial arts! The double cultivation of magic weapons in this continent is not no, but also a lot of them are either absolutely strong or a melee is not as good as a warrior’s far battle as a magician’s garbage. After all, the need for double cultivation of magic weapons is not the cultivation of magic talent, but rather the unyielding perseverance, because they want to be strong and need to pay twice as much as ordinary people!
Soon Gao Chen once again came to the place where Gao Menglian was defeated yesterday. After he knew this position, he couldn’t go any further. Although there was little chance of a fourth-order Warcraft, that didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen. If it did happen and it wasn’t the gentle Warcraft of a four-eared rabbit, it would definitely be a tragedy for Gao Chen. At this distance, Gao Chen moved horizontally to find prey. Although he learned the poison technique, he couldn’t display it because there was no poison. Gao Chen was eager to blame and hoped to explode two packs of poison for him. And Gao Chen had an idea that this world poison could be used.
First of all, the information obtained by a reconnaissance technique is wolf level 1 and life 1, and he has nothing. The level 1 wolf is not a threat to Gao Chen now. First, a fireball shoots at it, and a-7 number floats up. Then Gao Chen rushes over to a basic fencing skill to turn this wolf into experience! At this time, the wolf can give him experience and pity. Gao Chen knows that this is because he is higher than the wolf for many reasons. After thinking about it, Gao Chen decides not to fire when he meets the wolf. This is because the proficiency of basic fencing is far from reaching the first level …
So Gao Chen looked for wolves again and slowly died. There were more and more wolves in Gao Chen’s hands, and the proficiency of basic swordsmanship also slowly increased. Suddenly Gao Chen met a level of 15 wolf reconnaissance. Gao Chen saw that the wolf level was actually 15, but the name was still a wolf. This surprised Gao Chen and thought to himself, is this the same as the previous game? This wolf is an elite, thinking that it can be manually but it didn’t stop, but it still didn’t make the fireball hand say hello to the basic swordsmanship.
During the battle, Gao Chen discovered that this 15-level wolf is many times stronger than ordinary wolves in all aspects, and his life is 3 points. Gao Chen’s basic swordsmanship can also take away 3 points of his life. That is to say, it takes at least 10 swords to turn this wolf into experience. However, Gao Chen is not at all careless, but he is looking forward to more wolves. Because ordinary wolves and his hands will last up to three, which is really too slow for practicing basic swordsmanship proficiency. At the same time, Gao Chen has not forgotten that he can face a wolf when practicing posture.
But now I can’t, because this elite wolf is much more agile than ordinary wolves, and it moves almost twice as fast. During the war, Gao Chen was caught once, which made Gao Chen pay a little life. Yes, it reduced his life a little. Gao Chen didn’t rest assured that even a cure can add at least 5 life, which can save a little. You know, killing wolves with lower levels than yourself doesn’t explode anything! A wolf turned and stabbed this 15-level elite, and he fell down and contributed 3 points of experience to Gao Chen. This is not what made Gao Chen happy. The important thing is that he also contributed a piece of equipment to Gao Chen, and it takes 15 levels to make it work. Of course, there are still a few gold coins missing!
This Gao Chen is even more looking forward to the emergence of this elite wolf. The experience is not very fast, but the proficiency of basic swordsmanship is rapidly increasing. After a few hours, Gao Chen’s basic swordsmanship finally reached the first level. This is really not easy. If the level of the game is 14, there are two levels of basic swordsmanship, but the proficiency here is less, but the level is still low, which makes Gao Chen feel very embarrassed. The more he feels that this world is not the strange game that can’t be killed! It seems that the main way to upgrade the world is to practice martial arts!
I don’t know how long it took me to kill a wolf. In this middle school, Gao Chen met several elite wolves again. The experience is still the same every 3 o’clock. Unfortunately, not every one can bring him equipment. One time, it was strange to give him a bss roll. This made Gao Chen very angry. Although he wanted to tear this scroll to see if it would be sent to the bss paradise in China, he thought about it, but he gave up. If he did, he would be killed. If he was randomly sent, he didn’t know where he would be sent. How to say it is also good to have this thing.
