When I approached the bed, I found that his face was cold and sweaty, his lips were pale and he twitched slightly. Where is the usual vitality?
I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and asked, "Didn’t the doctor give me some prescriptions? Is he in such a coma? "
"Why didn’t … those drugs were fed in and were still spit out by Honghui … Honghui said it was too bitter to swallow …" The Rumsfeld was worried and replied.
At this time, Honghui suddenly shouted "Amar …"
I realized that Yin Zhen was not in the house!
"Sister Yin … why isn’t I here?"
She glanced at me with a wry smile. "I said he had sent someone to consult with me in … years. Besides, when I looked at Honghui, it didn’t matter, so I advised me to go to the room …"
"That now that Hong Hui has a fever, he should have someone call him! What’s so important? Honghui is his son! " When I was in a hurry, I lost my mind and shouted out, forgetting my scruples.
After listening to my words, Rumsfeld sighed, "Jin Er … I know your kindness is rare … This house has you like this … It’s just that Jin Er is Hong Hui for Ye … It’s not the most important thing …" Rumsfeld had a hard time saying these words, so he no longer saw that I was focusing on wiping away the cold sweat on Hong Hui’s cheeks.
Honghui is not the most important? What’s the most important thing? Is it the cold throne? !
I looked at the couch dying, and Honghui couldn’t help but get angry.
Nian Gengyao must have come to him so late to plan the throne, but Honghui is so sick now. Shouldn’t his father come to accompany his son? !
Is this the so-called forbearance? Is this what the so-called gentleman does? ! Is it true imperial love to watch your relatives suffer without worrying? !
This room is very big, but it looks deserted after Nala dismissed everyone. Although the decoration in the room is not worth a thousand dollars, what about this? It’s not just a cold object
I looked at Nala’s and Honghui’s figures flickering by candlelight, showing a bleak scene. I couldn’t bear to look at them again. I secretly thought that no matter how precious things are, they are no better for a wife and a child … A word of comfort from the man called husband and father, a shoulder to lean on …
And this pair of mother pillars is also my husband, the husband of all the women in this house, and it will be the future three thousand beautiful days in the harem …
Yin Zhen … What should I do …
Chapter sixty-six Sex [6]
"That pull elder sister! I’m going to call you! " I couldn’t bear to finish this sentence any longer, and regardless of what kind of reaction Nalaplace would have, I quickly ran to his room.
At this time, there was still a slight chill coming from the soles of my feet at night. I ran to the door of the house in one breath and saw the faint candlelight shining through the paper window, and the front steps were covered with a layer of dim light.
There are two eunuchs outside the house watching me approach, and they all look at me cautiously.
Look at this appearance, even I guess it’s close. Yin Zhen and Nian Gengyao must be planning something.
But I didn’t care so much. I closed my eyes and rushed straight to the door until I was stopped by those two little eunuchs. They said in a shrill voice, "Lord, please go back. I ordered no one to come near."
I looked at them gloomily and muttered, "Well, I’ll go back first. Remember to tell him that I came to see him as soon as I get out later, okay?"
"Lord, don’t worry, the slave will take the message," the eunuch replied respectfully.
I turned slightly, took two steps, quickly turned around and pushed back the future. I had to react. The little eunuch was unfamiliar with his hand, and I didn’t come to see their injuries. I reached out and pushed the closed door.
The door was pushed and rang, and they were talking intently. Yin Zhen’s eyes quickly rose with a murderous look. When he saw that it was me, the murderous look gradually disappeared and turned to a rising anger.
"What are you doing here?"
I recovered from that murderous look and heard his question clearly. Half of my heart was scared away by his murderous look, and I complained and revived my mouth. "What am I going to do?" ! Why don’t you ask yourself, are you still planning this here? What are you doing? !”
When the words came out, I regretted it.
Looking at Yin Zhen’s gradually darkening eyes and Nian Gengyao’s horrified expression, I realized that my brain must be out of line. These words should be processed and exported again and again.
But obviously I regret that I can’t come now.
Yin Zhen turned to look at Nian Gengyao. He bowed in vain and excused himself. When he passed me, he glanced at me from the corner.
That look seems to contain too many things. When I came to see it again, he had taken the door out.
So sharp eyes are definitely not lost to Yin Zhen … No wonder he will be coated by a Han slave into an all-powerful general.
I’m wandering in the sky and I’m done. I forget that my situation is remembering Nian Gengyao’s deeds.
Suddenly, I looked up and found that Yin Zhen had come to me. He looked at me with inquiring eyes and joked, "It’s not just that I’m coming over now, is it?"
I just suddenly remembered to look for him and blame myself regardless of weight. I was busy when I thought of this. "Honghui, he has a fever! You are quick to go! "
He was also surprised. "Isn’t it a big deal?"
"I don’t know that Sister Nala said that her illness has been repeated. When I passed, Honghui was already in a coma … I heard Honghui’s mouth still shouting Amar and I was in a hurry to find you. Go there quickly!" I quickly said
He hesitated for a busy step, to the la’s big house.
Chapter sixty-seven Sex [7]
I trotted behind him and worried about Honghui’s illness, but I also secretly wondered why I fell ill.
Although I felt strange, I didn’t think too much about it. In ancient times, any cold would kill me, which is even worse. He is only a child of one year old.
When Yin Zhen and I entered Nala’s house in tandem, everyone in the house was Zheng. I found that there were many more people in the house. Originally, Geng Shi and Lee all came over, and the snow came year after year.