Zhong Yi nodded with a smile and said, "Well, it’s good to grab the position opposite to the second level in front. I can’t hook it, so I kept the Q skill for the time being because I’m afraid that the second level of the wild field will catch my eye. I just ordered W [Soul Lamp] temporarily."
I said with great energy, "Cocoa is making a lot of money!"
Pig sister is bound to lose GANK once, which means he will lose his red BUFF. It’s a single BUFF game …
What surprised me about this wave of GANK was not because I was stupid enough not to have a second-level awareness when playing wild, but because Zhong Yiyi put an eye in the river, and the pig sister would definitely not go straight to the river. He went straight to the blue BUFF wall after playing the blue BUFF, and then walked from the isolated grass in the river to the Xiaolong, and then Q skill Q came to squat in the grass in our triangle, and then waited for a Q skill CD road to reach the second level, and then they could directly catch it.
This wave of their best situation is that I am in the pig girl Q, and then the wind girl picks up a Q [hurricane howling] and blows me up, and then the wind girl ignites Obama EAQA for me. I should die and send a blood directly.
Even if they are in a bad situation, the pig girl will slow down to me, and then Obama will play a set. I will help escape with the hammer stone, or I may keep the flash, but my blood volume will be kept down. The opposite assistance is that Feng Nv had a chance to fight with us in the early stage, and it is unlikely to press my blood volume to the same level as them. Feng Nv will give Obama a shield, and Obama will have a brain E to limit me, so that my road will enter a limit. The rhythm of being pressed by the knife is very uncomfortable.
But they never expected Zhong Yi to leave a skill point and send them directly to heaven with a W skill, which neither helped them get to the road nor lost the BUFF. It can be said that Zhong Yi’s details alone doomed her to be out of line with other assistants.
"It’s really scheming to fight wild across the street. You came to arrest me when you knew we were fighting hard and knocked off a blue BUFF. You’ve been squatting for so long," I said
Yu Mu said, "If nothing happens, this wave will make a lot of money. If they fight wild, I can keep track of its dynamics for six minutes. I can say that he collapsed."
The middle road and the road are played very carefully, especially Lu Yumu went to their wild area to get the red BUFF, rose to level 3, and then hit his own blue BUFF after the limit blood volume, and chose to return.
When Yu Mu comes out again, he will take a full view to the opposite field to make an eye. If he meets the opposite field, he will be beaten. If he doesn’t touch it, he will be controlled. If he meets the opposite field, he will know the dynamics and make a move.
Judging from the current situation, there is no obvious advantage on either side, but playing wild is an advantage, and in the early stage of big superiority, pig sister’s flexibility is low, and her poor ability to fight is mastered, which is almost fatal.
Then it’s up to Yu Mu.
Yu Mu first ran to the isolated grass in the middle of the river and put a real eye, and then put a fake eye on the right grass in the opposite F4. Through these two eyes, we can effectively understand the dynamics of pig sister.
At this time, Yu Mu said, "Pig sister didn’t fight river crabs. It is estimated that she is too inexperienced. She should have beaten a toad after playing blue just now. Now he should come to fight river crabs or brush F4. There is very little chance that he will hit a stone man Feng Shanze. Pay attention to my position and come to support me quickly when I call you later. I want to make this pig sister."
Feng Shanze, a magic bottle and three blood bottles, Casadin and the opposite fox made a 50-50 replenishment, and there was no shortage of blood and was not crushed. Although Casadin had no ability to kill alone in the first six levels, it was difficult to be crushed by a single AP in this type of fox unless he was restricted to eat fox E, then no one could beat such a fox
Feng Shanze nodded seriously and said, "I guess it’s difficult for me to help you maintain my blood volume and blue volume. Leave an E for the fox to support later. I can help you entangle him."
Yu Mu said, "That’s what I mean. I can’t let the fox come over."
Feng Shanze smiled and said, "No problem."
But after a while, I still didn’t find the pig sister outcrop, and the river crab was still running happily, and no one appeared in the F4 grass field of vision.