Once again, when the elite wolf fell, a wind blade attacked Gao Chen, because it came so suddenly that Gao Chen didn’t come to avoid a-88 number floating from Gao Chen’s head, which made Gao Chen startled. You know how much life Gao Chen had at this time? Two more times, you’ll kill yourself and give yourself a cure at the same time. At this time, I feel like I jumped at this ghost and a fireball shot at it. I turned around and found that it was still a wolf. The difference is that this wolf is a little too big, and it is actually the size of a cow! …
The information obtained by a reconnaissance technique in the past is the weakness of the wolf’s level of life, skill and blade … and the level of reconnaissance is still too low to see the weakness, but Gao Chen knows that this is hard to come by. At least, it is better than not knowing anything. Gao Chen dare not have the slightest carelessness in facing the wolf. There is a big difference in levels in the game, which means that the attack bonus of high level is 6 levels to low level. Although this bonus is not much now, his own attack will be weakened. In this way, this wolf will be much stronger than ordinary wolves! A fireball killed the wolf by 15 points, which made Gao Chen very naive.
But I’m afraid I can’t break the defense game. Gao Chen said that if I can break the defense without being killed, I can’t blame him! Although when it comes to this world, Gao Chen has a lot of worries because he doesn’t know if he can be resurrected after he dies, when he is attacked by this wolf, Gao Chen suddenly finds that he seems to be back in the game!
Gao Chen yelled at a pair of wolves who came at him again with a fireball, and then a big chop at his waist took away the fireball belt and took away the wolf’s life by 15 points again, which made the wolf’s hair a little burnt, which made the wolf angry and howl. Although I don’t know what happened, I can’t avoid this fireball, but the wolf knew that he must kill this damn guy. Instead of hitting the target, the wolf got a sword again, which made it even more annoyed, but Gao Chen’s walking was really exquisite. Every move is just to avoid the wolf. I don’t know how many blades I fired, but it was when I appeared that I let Gao Chen win. He was all flashed by Gao Chen, but Gao Chen stabbed him with a sword. It felt that every time he was stabbed by Gao Chen, he took away his vitality. This feeling made it seem that he saw the shadow of death. There was not much wisdom. He was even more angry and wanted to eat Gao Chen but didn’t think about running away. His heart was full of an idea that he must tear this guy to pieces!
Seeing the wolf’s blood strips slowly decreasing, Gao Chen felt that he was really back in the game. He was wiped a little less by the wolf, and his life was not cured. It won’t be long before his life returned to full battle again. But it’s nothing strange for Gao Chen that he did better in the game! Seeing that the wolf had the last three points of blood, Gao Chen didn’t hide. First, a fireball hit his head and reduced his life by 14 points again. At this time, the wolf jumped on him and made him lose one life. But at this time, Gao Chen took the last life of the wolf away with a sword!
Ding, congratulations on your upgrade
Ding Jin ring was found
Tinea medicine was discovered.
Ding ……..
A series of unified sounds made Gao Chen feel cool to the extreme. At this time, he was very sleepy. Although his life was still full, he couldn’t shake the feeling of fatigue. You know, he has been fighting for nearly an hour since now. Gao Chen shouted to the back, "Can this wolf body be made of materials?" I’ll take it back if I can. I’m too tired to go back first! "
Say that finish, regardless of the man’s reaction, and then strode to the city, leaving his face deformed by shock. Chapter 12 Struggling for the Fourth Order of Warcraft
I went to Hengduan forest to fight monsters during the day and practiced martial arts and magic at night. It can be said that Gao Chen’s experience is increasing all the time. After a month, I won’t be able to come to Hengduan forest for a long time after today, because the day is the school hours of Magic Martial Arts College!
