I want to live!
My hands and feet have long been smashed by thunder, and my face is blue and bleeding, but my belief in living is getting stronger and stronger: I must live for Duanmu family, for my brother and grandfather, for glory for my dead parents, and for protecting everyone around me!
Thunder roared and turned the earth upside down.
He was chopped down by thunder again and again, and flew stubbornly to meet Lei Guang again and again. He used bare arm bones without fists in his palm, and calf bones without his feet. When the flesh of the limbs disappears, when the blood is completely exhausted, only the bone powder like jade chips is splashed in the air.
The people around have been filled with hope from the beginning, and they are deeply impressed by the cold. Leili bombards the body inch by inch, which is ten million times more painful than the year. Is it what the average person can bear?
"He is the strongest person I have ever met, regardless of his fighting power or will under the same order …" A fairy emperor around Qi Xianer praised him.
"Because, he has unshakable faith, he is a real man, worthy of any woman’s life to cherish and love!" Qi Xianer no longer cries, even if she is dead, she can be proud of falling in love with such a man.
"We are the source of his faith."
Bing pupil seems to be talking to himself, and seems to be answering Qi Xianer’s words: "He won’t die, definitely not! He is the greatest man in the world. He still has too many things to do, and so many promises have not been fulfilled. He will not die or die … "
Heaven’s punishment has no human feelings. Eighty-one thunder will not be reduced because of tears and beliefs. Chen Han, who is more than one meter tall, will become shorter in thunder’s nullification.
The palms and feet disappeared …
Arms and legs disappeared …
Like a bloody human stake, and as the thunder continues to fall, even a body of flesh and blood is gradually worn out.
He can no longer exert great power, only the immortal power can be used, and gradually he has to use his body to block the powerful thunder. Half of the body slowly wears away in the thunder light, and it is broken a little below the abdomen, and finally even the abdomen and Xianying are completely broken.
Bang …
Finally, the last thunder tore off his flesh and blood with only a small half of his body, revealing the inner universe that was almost disintegrated in his belly.
The five planets with five internal organs metamorphosed are covered with numerous cracks, which seem to fall apart at any time, and the core of the star is dim and almost extinguished. After eighty-one to the thunder, even the Yuan God suffered the heaviest damage in history. Many cracks were covered with the Yuan God, and even the soul source was shocked.
In general, an immortal would have been frightened out of his wits by such trauma. The emperor’s strong defense, combined with the defense of the innate E-soil elite, the restoration of the innate E-wood elite and the vitality of the innate Gui-shui elite, made him on the verge of fly ash annihilation.
"No … no …"
JiXianEr and ice pupil cried and rushed over, but JiXianEr’s cultivation was obviously better, and he hugged the dying cold first.
Chapter 597 Rushed to Qingtian
"Get out of the way quickly!"
Yu Changfeng pulled Qi Xianer away and shouted, "What’s the use of crying? You will only delay the second brother’s life, and you will continue your life with the original immortal power as soon as possible. If anything happens to the second brother, all of you will not want to live! "
In front of him, that sentence was aimed at Xianer and Bingtong, while the latter half sentence was aimed at the immortals and immortals under his command.
Sixty excellent masters flew over and injected the most pure source into Chen Han’s body. Although this level of damage is beyond human power, with such a master continuing his life with the source, Chen Han will never die in a short time. It is another way of saying it for a long time.
Bing Yan suddenly knelt in front of Yu Qifeng. Before she could speak, Yu Qifeng hurriedly lifted her up: "Sister-in-law, don’t do this, I can’t stand it!"
This sister-in-law made her cry even harder, and she begged miserably: "Yu Shao, Bing Tong only asks you to save him. As long as you can save Chen Han, I will do anything … He can’t die …"
"Sister-in-law, you can just call me Chang Feng. Chen Han is my second brother, and he is my own brother in Chang Feng’s heart."
Hearing the words of Bing Pupil, Yu Yun-feng’s eyes burst with acid, and she said mournfully, "In those days, if our second brother hadn’t saved us with his life, we would have died in the star field. He is my sworn brother, a lifesaver for us, and the person we rely on and respect most. As long as there is any way, even if I let Chang Feng change his life, I will try my best to save him. "
"Master, this treasure can save Chen Shao’s life!" A fairy statue hurriedly said.
"Still stare blankly stem what, quick take second brother back …"
"But …"
"If you have something to say, you can fart!"
"Chen Shaoxian baby broken meridians cut off, and even the body trauma is a small matter, the key yuan god is almost broken, and even the soul source is greatly traumatized. I’m afraid this kind of injury won’t last long, even if the immortal deity continues his life from the source. This gate is too far away from here to go back. "
The immortal summoned up all his courage and said, "Besides, the capture of Heaven and Scattering is a sacred treasure, which is rare and in your hands. Even if you can go back in time, I’m afraid your majesty will not necessarily give it, after all … "
He didn’t go on, and he was afraid that Yu Yun-feng would go crazy. Even if the sacred treasure was placed in the super power, it was the most precious treasure.
Don’t you see that there is not even Yu Qifeng, who is the only great-grandson?
If he had suffered such an injury himself, Hanyu Emperor would certainly take out the heaven to save people, but it is almost zero to let him give such a precious holy medicine to a stranger. As an emperor, it is one thing to consider the interests of sects, but it is another thing to give Chen Han the holy medicine. No matter how good his relationship with Yu Yun Feng is, he is not from the Ming Emperor’s Hall after all.
All this aside, the most important thing at the moment is that Chen’s cold injury is too heavy to go to the Ming Emperor’s Hall, which is separated from the Youquan Gate by more than a dozen super powers.
"Come with me."
Qi Xianer looked at Chen Han, who was instilled by the two immortals, and said slowly, "This gate is not far from the border with Qiongyuzong, and it only takes a few days to get back at full speed."
"Can the Heavenly Sword Sect have the holy medicine to save my second brother’s life?" Yu Qifeng seems to have caught the straw.
"Will your grandfather give it to you?"
"Yes, if he doesn’t give it, I will die with Chen Han."
Qi Xianer dropped a word, hugged Chen Han with tears, and murmured, "Don’t worry, I will definitely save you. I won’t live if you die."
In fact, the most convenient way to save the cold is the Youquanmen. Unfortunately, although the status of the sea of clouds in Youquanmen is high, what happened this time is even different, but there is no chance to get the holy medicine. After all, he is only an elder candidate. Compared with Yu Qifeng and Qi Xianer, there is an insurmountable gap in their respective sects. Even if he dies in front of the Pope, he will never get the holy medicine.
A line of people finally left NingBiXing, even DuanMuYunHai, which can’t leave without permission, followed quietly.
That’s his only brother, not to mention the status of just a candidate elder, for he can give up even the position of the emperor.
Hundreds of people traveled through the interstellar transmission array, and they crossed several star domains of the super power. The consumed fairy stones can only be described as massive.
But it doesn’t matter to them at all. Chen Han’s life is more valuable than anything else.
"Line up, one by one, how do you cut in line?"
In order to speed up the road, people choose to travel in a straight line, so they have to pass through some high-quality planets. In front of them, there are a sea of people next to the interstellar transmission array of this mysterious planet, and the team is lined up for more than 100 meters.
The leader who guards the transmission array clearly has the initial accomplishments of the immortal emperor. Even among the passengers in the queue, there are many strong immortals and even immortals. However, as a planet second only to heaven and earth, it is a military stronghold of super power, and there are several immortals sitting on this planet, so no one dares to mess around even the top strong.