"You don’t have to be impulsive." Shen Menglu wiped a handful of tears at random and looked up at Zhu Yinzhen and lost a smile. "Shiro, look at the dawn. Let’s watch the sunrise here!"
Watch the sunrise? Zhu Yinzhen frowned. What time is this? Who is still in the mood to watch the sunrise? "Niang little kwai she told you …"
Zhu Yinzhen was gently covered her mouth by Shen Menglu without saying a word. "Shiro, we have stayed here for so long, at least leave some good memories, so there is no shadow when we recall this place."
Shen Menglu’s eyes are as warm as water. Zhu Yinzhen has heard some clues from her words. Zhu Yinzhen bowed her head and kissed Shen Menglu’s forehead and put her arms around her. "Listen to the mother and we will watch the sunrise."
They found a place with a wide view nearby, snuggling up to each other, waiting for the sun to rise, waiting for the darkness to disappear and waiting for Li to arrive.
Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen didn’t wait for a long time for the fiery red sun to show their faces, and the surrounding clouds were dyed pink with brilliant light. Shan Lan’s misty clouds and fairies were as beautiful as a fairyland.
"How beautiful!" Shen Menglu sighed lightly, "This is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life."
Zhu Yinzhen hugged Shen Menglu’s side eyes and looked at Shen Menglu affectionately. She was slightly addicted and echoed "En is really beautiful"
The golden soft sunshine projects Shen Menglu’s exquisite facial features. Blowing the bomb can break the skin. This moment is as beautiful as it is, and it is fascinating to the extreme.
Shen Menglu noticed that Zhu Yinzhen’s gaze evoked a lip angle and smiled back at him. Without saying anything, Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t help but hold her cheek and gave her a deep kiss.
The picture of two people hugging and kissing is particularly beautiful in the quiet morning, far away from the farmhouse. Yan Yiyi stayed quietly for a long time before turning around and quietly leaving.
This is a sunrise for three people, but it can be a landscape for two people.
Beauty is always short-lived. After watching the sunrise, Shen Menglu told Zhu Yinzhen the conditions of Xiao Kui, but only promised Xiao Kui to keep those two secrets. Shen Menglu was full of secrets.
After listening to Zhu Yinzhen, there was a long silence and then she stood up firmly. "Mom, I’ll tell Master Hui Zhi."
Shen Menglu took Zhu Yinzhen’s hand and shook his head. "No, Shiro, you can’t go, I’ll go." Zhu Yinzhen is a day, but his hand can have several lives, but he can’t directly touch blood.
"Mom …" See Zhu Yinzhen to defend Shen Menglu’s eyes. "Believe me, it is definitely better for me to come forward than you."
"Go together!" Zhu Yinzhen made concessions but did not compromise.
"Okay, but I said, will you listen?" Shen Menglu was afraid that Zhu Yinzhen would put on a dignified posture at the moment, and Yan Qingtang and Yan Yiyi would leave a knot in their hearts.
Zhu Yinzhen nodded and promised that the husband and wife would walk hand in hand towards Master Wisdom’s couch farmhouse.
The result of the negotiation can be imagined. Master Huizhi promised to stay without saying anything, but it was strongly opposed by Yan Qingtang and Yan Yiyi.
Yan Qingtang never agreed to sacrifice Master Wisdom, even the former spiritualism Yan Qingtang strongly opposed it, but Master Wisdom said that it was his wish to see his dead daughter. Yan Qingtang made a compromise, but he never gave up Master Wisdom, otherwise he would not have gone to Xiao Kui before.
Now it’s hard to escape from the water. With a dream, the clutches have new hope of escape. However, Shen Menglu wants Master Huizhi to change everyone’s freedom. Yan Qingtang’s anger can be imagined.
"Shen Menglu you are a baiwenhang! It’s a shame that we Yan Men have helped you so much and now you bite the hand that feeds you! " Yan Qingtang pointed to Shen Menglu’s nose and was furious.