After seeing it, he stopped coming to cross the forest, but today Gao Chen was in trouble. Maybe he saw that he was about to leave and gave him a big gift. As time went by, Gao Chen went deep into the place where he met the four-eared rabbit. He wondered if he would meet the four-eared rabbit. If this is also a four-eared rabbit, it can’t be said that it is trouble. Because the four-eared rabbit is docile, it won’t take the initiative to attack people. But what he met today is a lion-like Warcraft. Unlike lions, this Warcraft is three times bigger than the lions seen in previous lives.
The fourth-order Warcraft king fireworks magic lion is a kind of Warcraft name, which is based on its own attributes, and fire magic is the most powerful attack in magic-although Warcraft is different from human wizards, it can instantly cast fourth-order magic, including third-order magic, and it is stronger than human beings. For example, a fourth-order human magician can cast fourth-order magic three times, and then there is no magic power, but at least four or five at the same level can be cast, while human fourth-order wizards can instantly cast third-order magic, but of course there are also three that can instantly cast third-order magic.
There is also the most frightening point, that is, Warcraft is both a magic weapon and a double major, because their physical attacks are not low, and their physical strength is even stronger than that of ordinary fourth-order fighters. Now Gao Chen’s level is 18. If he meets four monsters at level 18 in the game, he is usually killed a lot. Of course, Gao Chen in this world doesn’t know what the result will be, because he dare not try to face opponents who are similar to himself or not too strong. Gao Chen will rush and turn over, but even in the game, there is a way to run.
When Gao Chen saw the fireworks magic lion, he ran back. The gap between the two was very clear. When he saw the flame magic lion, he had already learned about it. There was a name level. Even the number of lives was not detected. Although Gao Chen admitted that he was running very secretly, he still underestimated that the fireworks magic lion was called the king of Warcraft in the fourth order. It was not for nothing. When Gao Chen turned around, he attracted the attention of the fireworks magic lion. Then he shot at Gao Chen with a flame knife and felt that it was impossible to run quietly behind him. Fortunately, this was a forest. Gao Chen turned around and hid from a tree. Don’t give me a corpse! "
When Gao Chen spoke, the tree where he was hiding was hit by a flame knife and burned. Gao Chen turned to the fireworks magic lion and split it with a lightning stroke. A-3 number floated from the head of the flame magic lion. At this time, Gao Chen could see the life of the flame magic lion and had a little life. This made Gao Chen talk. How can it be so high? Gao Chen really can’t accept that if the thousand-life monster in the game already belongs to the small bss, now there are thousands of lives in the first and fourth order of Warcraft! Moreover, it’s actually 3 points less when you go to Lei Shu, not counting it. It takes 7 to reply to yourself, and you can’t be touched by him. This life value Gao Chen believes that he is also killed.
The fireworks magic lion was startled by Gao Chen’s thunder magic. Among the magic, the fire magic attack is the highest in the conventional magic, but the thunder magic belongs to the rare magic. There are only a handful of thunder magicians in the whole continent, and each of them is famous and strong because of his destructive power. Look at Gao Chen’s eyes with a little fear, a little anger, and bloodthirsty light. Warcraft has a certain fear of thunder. This lightning technique also makes the fireworks magic lion completely angry. When the fireworks magic lion roars, Gao Chen rushes to see the fireworks magic lion rush over to Gao Chen, and then dodges to run. When Gao Chen turns around, the fireworks magic lion opens his mouth and a washbasin-sized fireball hits Gao Chen. But this time, the fireball in Gao Chen’s heart should be the size of a rice bowl, but the fireworks magic lion shows him what a real fireball is! …
Changing direction, I rushed in the direction of the fireworks magic lion and avoided the fireball. At the same time, the ebony sword in my hand stabbed the fire magic lion’s eyes. The magic lion was recruited in Gao Chen’s imagination. The difference was that at this time, the fireworks magic lion raised its front paws and took it to Gao Chen. Because the rushing speed was too fast, Gao Chengen didn’t respond at all, and his head was slapped and a number of-15 floated. Fortunately, the horse was not killed. He drank a bottle of medicine for golden sore and then cast a cure on himself. At this time, the fireworks magic lion didn’t
Seeing the huge body of the fireworks magic lion, Gao Chen has a strong feeling that the attack intensity is not fixed immediately. If only there were poison, it would be depressing to think of Gao Chen. Kai Shang Tong wanted to move in 19 seconds, but at this time he was only at level 18. It seems that he was one level worse, but it was this level that made Gao Chen stay for a long time without poison poisoning, and by 19, he could learn two powerful skills, that is, samurai attacking and killing swordsmanship, Taoist summoning skeletons! But it is because of the difference of one level that Gao Chen can think about the fact, but nothing can happen. In his heart, Gao Hua scolded Gao Hua for putting away the ebony sword, and his equipment rose to level 17 and hit the weapon dagger. This is a very short sword, which added two points of magic and made Gao Chen laugh for a long time and changed his clothes into light armor. Since running is dead, if he doesn’t run, he may not die. He decided to change all the equipment for Gao Chen and fight with this hateful fireworks magic lion!
