"Hum" Chi Yao snorted and then rolled up and said, "Men are all the same anyway." No, Chi Hongyu’s root is not a man. How can a brother do that kind of animal thing to his sister?
ZhuXiaoXuan heard these words and recognized some silence. "He can’t tell you." Chi Yao is sexy and enchanting. She knows this. She has been harassed by some men. Many men also want to meet Chi Yao through the name of Chi Yao Mi Fensi.
This kind of thing is too much for Chi Yao to be numb, but last night, Chi Yao’s heart was disgusting and he felt extremely sick. Even Chi Zhong had never been so disgusting when she married an old man.
See ChiYao cold face didn’t speak Zhu Xiaoxuan knew that I must be like myself. "I’m worse than an animal." Zhu Xiaoxuan never swears. It’s ugly to teach her to swear with good cultivation and admonition, but today she can’t help it. Chi Hongyu’s true story is that she still talks to him calmly today.
"Farewell, I swear I will never set foot in that house again."
"You should have stopped going back to that house a long time ago." Everyone in Chi’s family hated her as an illegitimate daughter, and she still insisted on going home every week.
Zhu Xiaoxuan also knows that Chiyao wants to get a little warmth at home. Her mother died of dystocia, and she has never seen her mother. She was taken to Chijia by Chizhong, mainly because Chizhong herself was nice. She didn’t want this illegitimate daughter to be exiled and make a joke. Although Chiyao looks very fresh, Chijia’s position at home is no different from that of a robot maid.
Chi Yao yawned while covering her mouth. "Well, I’ll never come back." She turned around and smiled at her again. "Where are the lines? I’ll recite them." When I was a child, I might expect Chi Zhong to give her a little fatherly love. My mother, big brother and sister can accept themselves and slowly give up hope now that they are older.
"In your drawer."
When Chi Yao came to the crew, it was already dark, and the director lit a few secret light games around the grass and Hua Ran had already fought. Both of them were handsome guys, and they looked so handsome and elegant when they fell into the fight. Look at the female workers around them, they are all caring.
It’s not the first time for Chi Yao to hang Weiya, but it’s the first time to hang such a high Weiya, because this scene is that Chi Yao was hit high by the game, and then she directly confessed to the game in the middle of the game, which is a test of endurance.
Not all girls can be hung in the middle of the school like this, and a deep confession is needed.
"Don’t be nervous" Zhu Xiaoxuan cheered her up.
Although it’s not the first time to hang Weiya, it’s still a little difficult. Even the director said that if you are really afraid, you can take your time and take a breath and walk to the front of the game.
"It will be a little painful to hang Weiya." The game looked at Chi Yao and said.
Section 2
"I know" Chi Yao nodded.
As soon as the director called the game and Chi Yao, they immediately became angry and became tense. The game was cold and said with a heavy face, "Don’t blame me if you pester me again."
Chi Yao also frowned, but soon relaxed and smiled as usual. "Don’t be so rude, monarch."
"Cut the crap and bring me the elixir" game, and then reach out to her with a firm face.
Chi Yao clenched his fists. "What if I say no?" She was also stubborn and looked at his eyes full of heartbreak and pain.
The game knows that it is acting when he sees such eyes, but his heart suddenly hurts a little for no reason. This person is obsessed with love. If there is such a feeling in reality, he doesn’t think he will be so affectionate.
"Don’t give hum" game voice just fell and people have rushed over and then hit Chi Yao in the chest.
Chi Yao was ready to float backwards when he reached out his hand to make a look of being beaten away. Weiya hung her off the ground behind her and stopped in the middle.
"You" Chi Yao steadied his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. The sound was weak. "Really?" She tried not to look at it and her legs trembled.
Chiyao Weiya continued to rise a little. Her head was dizzy and her back was hurt by Weiya Le.
The game looked at her and suddenly said, "Director stop."
"What’s the matter?"
"Let Chi Yao have a rest."
When the director saw Chi Yao’s slightly pale face in the video, he immediately asked Weiya to let her go.
The game stretched out his hand and pulled Chi Yao "How is it?"
Chi Yao slowed down. "It’s okay" is a little too high. She is grateful to look at the game "thank you"
☆, chapter 59 to please in person.
When Chi Yao was released, her feet trembled slightly. When she touched the ground, she felt a pain. She gently held her arm and looked at her pale face in the dim light. "Are you okay?"
"Well," she nodded gently, "it’s just a little tight."
Qianchi Yao had a bruise on her arm when she fell from a high pillar. Now Weiya will definitely be a little scared. It’s already very good without crying. I didn’t expect her perseverance to be good.
The director came over with warm water. "Are you okay?"
Chi Yao calmed down and felt dizzy. "It’s okay. Can Weiya hang a little looser?"
When the workers adjusted Weiya, the makeup artist ran to make up Chi Yao’s makeup. When the makeup artist caught a glimpse of Chi Yao’s sweating profusely, she looked at Chi Yao in surprise.