Shen Menglu didn’t make a rebuttal by herself, but she bowed her head and apologized. "I’m sorry." Master Liu Huizhi also had to feel guilty. Although she didn’t cause this situation, she still felt hard to blame.
"Yan Qingtang, you don’t …" Zhu Yinzhen was ashamed that Shen Menglu could not help but talk back but was stopped by Shen Menglu.
"Qing hall is not allowed to the empress! This is my own plan. Even if the Empress didn’t say anything about my grandmother, I didn’t want to leave here. Let old na and empress say a few words alone. "
"Father …" Yan Qingtang persuaded Guo Guo to leave with anger. Although Zhu Yinzhen was not at ease, Shen Menglu insisted on quitting the door and left it to Master Hui Zhi and Shen Menglu.
"Master, I’m sorry," Shen Menglu said apologetically.
Master Huizhi got up and walked to Shen Menglu and gave her a deep Buddha ceremony. She said gently, "Empress needs to bear the burden. It’s time for the old woman to be seriously injured. Even if she is lucky enough to leave here, she will die soon. It’s an honor for the old woman to die with all her bones."
Master Hui Zhi had already divined his divination, and his time had been fixed. Before he came here, he was already prepared to go back and forth. If Xiao Kui hadn’t spoiled it, he would have died when he was evocative. Now, Master Hui Zhi is very happy to make modest compensation to those he owes before he dies.
Seeing Master Huizhi’s eyes, I expected Shen Menglu to move a little. "Master, did you really escape from the world of mortals in those days?"
Master Huizhi was silent for a while and evoked a smile. "Is this to give the old woman a chance to repent, Empress?"
Shen Menglu shook his head. "No, I think everyone will have some secrets in their hearts that are difficult to tell. Those secrets will make people feel heavy, depressed and lonely. Everyone in the world needs to be freed and released, but the master knows the truth and the monk must have learned to enjoy loneliness."
Master Huizhi burst out laughing when he heard this, and then he was full of melancholy and long sighs. "The Empress’s words are poor. The old woman has never been a Taoist monk, but she is just a layman who faces herself and avoids the world with the help of Buddhism."
It’s lucky that someone is willing to listen to himself. The listener happens to be someone who can understand you, so it’s even more lucky. Since Shen Menglu can read his mind, Master Wisdom no longer hides the reason why he became a monk.
Master Hui Zhi’s wife was his childhood sweetheart. After Yan Liu, the master of Hui Zhi, died because of the encounter with the royal aquarium girl, Master Hui Zhi’s wife died because of her grief. It was not until her last words that Master Hui realized that she was depressed not because of Yan Liu but because of him.
""xianggong "to find her! Don’t let more people die because of her love and hate. You should pay her back after all. "
Master Huizhi has always hidden his feelings about water dreams very well, but it turns out that his wife has always been like a mirror. For many years, her wife has been lenient with him because of a word of love.
"Xianggong, I know that Liu Er’s fate is not God’s will, but people. I know that she has come to retaliate against us. But Xianggong, I don’t blame her for being such a woman who dares to love and hate. I only feel limited distress. Xianggong was not a father when she was released, but I was found by my father. My father was afraid that I would be punished by the door regulations and took the blame."
"I like her, I sympathize with her, I pity her, and I envy her. I know that you are also happy with her. Go and find her, and return all the feelings you owe her." The last words of the lady shocked Master Wisdom, and she was very sad and distressed.
But despite his wife’s encouragement, Master Wisdom still hesitated. He was responsible for the rise and fall of Yan Gate, which made him ineligible to do whatever he wanted. It was not until Master Wisdom occasionally discovered that Yan Qingtang’s daughter-in-law had a dream of washing jade water, that Master Wisdom suddenly realized that he could not escape like this, otherwise things would get out of hand. In order to find a dream of water, he must first get out of Yan Gate.