At this time, Gao Hua appeared "Young Master, I’m coming". With the sound, he saw a sword light stabbing the fireworks magic lion! Due to the attention of the fireworks magic lion, the sword of Gao Chen Gao Hua stung the fireworks magic lion. Suddenly, a-8 number floated from the head of the fireworks magic lion. Looking at this floating number, Gao Chen was stunned for a while, and then a lightning technique smashed the fireworks magic lion. Gao Chen knew that he was only level 45. Can 45 output such a powerful damage? Gao Chen is not white, but obviously this situation is not suitable for considering such a problem. Anyway, this is a good thing. If you want two more fireworks, the magic lion will become your own experience. Now you have to go to the next level and want too much experience!
Even when Gao Chen fantasized about killing this magic lion, Gao Hua shouted, "Master, let’s go. I’m no match for it. I can contain one at most."
Gao Chen not white "you want to come again twice just attack not to kill him? How can you say that? "
Seeing that Gao Chen didn’t leave, he was full of confidence in himself. Gao Hua didn’t know whether to be happy or depressed. While avoiding the attack of fireworks and magic lions, he said anxiously, "That trick just now was a dead trick. It can’t make you go continuously. I want to go, but it can’t leave me."
It turned out that the skill was cooling down. Gao Chen thought to himself, "How long will it take to make it again?"
At this time, Gao Chen found that Gao Hua’s attack was not very high, and every time he could take away 3-4 points of damage to the fireworks magic lion, that is to say, his unique skill actually broke out ten times of attack, but the price was that the current state of Gao Hua was not quite right. You can see from his pale face that such a unique skill must be learned. Is it wrong? A bottle of medicine is k, thought Gao Chen!
"I don’t know where I can solve my opponent the last time. I know how long it will take. You’d better go!" Gao Hua is in a hurry to destroy Gao Chen. He looks even paler!
Just as he finished speaking, the fireworks magic lion cut Gao Hua’s shoulder with a flame knife. That was because Gao Hua was distracted by his speech and didn’t come. A-13 number floated from his head. At this time, Gao Chen was depressed to see Gao Hua’s life value. There are actually three points to rely on, which is not much more than the mage.
At this time, he expected Gao Chen to listen to him concentrate on the fireworks and the magic lion was already injured. At this time, Gao Hua wanted to turn around and run. If he ran at this time, he might not die, but he knew that if he ran, Gao Chen would have a dead end. Gao Chen Gao Hua vowed not to run! At this time, a refreshing feeling hit Gao Hua and he almost shouted out. At this time, he heard Gao Chen’s voice, "I will cure the disease and kill it together if I am not afraid of running!" …
Once again, Gao Hua was given two treatments. After the operation, Gao Chen attacked the fireworks magic lion’s thunder, and the thunder kept bombarding the fireworks magic lion’s head. This made the fireworks magic lion want to run over and solve Gao Chen’s problem, but Gao Hua pinned it down. Gao Hua’s attack was not very high, but the attack speed was very fast. Gao Chen could cast a lightning technique in one second, but Gao Hua could send out three swords every second, and at least one of these three swords was the body of the fireworks magic lion!