"Pig sister way" Yu Mu decisively said 1.
"Did Lunal put his eyes in the river grass?" Yu Mu asked
Now that the railway line is firmly stabilized in the middle of the river, it is indeed a good opportunity to fight wild GANK.
"Yes, but the present tense should disappear." Chen Yi replied.
Now the road and river are in complete darkness.
"Then I know that nine times out of ten, pig sister is squatting in this river grass," Yu Mu said.
Squatting in the triangle grass can get people because it’s too far off-line, and both sides are consciously controlling the line. There are two kinds of squatting normal grass or river grass, and the line grass is unlikely to be angry. Once it’s full of people, it must be a little obscene, so that the line will pass and no one can squat.
Now the only possibility is the river grass.
Yu Mu said, "Brother Yi, now I’m sure that the pig sister is crouching in the river grass. Do you think Nall will appear to fuck you as soon as he is full of anger or if you hand in the E skill? Now it depends on how to fight. Are you deliberately handing over the E skill? After the pig sister appears, I come from behind the tower to squat, or should I just go over the wall in the grass of the pig sister and grab him directly?"
Chen Yi frowned and thought for a while and said, "Now Naer’s anger has become three quarters. If I hand in E skills and the pig sister rushes over, you will squat down. Actually, it’s very small. We will be together again next to Naer. We can’t beat them. Don’t squat down. It’s better to go directly to EQ Company 2 to get the pig sister, and then I’ll leave E skills to support me. It’s better to kill the pig sister first and then get Naer."
"good!" I should be a simple wood.
I also have an eye ornament on my wooden body, which was replaced by a blue wild knife when I scanned it.
Yu Muqian told me that he understood this purple wild knife, quickly brush the wild line and squat down, and then upgrade the standard wild knife route to support the meat and fight the ball in the middle period. This is the best way to fight the wild after the emperor weakened.
However, due to the butterfly effect caused by the first wave of catching pig sister, he can control the dynamic situation of pig sister’s wild play, and he can easily catch pig sister, and he can’t draw a purple wild knife to brush wild quickly. Under such conditions, he can draw a blue wild knife, which can effectively fight and keep people better.
I walked to the left wall of the river grass, and he was going to EQ Erlian from this position later.
At this time, both of them are level 4, and three-quarters of them are angry and will soon become bigger.
"get ready!" I saw the horses and Naer’s position. After the horses came to the best position, I inserted an eye directly. Pig sister really squatted here.
Yu Mu’s reaction was extremely quick. He Li’s eyes reached the position of Pig Sister, and then there was no delay. Immediately, E [Debon ensign] Q [Dragon Impact] Erlian went to directly provoke Pig Sister, and then W started to slow down. Pig Sister’s hand was still holding a blue punishment and waited for Pig Sister to hand over the flash or Q skills before making it.
Sagittarius immediately rushed over, of course, there was also a reaction. At the same time, they threw a boomerang at the Sagittarius to support Yu Mu, and at the same time, they didn’t forget to benefit from E’s skills. They turned around and escaped this boomerang, and then a tiger turned and quickly rushed towards the pig sister in the grass.
Pig sister Q skills and Sagittarius E skills overlap Pig sister [extremely cold raid] Q was also topped back by Sagittarius E [destructive charge] in the past. Yu Mu was crazy to output Pig sister at this time. Pig sister was hit by Sagittarius E [destructive charge] Q [runaway] Two consecutive hits and ate Yu Mu, one EQ and two consecutive hits plus some general attack blood, which has reduced the residual blood.
At this point, he has been full of anger.
"Naer slag!" Naer seemed to shout angrily in his mouth that an E skill [light jump] stepped on Chen Yi’s horse’s head, and at the same time, his body had become bigger and triggered the effect of getting bigger. When he jumped to the ground in the second stage, he could w [beat] his skills in the opposite direction to stun Yu Mu and Chen Yi.
