ProHohloff looks confident that the Russians have strong financial resources and believe that they really belong to their destiny, while Holliday looks blank. He has overfulfilled today, and even the general manager of the flower-exploring signing team may have been smiling, while Mrs. Pauline looks serious. The wizards suffered a major blow this year, and the number one star Arenas was caught in the "gun door" incident. It is self-evident that it is of great significance to win the first prize at this time.
"Wizards must be the number one scholar!" A pretty boy in a dormitory at Butler University made a bold prediction at his roommates who were surrounded by him.
Chapter 43 Trial Training Camp
As Hayward said, the wizards really won the top prize in a small probability.
It was nine years ago when Joe Wang was still the leader of the Wizards. The Wizards won the first high school student champion in history-Kwame Brown. Later, everyone knew that the Wizards had obviously dug a hole and buried themselves.
Now that they have won the top draft again, it is considered that they have had experience. For example, every move of the Wizards management has touched the hearts of Wizards fans. In this city of Washington, many fans have even written to team coach Philip Sanders to give him advice and suggestions.
The 76 people unexpectedly won the second prize, which made the city people ecstatic and diluted some of Iverson’s sadness of leaving.
The most confident Russians have won a flower-exploring ticket. They were very interested in Wall or Turner, but now it seems that it is time to reconsider this method.
Less than ten minutes after the lottery ceremony, Tang Wenlong received a message from Joe Thomas.
"Don, I think we need to get ready quickly. I think you have seen the draft just now. I have also received an invitation from the top three training camps. I don’t think we need to go all the time. I will send the advantages and disadvantages of the lotto team to your mailbox. After you have seen it, I will list the three teams I want to go to most, and then we will try out according to the itinerary."
Tang Wenlong raised his eyebrows and said, "Isn’t it a little too hasty? Other rookies haven’t said that they will participate in the trial. When the time comes, I will run over and I will participate in the trial alone."
"Don’t worry, these trials are individual trials, not joint trials," explained Joe Thomas. "We hot rookies don’t need to take part in the flashy joint training camp to do ball control training, 5-to-5 matches, and we just need to do some physical fitness measurements and basic work tests in other people’s stadiums."
"Well, I get it," Tang Wenlong replied with a shrug.
Two days later, Tang Wenlong and Joe Thomas appeared in the Wachovia Center Stadium of the 76ers.
In the stadium training hall, 76 people just ordered team coach Doug Collins, 76 people, current general manager Ed Stefanski, 76 people, chief scout Adela Linlin, 76 people’s department Hou Li to be around and visited by media reporters.
"Nice to meet you, China Tang." The 76-member officials also had nothing to shake hands with Tang Wenlong one by one, and they all exchanged pleasantries for a while before waiting for the workers to arrange the side test.
"By the way, Tang, how tall are you? "Stefanski hand strokes a Tang Wenlong height looked up and asked.
Tang Wenlong hesitated to take a look at all the people with a curious smile. "I don’t know. It seems that it has been growing for more than one meter in the ninth five-year plan. I haven’t measured it recently."
"Yeah! "Doug Collins’s eyes lit up and he smiled thoughtfully.
It didn’t take long for the testing equipment to be ready, so Tang Wenlong arranged the first test, that is, the most basic physical fitness test.
Tang Wenlong was barefoot in the measuring instrument, and the workers took the instrument to measure it accurately. At this time, the tests were the most authentic. After the test, there was no false information when reporting to the league. This is why many team training camps are willing to set up this kind of personal trial for some excellent players.
Then Tang Wenlong took another arm to measure the wingspan.
His long arms usually don’t see such a scary picture at the back end. Collins and Stefanski looked at each other in the distance, and they were excited to see each other’s eyes.
Then there is the training of jumping ability. 76 people use light scanning to measure Tang Wenlong’s maximum jumping value. Not only that, this measuring instrument is the most advanced jumping measuring instrument in NBA at present, but it can also measure the player’s in-situ jumping speed, which is a key factor in NBA rebounding.
"bang! “
Tang Wenlong completed the last bounce with small steps, which was his fifteenth bounce in one minute. The average of four wonderful jumps was a measure of the player’s continuous bounce.
The staff continued to lead Tang Wenlong to complete the strength test, NBA strength test and multi-bench press test.
At this time, the field workers have printed out some body side data completed by Tang Wenlong and handed it over to several leaders standing on the side.
"1 meter 97! "Collins and others can’t help but let out a scream!
"The wingspan reached 2 meters 13! "Chief scout Edward’s face was a little unbelievable and a little shy, and then he faced the two bosses of the team and asked for an explanation. He touched his nose and pushed Brandon Bill, a part-time scout, in one breath." I didn’t understand Bill’s statement that Tang Wenlong was 1.93 meters. I didn’t expect him to be so irresponsible. I’ll go back and criticize him seriously immediately! “
"It seems that the weight is a little light." Collins expressed his opinion without going deep into him.
Stefanski gave him a white look and said, "It is normal for a few players who have just entered the league to be thin!" “
Joe Thomas watched the 76 people and three guys get together and talk furtively, showing a confident smile.
Once upon a time, Tang Wenlong couldn’t even receive an invitation letter from an American university, but now he is the hottest university player in the United States. Who can be vain in his efforts? With him, he sees everything, he knows how the child dreams in his heart, and he knows how powerful he really is.
Then the stadium rang and the workers shouted and exclaimed!
"What happened? "Stefanski and others ran along the sound in succession, and all the horses gathered around the strength tester and immediately gasped in a gasp!
See just now was they talk about "thin" Tang Wenlong supine stool knees two feet on the ground hands are holding a barbell is rapidly pushing back and forth one by one.
Qi seems to be still, leaving the teenager’s chest undulating and breathing heavily.
Adela rubbed her eyes and couldn’t believe her eyes. He looked all over. Tang Wenlong made sure he didn’t see James.
"How many bench presses? "Tang Wenlong put barbell mouth gasped and asked.
The worker was stupefied, and then suddenly his face was embarrassed. He looked at the bosses around him with poor eyes and almost cried. "I don’t know. Hey, I just suddenly forgot to count."
"Well, it should be exactly twenty-five. I count correctly." Tang Wenlong emerged from the bench press and laughed.
Then he was startled by a crowd around him. Why did so many people suddenly appear? Tang Wenlong two scratching their heads stood there and didn’t know what to do.
"One hundred and twenty kilograms bench press even push 25! And it’s not the limit! "Collins’s eyes became hotter. He looked at Tang Wenlong, who was streamlined in front of him, as if he were looking at a rare treasure. When he was young, Jordan once knew the defensive power. During the Raptors, McGrady almost always had less power to assist in terrorist jumping, wingspan and reaction nerves. The limit of this child’s power, which can be called a monster in the defender, is immeasurable.
Tang Wenlong moved his feet slightly. He felt that people here had a little strange eyes, which made him panic.
Finally, the basic shooting test. After half an hour’s rest, Tang Wenlong did his best "performance"!
He once shot alone in front of the basket for several lonely nights. This mid-range jump shot at the three-point line is as simple as eating and drinking water for him and more accurate than free throws.
"swish! ""swish! ""swish! “
Basketball kept going through the net, but most of them were in the box. It was more than a minute before everyone heard Tang Wenlong’s first iron-tapping sound and then a series of hearts in the box.
However, this time, everyone is fine. After all, there are many excellent pitchers in the 76ers. Like Capono, throwing three points in training is also a series of feelings, and the shots will not stop.
In the end, Tang Wenlong hit 96 of a mid-range jumper, which was higher than his free throw percentage in college season.