When it gets bigger, Naer e [slamming] is harmful and has a deceleration effect. At this time, the remnant snow pig sister flashes to escape, and the remnant wood is also followed by a flash to escape Naer W. Because of its high moving speed, Chen Yi has a moving speed rune. Even if it is slowed down by pig sister, it is still difficult to twist his ass and turn left, which also hides Naer’s W skill.
After Yu Mu flashed, he gave the pig sister a blue punishment. He gave the horse a Q skill and took away the pig sister.
“Firs blood!”
A blood sound effect resounded through the field and cheered boiling.
The horses and Yu Mu are in good condition. They can still chase Nall after killing Pig Sister.
Na ‘er throws Q skills while withdrawing. It is unlikely that he will want to chase Na ‘er to death. Moreover, there is no six-level Casadin in the middle of the road. He also managed to keep people. After Yu Mu and Chen Yi decided to take the pig sister’s head, they didn’t spend any more time catching Na ‘er when it was unnecessary. Instead, they returned to the route with Chen Yi and quickly pushed this wave of soldiers to the opposite defensive tower.
If Naer doesn’t go home and wants to be greedy for this wave of soldiers, then Yumu and Chen Yi can make a wave of strong killing, and then Naer is very fragile.
In the end, the other side, Na ‘er, was still stable. There was no greed for this wave of lines. This wave of surplus wood GANK was very successful. It not only caught the opposite side and fought wild, but also succeeded in making the opposite side unable to eat this wave of lines. The only regret was that the head method was given to Chen Yi, otherwise Chen Yi took this blood and Jeannard could not eat this wave of lines, making Chen Yi’s equipment lead and reach the sixth level first. This would be a devastating blow to the opposite side.
Now, if you are equipped at most, some of them are a little ahead of Band 6, and you will definitely see how Chen Yi will play first.
"Can be wild explosion" I praised the sentence.
Yu Mu smiled and said, "Everything is expected. If this pig sister wants to catch you, she will have to pay the price."
I laughed, "Good brother."
Since then, the opposite pig sister has been honest, and Xu Duoyu Wood has made up a little bit of vision. I want to continue to control the pig sister’s trend. Many Chen Yi’s advantages have expanded, and now there is still a stalemate.
The field developed peacefully for seven and a half minutes.
Although Casadin and Fox in the middle of the road have already reached the sixth grade, they are now almost at the seventh grade. According to the truth, it is a breaking point, but they are still steadily replenishing their troops, and no one will start first, so they pay attention to caution and caution.
There are four people on both sides of our road who are level five, and both sides have not missed their experience. They are very stable and cautious for fear that a level six will be taken the lead by the opposite side.
At the same time, Obama and I made up a melee soldier, and all four people broke out in the golden beam road, and four people were promoted to six at the same time.
In fact, this kind of situation is quite rare in the competition. Generally, AD arrives first to six, so it is possible to make a vision because of assistance, and the experience is backward because of the loss of soldiers.
AD will have an advantage until six, and then wait until six to have a chance to really fight 22.
Both sides attach great importance to the line and have never lost the pawn station. Now from one to six, I have been wondering how to compare the ADC head with the one opposite.
Generally speaking, the first six levels of Obama are easier to fight, and the explosion is higher than that of the male gun. W can effectively crack the male gun, and it is quite easy to fight the male gun.
However, this Joe Obama can’t be compared with my Obama. He didn’t play a little advantage against me and Zhong Yi. I still pressed him a little bit. Now I have to be careful about the line from one to six men’s guns to six men’s guns. I will definitely fight with blood, but unless I can shift my skills and avoid the big move of men’s guns, I won’t simply let him hide.
I’m still here to figure out how many times it takes for Obama to get out of armor skill damage, and what skills I can still beat him. My head is like a calculator, and it really performs rapid calculations.
If Zhong Yi can control Obama first, it is naturally best not to. I will try my best to sell a flaw so that the opposite Obama can kill me and fight with me.